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It Aus fixed my problem

Contact was quick and continued till sorted.Problem caused by Airline problem but found It Luggage to be very understanding and came up with a more than generous result. Thank you.

Purchased in April 2018 for $150.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use

Easy Replacement of Suitcase

Purchased a Zeus Duralition originally in June used a few times and stitching come undone near one of the zippers. I followed the instructions re replacement as I understood that it was a manufacture issue and NOT damage done by airline travel. The whole process via email was easy and simple. Three replacement options were offered and after choosing one I collected it the very next day from the warehouse . Very happy with the excellent customer service . The other IT luggage that I have has been great and have used it many times for overseas travel .

Great designs and good customer service.

My IT suitcase was used on a weekly basis for the past 4 years to transport equipment to/from home to work. Unfortunately the top of the case cracked making it hard to lift the case in/out of the car boot. Upon contacting customer service and presenting them with all the details they have kindly replaced the suitcase. I love the designs and apart from the unlucky crack in my first case, the design is good, very easy to roll around and steer on the 4 wheels, and the rest of the case very sturdy protecting everything inside.

Don't honor 10 year warranty

Purchased IT luggage couple years ago. Only used the suitcase not more 3 or 4 times and the wheel broke off.
I emailed IT with my concern and because I did not have the receipt they refused to do anything for me. All I kept seeing initially when I bought the suit are is they offer a 10 year warranty. However if you don't keep your receipt you will get no service with any issues.
I'm extremely disappointed spending the amount I did only to use they luggage piece less than a handful of times.
Brands should not require a receipt to fix their own faulty product.
Will not buy another piece of luggage from here again.

Happy with the customer service

Although I miss-placed the warranty card, I still get my replacement suitcase. Brett was very professional, clear and prompt in replying my emails.

Good after sales support

My third IT case. The newest one (less than one year old) seemed to suffer some damage causing the wheel to collapse. Replacement wheel set was sent within a few days of my raising the issue.

Great customer service with speedy delivery of replacement item.

Very professional customer service and very prompt replacement of the suitcase with follow up email. I was truly surprised with the service and clarity of the product warranty

Perfect customer service

Brett assisted me with a damaged bag and arranged replacement parts delivered quickly . I Will be shopping it again!

A cherished companion

Didnt start travelling until 55. My suitcase has been on over18 trips now. Its a large expandable hard shell bright red. Couldnt be happier. Hard shell great for humid rainy asia. Love the zipper inside so things dont move. Wheels still going strong.

Quick response to claim and receipt of new laguage

We love the It luggage, light strong and wheels functioning perfectly with a full load
Claim under warranty was responded in timely manner and new luggage delivered within several days after approval

Excellent service!

The cases are top quality. I purchased mine for moving from Europe to Australia and I wasn’t disappointed. Great space with a tidy compact design. Ideal for moving through any airport with the 360 degree swivel wheels. Hard case protected all potentially breakable and fragile goods. Overall great service and would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a quality case.

Fantastic service

Thank you it Luggage for fantastic and helpful service. Your advice was accurate, honest and it was evident that they had understood what I was looking for. Our correspondence was fast and helpful. Thank you

The suitcase is very good

I have had it suitcase for 3months , every was still dry in it, the size is perfect can move it with out any trouble, I need to have my replace with a new one I email them cracked of the cast under it. The service staff was very exceptional, friendly and helpful, I pick up the new case from there warehouse.

Wheels not durable

I have had my IT Luggage for 4 years. The spinner wheels are not durable. My husband sent an e-mail on where to get wheels for replacement over one month ago. We have not heard from them. Terrible product. Terrible Service

Replacement is A-OK

IT stood by their guarantee. When I followed their rules, provided photos and paperwork with original receipt, they gave me a replacement piece of luggage. I had to pay freight but it was not prohibitive. Now, I have used the new piece for two years and find it fully satisfactory. It is the size slightly bigger than allowed for carry-on. The wheels have been trouble free. It is light and that is my main goal. My thanks to IT.

Great Luggage

We have had our IT suitcases for over 5 years and during that time we have travellelled extensively both internationally and domestically and our luggage has endured all types of weather. We were very pleased when we found all our contents of our luggage dry when arriving at an airport during a storm when we landed. Other passengers were complaining that their clothes in their bags were siaked

Great cases and excellant warranty service!

We have had two Porto 56 cm suitcases and we love them. The size is perfect for us for overseas trips where we need to be flexible with lots of different modes of travel (ie trains and buses and cars as well as planes). We’ve done a number of overseas trips to multiple countries and the cases have served us well. They fit a surprising amount of clothes etc (we generally take walking boots, poles & walking gear as well as regular clothes, toiletries etc). I like the way they open out so you have roughly two equal sides to pack in. And its good that they are manageable for me without help. Recently on a very hectic 6 week trip to South America we had an issue with one of the cases. The rubber came off the handle and the extending handle started jamming. We rang the service department and asked about getting a new handle and they replaced the case for us. We only needed to pay the freight. Their service staff were exceptional; friendly and helpful. The new case looks even better than the original and we are looking forward to using it. We will definitely look at IT cases, if or when we need to buy more. We were left with a very good feeling about the company as a result of the service we received and the way we were treated. Thank you.

IT Warranty means nothing!

I had 2 "IT Duraliton Satalite" suitcases, 1 Crushed in wheel housing and the other crippled by creases at base of wheel housing, 1 brand new and 1 used once. Poor quality and IT won't replace. says Its Airlines fault their both unusable!! Buyer beware, Guarantee means nothing

Fantastic quality suitcase

The midsize Sacramento suitcase has travelled the world with no issues. Easily spotted on every carousel, lightweight, durable, secure and well recommended. The back up service by the IT Luggage Team when required is super awesome, genuine and quick.

Keep your warranty card or its a use & throw garbage bag

The wheels are completely gone just after my second trip and even in the last trip I have to drag it to bring it back here in Sydney. Worst Experience ever even with the customer service who requires your warranty card and purchase of invoice to entertain you so keep warranty card with you all your life or else bear the loss and regret purchasing it.

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Questions & Answers

Where can you obtain replacement parts here in US. My handle failed to survive airport handling after a dozen trips. Plastic connector cracked and handle came apart exposing the cable. Unless there is an easy to get parts, appears its heading to the dumpster. I think the extra wide handle is part of the problem it goes from corner to corner and is sort of flimsy. Anyway if any one knows of an online source for repair parts that would be helpful?
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Email customer service.

Where can I buy the Megalight carry on bag in Australia? I couldn’t find it except in Amazon America. The postage is prohibitive.
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Hi there, I have a carry on size IT Luggage piece with the 4 casters. I love it other than the fact that it is 'front heavy' even when empty and wants to topple forward. When it is packed with clothes etc, it is terrible. The last trip I took, I do not know how many times it fell over just sitting still. What can you recommend to support the front of the suitcase so that it does not fall over?? I am leaving in a week for vacation and would like to rectify this before I go!
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