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Best Customer Service

We brought our fridge from jbhifi and they lowered the price and it was already on sale too so we got a great price and I love love love it. They also had it delivered and the delivery company was very good and friendly

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationAltona jbhifi home

Customer service

West Lakes, store S.A. Needed help for purchase of a charger. Nobody on floor available, took item to cashier who had no idea and called for help. One staff member was helping another lucky customer and the other was on the phone. After waiting for about 20 minutes and getting increasingly frustrated, I asked the cashier if I'd been forgotten. She did ask if I wanted her to interrupt sales staff but I declined saying the non-existent service was not good enough, left the goods and walked out. Went to Telstra and got immediate help and made a purchase. I've found this to be the norm at JB Hi Fi. No wonder people buy online! Funnily enough, they employ a security guard to stand still at the doors to check bags as the odd customer exits. Perhaps they could multi-skill him so at least he could provide some assistance!

Store LocationWest Lakes

JB Hifi-en-ex Perth- Worst Experience

I went to JB Hifi Piccardily today to buy an electronic item priced $400.Since the item was not in stock, they checked with JB Hifi en-ex store which is across the road, and advised me to pay for it at piccardily and collect it from en-ex. Staff at Piccardily were really helpful. When I went to en-ex store, I was asked to go to the counter with my receipt. At the counter,as I was not sure of the procedure, I wanted to check if I had to be in the same queue or at a different product collection point. So I tried to ask that to 2 of the guys in uniform at the counter, and they were not even ready to listen to what I was gonna ask.One of them, a bearded attitude guy asked me to stand in the queue in a rude voice before I could ask what I wanted to. I didn't say anything and moved towards the queue. More customers were there at the counter by the time and the queue was long..Even though I was there before most of them, I never wanted to make others wait. Since the queue was long, I thought of waiting beside the queue and get in to it only when others are done..And then that bearded attitude customer service guy who was too busy to give ear to my enquiry, made time to point at me in front of all those guys and told me to go and stand behind everyone, again in an embarrassing manner. I really felt offended. Is it school or something to be in a strict queue. When I wasn't trying to get in front of other people, I don't understand his problem. I felt it as pure discrimination. Are they judging people with looks? I wasn't there for their charity. I paid for what I bought..After he left, I again asked a girl at the counter to see what I had to do, and she said I never had to be in the queue and asked another guy to get my product..and I wasted time in the queue just to get discriminated !!I donno how these attitude guys still work at a CUSTOMER SERVICE counter !

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationJB HiFi En-Ex perth

JB HI Capalaba - what a joke!!!

Went in to store this evening to replace a pair of gaming headphones which stopped working this afternoon. I had initially bought 4 only 7 weeks ago.
Went to the counter - young girl at the desk, told her I would like to exchange as the set I had were faulty and told her I had a receipt. She called a guy over. The guy then looked at them then went out the back to grab his own mobile to test them. This took him a few minutes, I questioned why he had to test them as he should believe me when I said they are faulty. He then stopped testing them and started to proceed with an exchange. I bought them via click and collect and I emailed the store my receipt. The paperwork process on this took a long time. He then ask for an assistant via his radio device, to which no one came to help and I went and got a new headset myself. Then it took a long time to then get this processed through the till system.
The initial girl behind the counter then asked my to fill in details on the docket, name, phone number etc, which I did. As I was writing the docket the young girl said "Thats very immature of you" I asked why she said that and she replied " oh I misread your name". My name is cat and im guessing she thought I wrote c**t. Even if I did write that (which I never would), no customer should ever be told they are immature. No one!!! This whole process took 27 minutes to exchange 1 set of faulty headphones and with terrible service and bad manners from your staff. You should be totally ashamed of your team at Capalaba I am a business owner and have previously bought all my computers, laptops and any it needs with you guys, not to mentioned my home appliances and gadgets. I will never shop in any of your stores again. Time to pick your socks up and offer good customer service and maybe train your staff to be polite to customers!

Store LocationCapalaba

Bad service - stick to electronics please

Went to buy a brand new guitar. Got home and was so excited to open it up. Upon opening i found a string snapped. So i was guttered. And the shop was already closed by the time i got home. I decided to take it back to jbhi. So when i got there i just thought i could swap for another guitar. But the guy said he has to ask his manager.
(Took 15mins waiting for the manager)
His manager told him just to give me a string to put on myself. I told him im not putting it on because i paid for a brand new guitar with 6 strings not 5. He said he would put the string on. he said thats all he could do for me so i decided to accept it since he couldnt help me with anything else. When he finally put the string on 5 minutes later he decided to tune it. And when he was tuning it the string broke. I told him i dont have time to wait around waiting to fix my string when they could of gave me a new guitar with strings already on and he can muck around putting that string on in his own time. So i decided to get a refund. Not happy with the service and experience. And wont be going back. Thanks for nothing

Terrible staff attitude

Went to the Malaga store to purchase an iPad with a relative visiting from Singapore. Initially the young staff assisting was helpful. When we needed to look at other options such as bigger memory and the option to have sim card, the staff member was trying to dissuade us from looking at that option. When we insisted that we would like to look at one that does have sim option, he told us that he’s getting “frustrated” and may need to get his manager. We queried if it wasn’t part of his job to offer the options we were asking to see and told the young man that we would actually like to see his manager. Another staff, - Chris- showed up and when we asked if he was the manager he said he was one of them. We explained the situation and he quickly told us that he would help us to move forward. No apologies were offered for the appalling behaviour of his staff. He helped us with the product we needed. Ideally we should have walked out and taken the business elsewhere, but we were short on time as my visiting relative was returning overseas soon. Bad customer service experience overall, but it was the young person’s attitude that shocked my visitor from Singapore.

JB online

finally received the goods and they were damaged, customer service is slow and incompetent.
save the hassle and shop elsewhere.

Wonderful Service

I've been shopping at JB HIFI in Claremont, Perth for years and always have great service from them. Particularly recently when I bought some products. Great prices and great service thanks. Special thanks to Mitchell.

No Service JB HI Fi Watergardens

my vacuum cleaner develop a fault 13 months into 24 months warranty so I return to the shop for warranty repairs. At first the sales man refuse that it was under warranty stating that they come with only a year. When I told him it was 2 years he call another person and confirmed it was 2 years but then he said "you have to go direct as JB HIFi warranty is only a year"
When I insist he check the vacuum cleaner and said "looks like physical damage" .[bottom hose split in two]
Then he said we have to charge you every charge and you better buy a new one. It will cost less.
I left and rang vax and I was given an authorized repair Centro near my house.

Excellent customer service

I took a faulty iPad back to Capalaba JB Hifi this morning, and was served by Preston.
Preston dealt with the issue very professionally with a smile and bright attitude.
Thanks Preston. It was a pleasure to deal with you.

Excellent customer service

Very happy brought a brand new tv, got a great deal and service was very good, happy with price and quality of TV.

Service was great

I purchased a ps 4 for my son and several games. Although I think that the PS4 pro is overpriced, the salesman knew his stuff and did a great job. Unfortunately the lady behind the counter neglected to put all the discs in the covers and we were missing one. I rang up and Taylor advised she would assist me when I came in. She was great, she found the disc and told me she would ensure everyone checks in future. So even though I wasted my time going in again the service was great. Thanks

Great Movies, Even Better Prices

Ordered 3 Blu Ray movies fron JB HiFi on Tue afternoon and got them today as promised for only $5 for delivery. And the best part? They had an offer of Buy 2 and Get one Free!!! I was alredy happy to see that movies were cheaper than in other stores and got one for nothing on top!!! To those who enjoy having a little collection of very special titles to watch whenever they feel like it, like myself ... Don't miss this offer!!

Perfect customer service

Had a problem with courier not delivering to home address. Instead my item was taken to a pick up point. I had paid for express delivery. Contacted JB to tell them I was very unhappy. They were excellent and arranged to have my item delivered the next day although they were not to blame. Really impressed with the friendly, helpful staff

Fav store these days

Staff are friendly and helpful and are always happy to knock a little bit off the listed price. Product itself is great and comparable in price to any online sites

Customer Service

I have been having endless problems with my large screen LG TV its been repaired 4 times so far this store has tried its best on every occasion to sort the repair but now the extended Lemon warranty is trying to evade replacing the TV. The store manager Marie has been very helpful she even spoke to LG on my behalf. Her attitude to me as a customer has been excellent and has made every attempt to help me. I wish her all the best and hope to get continued support to distressed customers like myself.

Bought a Samsung 9

I bought a Samsung 9 from here wow the person that served me was so focused on me instead of serving 10 people at once. He answered every question i had abiut the phone. Told me the good and bad but more good then bad. Sold on the phone I said very profesdional

great service

jb hi fi stocklands west burleigh. bought tv and kept loosing picture. turns out it was box i was useing.rang the guy who sold tv. he said we will exchange no problem. rang later told about box. this man was really concerned for the customer and very helpful.top sevice

the best

iphone 8 is the best phone ive used so far and i get all the new iphones that come out, the camera settings are the best and takes the most amazing images

Terrible Service

I went to JB Hifi Capalaba yesterday to purchase a new TV. I spoke with a saleperson and we agreed on a TV, he said he'd check to see if in stock, I said I didn't want a demo. He said he had two left, he gave me around a $10 discount only. I got home and opened the box and found that everything was already unwrapped, finger prints on the screen, loose screws, a few pieces of broken plastic, etc. When I took the TV back, they said that the sales guy would have told me that it was a demo, effectively saying that I knew and had a change of heart....my response....why would I pay almost full price for a second hand demo TV?

An absolute disgrace...I'm out of pocket having to make two trips to the store with nothing to show for it...will not be using JB HiFi again...they wonder why people prefer shopping online.

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