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121 reviews
jay3 posts

The worst company of all

if I could rate them lower I would...I have lived in an apartment for 3 years, for nearly the whole term I've been getting 500 -700 dollar gas bills per month! not a qtr....I have photos proving the meter going up,plumbers reports etc. I live by myself with two cats lol im using nearly 20000 Mu! that's more than a commercial kitchen lol and they reimbursed me 13 dollars.......they're are snakes in the grass when you call them it's like some dude sitting in a shed palming off complaints. absolute scam and something needs to be done!!!
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Jimmy D
Jimmy DSydney, NSW6 posts

Not owning up to their fault

Had a plumber who came out to my apartment to replace a smart meter for gas. While installing the new smart meter plumber had obviously damaged the hot water pipe as it started to leak after he left. Got in touch with Zinfra (Jemena contractor) and they said the water wasn't leaking from meter so they're not responsible for it. Escalated to Jemena and got a reply saying water wasn't leaking from their asset (smart meter) so it's not their fault?!?! Of course water doesn't leak from the meter. The leak occurred as a result of the installation of the meter on the hot water pipe. How is this company still allowed to be operated?
Peter G.
Peter G.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

the worst

if this company was not a monopoly and had competition like most businesses it would go broke
you would think that an electricity company would be keen for us to abolish an old and dangerous switchboard but no every time we apply they find a different excuse to cancel everything
spartanSydney, NSW4 posts

no communication

Had installed a point to connect there modem , there is no communication , but instead disconnected the intercomes power to accomidate there modem no consideration for other services hopless arogant people.
RCW5 posts

Designed to not register your meter reading

The meter reader came to my apartment, pointed out the location of the meter but refused to read it, saying it will take him too long to register it. So, instead, he gave me a card and asked me to enter the figure online. After a complex setup on an awkward app, it then asks for a MIRN number from past gas bills, assuming that people hang on to them, or frame them on a wall. So, this is a system designed to fail you, and charge you on 'estimation'. WHAT A SCAM !!!!!
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BettySydney, NSW3 posts
KarmaSydney, NSW

Very bad attitude and bad service

If you went to the ombudsman, and you will deal with Steve Dooley who is the customer relations manager. He will use all sort of techniques, push the responsibility to strata, gaslight you. And he responded you without investigation and he refused to admitted afterwards. I will never talk to him on the phone because all he said might not count. He is not afraid of any complaints and not afraid of anyone. Enjoy playing games with you and doesn’t feel shame if you found out he is lying or play the games. Typical narissist and the most important , the problem is still not resolved. He just like creating the troubles and play the games with you to feed his ego and create more jobs for him.
Kylie Norton
Kylie Norton

Cash back offer - Jemena making it very hard to receive cash back

Six months later still have not received the credit card promised. Was told I had not submitted the claim, given wrong email, sent non working card, told the card would be despatched a week ago by express post, did not arrive yesterday, when emailed sent tracking number showing it had never been sent until yesterday 5/12/20 after 4pm, after my email sent. They seem to be deliberately making it incredibly hard to receive the cash back promised. Don't give up as too hard.
Call Janelle Newell (02)98677245 to complain - Customer Care Senior Specialist.
Nicole B.
Nicole B.

What a joke

No power = no lights, no heat, no cooking, no charging ability, no customer service. But it’s ok guys they will attend before midnight. So I’ll just have to sit here in the cold & dark and pay over $600 for the reconnection privilege.
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ScottSydney, NSW8 posts

Appalling Customer Service

The Jemena Limited plumber caused a hot water leak when changing a gas hot water meter. The plumber arrived unannounced. A week later I receive an undated letter from Jemena Limited advising the meter needs to be changed. After advising of the significant leak, the Jemena Limited plumber attempted a repair which failed. Common property has been damaged. Despite numerous call centre phone calls and prioritised repair promises the leak is still in evidence. Jemena Limited turns well over AU$110 million dollars annually. It is a shame some of this capital is not spent on quality plumbers and real customer service.
Founded in 1995 Jemena Limited is 60% owned by State Grid Corporation Of China and 40% owned by Singapore Power.
MarkSydney, NSW

Terrible! Worst customer service!

Why is there no 0 star for the rating? Any say, I reported a gas leak coming from the gas meter or from one of the pipes attach to it. Fixed by them 3x before but obviously problem has not been solved as it keeps on coming back. To make it worse customer service rep on duty (19/10/2020) told me that if I don't answer their call then their inspectors would not come. Really, for a gas leak? VIP's??? Terrible.... Disgusting....
Dr John
Dr JohnSydney Surrounds, NSW3 posts

Absolute thieves

I have just received a massive bill based on an estimated meter read that is 455% times what it was for the same period last year. While looking, I noticed that the last bill also doubled in size. This company needs to be investigated.

No Customer Service

I swear someone needs to sabotage Jemena and put them out of business so that some other company with more responsibility can take over. The fact is that they have terrible customer service and can go f themselves with double sided dil**s
RendoGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC9 posts


Waiting for 6 months for a new electricity connection for 14 apartments. Everybody on their team is either rude or incompetent. I'm amazed at how such a company can exist in 2020
matildaSydney, NSW

2 months waiting for gas and counting

Over 2 months from original new connection request. $1000s of dollars and hours of my time wasted trying to get them and AGL to get our property connected. Winter with a small baby and two elderly grandparents and they have "escalated the issue" 3 times and still nothing. They tell you the wrong information and you get lost in beaurocracy. Avoid at all cost. If you don't call them all the time nothing will get done.
Customer Service
Rates and Fees
MickGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC3 posts

Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless

Been trying to get these clowns to instal a meter on a new build for 2 MONTHS. They keep cancelling and wanting cancellation fees. HOPELESS
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Neil A J
Neil A JHunter Region, NSW39 posts
IPASydney, NSW
  Fair Incentive

Jemena Gas - one of the worst company in Australia

I've made an appointment with them at 9am on Saturday to get my gas meter fixed. Unfortunately, i kept waiting for them for an hour at least. In the meantime, i haven't received any call from them.

Do they expect their customer to just sit around all day waiting for them?

Jemena company is definitely monopoly in Wentworth Point. Nothing we can do.

Please Do NOT use thier service and let all your friends know that.


terrible but what choice have we got ??????

absolute joke, we've been waiting to have our gas connected for our small business in surry hills and can't get an install date and emails do not get replied to and still no date for installation.
absolutely hopeless
PrincessCattibrieSydney, NSW10 posts
Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Jemena Jokema
Jemena JokemaSydney, NSW
rosesSydney, NSW6 posts
NotHappyJan00Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

If I could give less than 1 star, I would. Disgusting

Turned off power for a 'maintenance defect' without any notice. Charged $500 to turn it back on. Told us they didn't know when someone could get out - couldn't even indicate a day or a time.

Absolutely disgusting that we were left without power in the middle of winter. No heating, no hot water, no internet, no power to cook. With kids at home, that's really poor. A 24-hour notice period would've been all that was needed for us to get the maintenance work fixed, without turning the power off.

Tradies in our area said they have been doing it to lots of homes lately and was not impressed by it.

Kat9 posts
CarolynSydney Surrounds, NSW

power outage - no communication

Absolutely no communication after a gas outage. I called them to ask why I had no gas ? and no one seemed to know till hours later and it was 1400 houses that were out. They came out 3 days later to assist with reconnections and did not wait till I got to the door.
VishalSydney, NSW16 posts

Ripping off tax payers!

I reported street light fault since they are contracted to maintain the lights. They simply keep insisting that the light has been fixed several times. The code and contract says that they have to fix the light within 2 days however it is now 3 months and they have refused to fix this. This is a huge safety and security concern.
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InnekeSydney, NSW

Terrible customer service

My gas were disconnected wrongfully. They had the meter linked to the wrong address. So now I'm without gas and have to PAY to get it reconnected urgently. I 'may' be able to claim the fee back! Rediculous. Plus I had to chase this the whole day, spending my time, doing their work for them!
NellSydney2 posts

Worst service I've experienced

Due to an issue on the power pole in street, I can't get NBN installed. I've been Jemena to resolve it, but nothing happened in the past months. Jemena customer service keeps me waiting for nothing. Never seen such useless customer service. So impressed by such awful service.

Nice2KnowAU70 posts
Tess.CMelbourne3 posts
MattWoolloomooloo Sydney2 posts

Dishonest Fraudulent Rip Off Merchant

If you can avoid doing business with Jemena then do so at all costs. It is the most dishonest company that I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Jemena lies and cheats it’s customers at will by high bill estimations. Jemena gets away with its deceitful conduct because high ranking members of The Energy Ombudsman protect Jemena’s interests.

Mister Ed
Mister EdGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC28 posts


Bought a house in Jemena's supply area and when I got my first bill from the retailer could not reconcile.

The retailer directed me to Jemena to get the data (that's another story!). Jemena gave me a login to its site so I could download the data for one of the two meters installed at my property, but refused to give me the data for the second meter due to "policy"!

To get the data for my second meter I have to request it in writing from the retailer who then must request from Jemena and 5 days later (actually takes more like 10 days) I can have my data................HOPELESS!

Sleep deprived
Sleep deprived

Cow boys

Woken up at 8.30 am on public holiday Sunday.

By three young hipster boys yelling to each other in front of my unit.

Digging and running about with a wheel of cable.

Making a racket.

Seemed very dodgy to me.

They said they were from jemena!!

Not in any uniform.

MelroseAU7 posts

An absolute joke of a company!

Been living in my apartment for 3 years now, always paid my bills on time and they plugged my gas for no reason, didn’t even try to speak or communicate with me, it’s now been 5 days with no gas. An absolute disgrace this company.

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RayGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC4 posts

Builder: New connections

As a builder I have to make sure that we can finish a project in time, but a new era begins with Jemena. If you want to start a new house, before you start your design make sure you will apply for electricity connection, because only God knows if ever you will be connected with Electricity.

If we would have a government , they would've fix this matter. This is not an issue anymore this is a big problem.

I have applied 8 weeks ago and I been told nobody knows WHEN. Ridiculous....


Only retailer that still charges higher rates the more you use

Disgusting joke of a company. Deplorable money sucking company that is the only distributor that charges higher tariff rates the more you use, every other distributor gets cheaper.

Marty3 posts

Connecting power

36 hours to turn on the smart meter. WOW. Guy who presses the button must have been on leave. Good luck

J. L.
J. L.2 posts

Terrible joke

This company does not assist or help its customers. But very happy to take their money. Oh yeah there is no competition. What a joke,

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