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Jensen X-165

Jensen X-165

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Love It!

Upgraded from a 150 watt sub and wasn't expecting much of a difference with this being 160. To be honest I only grabbed it as I figured it would match my X-7's so I'd have a matching combo and wasn't expecting to hear much difference but I'm glad I did. This thing can be set to either bring the roof down when watching movies or be toned right back to just add some depth and subtle base for your music which is more what I tend to do.

Not much else to say really, very happy with this subby!

I should have saved my money

Jb hifi had 40% off and I thought why not!!! in the shop with all the background noise it sounded ok seemed to produce a decent rumble ! when i got it home and set it up, straight away i was disappointed I can not turn it up over half or it sounds overly boomy, that said, it does add a bit of depth to movies that was lacking in my system, but for a RRP $899 try something like SVS I only paid $475 and would take it back if i could!
Edit> I have had the sub for a while now and it not that bad! it is very powerful but i cant seem to make use of all that power, maybe its the rest of my system letting the sub down who knows! probably wouldn't buy it again but for the price I payed its not to bad!
looks nice, small footprint,
Boomy, bad for music, price, blunt !

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Earthquake anyone?

Massive, absolutely massive, the sound produced from this sub is unlike any other sub i have heard ive recently bought this sub to replace a sherwood sub and can safely say this is worth the buy, a lot of people tend to steer away from this one though as is it is literally too much for what they want for their house but if u like realistic groundshaking tremors then this is perfect! The sub itself comprises of a 10 inch 'monster' driven woofer that is nearly capable of rattling a tv off its stand, these huge subs can also be daisy chained with more subs without hassle as each box has its own amp this is either if you want to eliminate any dead spots in the room ( which i dont have any now!) or if you just want to shake your neighbours house as well these subs are ideal!!
Love that punching feeling in my chest feels like your at a concert!
Little bit more pricey for these but they arent for the timid!

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Price (RRP)$899

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