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What a waste of time & money scammers buyer beware no goods no refund.Christine

Ordered shower curtains on 6/6/19 No refund no shower curtains 16 weeks. Disappointment as the curtains were beautiful. I tied all my colour schemes. Such wake up call dishonest company

Purchased in August 2019 for $145.00.

Value for Money
Product Quality

"Do Not" Order From These People!!!!

I repeat "do not" order from these people. It is a Total Scam Quick to take your money, and never deliver your goods. Thank God I ordered through Pay Pal and was able to get my money back.

Buyers beware....They .Take your money and don't send goods please use paypal when you order still waiting for refund

ORDER through PayPal and you might be able to retrieve your money
This company does respond with please give us time its blah blah blah that was four months ago ..

Purchased in March 2019 at Jesmene Australia for $150.00.

Value for Money
Product Quality

Not Impressed with this company at all

Not impressed at all with this company. I ordered a dooner cover in February 2019 for $119.99 & did not receive the cover. They don’t respond to emails. The fraud department with my credit card are trying to resolve this issue. From Australia NSW

Purchased in February 2019 at www.jesmine for $119.99.

Value for Money


Placed an order in April, 4 months ago. They will not respond to emails - have sent several - and can't be contacted by phone. Have reported to Scam Watch, advise others to do the same! I cannot believe they have not been shut down!!

Purchased in April 2019 at Online for $43.45.

Value for Money

Do not purchase from them - You will never receive your order

I made an order well over four months ago. My order never arrived. I have emailed them several times but never had a reply. Be warned do not purchase from them!!!!!

Purchased in February 2019 for $230.00.

Value for Money

No email, lost money

I ordered two shower curtains on 21 July 2019. Received an order email immediately noting updates would be sent once items were shipped. To date I have received no correspondence from Jesmine. Have sent them 4 emails and also contacted them via messenger after finding their page on Facebook. Reported them on Facebook and will be reporting to ACCC and Department of Fair Trade today if they do not respond. Feel like an idiot given the other reviews here already point out the above; am usually very careful with online shopping. Absolutely atrocious they have not been shut down.

Purchased in July 2019 for $155.39.

Dissatisfied totally!

Ordered a quilt which didn’t arrive. Sent numerous emails with many replies telling me be patient it was coming they were overloaded with orders and it was busy due to ——excuse , excuse, excuse!!!
So I contacted Fair trading and I got my money back!! Although I really want the product getting my money back without the product makes me happy!! Would I deal with this company again NO WAY!! Have done lots of online shopping and been totally happy but with Jesmine NEVER again!

Purchased in February 2019 for $109.00.

Dishonest company

I ordered the rainbow unicorn bedding set for my granddaughter's birthday on 22/4/19 for $85.92. Despite numerous emails and many failed attempts to phone (line is permanently busy) the doona set has failed to arrive - at the time of writing July 20th. As reported previously, this company is a scam and they should be investigated and prosecuted as this is theft, purely and simply. Only wish I'd done some research before ordering.

Purchased in April 2019 at online store for $85.92.

Terrible company! It’s a scam! Beware!

They will happily charge your credit card but never deliver your order. I have made an order in feb19 and sent several email enquiring about my order, 5 months later still nothing and would not refund my card!

Purchased in February 2019 for $133.00.


They never posted the product.
Been 6 months and still have received no refund.
Iv been consistently lied to by tgis company.
They are scum.
Stay away from them.buy elsewere.
They are horibble to deal with

Purchased in February 2019 for $99.00.

Don't deal with them

After ordering a shower curtain and waiting four weeks we tried to contact them to follow it up and the email address on their website isn't working. We have raised a complaint via paypal. Looks like the previous reviews were right.

Purchased in June 2019.

!!! DO NOT give your $$$$ to these guys @ Jesmine.com!!!

Purchased a throw blanket for a Birthday present, over 2 months ago, (May 2019). After sending many many emails to them, requesting more information reg a,
Tracking no. Or any further Details or even a ETA of when I should expect the product to arrive.. ??? Still no response from the
I did get a response via email on 28th May, 2019,
(13 Days after item was purchased)

Fast forward 2 Months to,
July- 2019 and I finally receive this email form the Jesmaine-Team,
(Last-PIC posted reg,
Refund Email and Jesmine-Teams response) :o\

Still waiting for my money to be refunded 2 (plus) months later...!???

Purchased in May 2019 at Jesmine Australia for $68.99.

Tertible worst service. SCAM don't buy from them

Order $250 worth of bed covers and sheets, at the start of the year, waited 2 months and still nothing, emailed them kept getting same reply, then they said contact afterpay which i did. Then got an emil saying they are on holidays and can not so refunds, as they no longer have a contract with afterpay, thankfully afterpay got my money back.

Purchased in February 2019 for $250.00.

Thieves took my money and after numerous emails ant texts to the supplied number nothing

Placed an order and paid my money. No delivery refund or anything after numerous emails and texts to mobile they supplied. A scam a thieving bunch , dont deal with them

Purchased in February 2019 at Jesmine online for $102.00.

Do not purchase from this company!

I made an order for two quilt sents in March, after numerous emails and excusrs like the other reviews many excuses, I was then told that I would need to request a refund through afterpay? As that was how I had made paymemt. When I attempted to email back saying the refund is retailers responsibility, I received an auto response saying address not found!!! So dissapointed as their products looked beautiful!!! Have learnt my lesson to always read reviews befor buying online!!!! DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!!!

Purchased in March 2019 for $210.00.

Never Never Ever buy anything from this company....

I've just read the review from JoJo from 12hrs ago and I am absolutely with her on this one. I placed my order for a quilt cover back on the 12th April for a family members 18th birthday (which has totally been and gone now) and I am yet to get the product. They came up with the same excuses about my patience would be appreciated, they were on holiday and all the other replies that reviews have stated on this site I have got as well. Now I am at the stage that I've asked for a refund that was supposed to been refunded over a week ago and I now feel that this will be a long drawn out process and I now feel it would be a bloody miracle if I ever see my $83 again. A few weeks back I did lodge a complaint with the ACCC but that can take up to 20 business days for them to reply so if I do receive anything I will post it here. I am also thinking that it's time that maybe the media like A Current Affair or Today Tonight hear about this company as I really do think that are totally dodgy and could very much be a scam business who is just taking all our money.
I would also question any positive reviews as I wouldn't surprised if it's them or a friend posting them as it seems odd that so many people have had such a horrible experience with them?

Purchased in April 2019 at Jesmine for $83.00.

If you come across this Jesmine on any site run run run

So I ordered a quilt cover set on special $60 from Jesmine which was on Facebook that was on the 4th of March 2019 I have been in contact through Facebook and emails they have lied to me many times now it is 2nd July and still nothing they even went on holiday told me they're contract with afterpay is terminated but I paid in full on that day on my MasterCard I even sent them 2 messages on messenger they replied 3 hrs later telling me to be patient I did tell that somebody better talk to me and that they had until tomorrow night to send my order or the consumer affairs and ombudsmen will be contacted and I bet that I don't even get any correspondence tomorrow about so called tracking well to say that I'm angry is a understatement iv placed orders with wish and have never had any problems like this and they send items all the way from China so Jesmine should be ashamed but obviously they sure don't have any common decency or morals how do they sleep at night is beyond me I have told them they are incompetent and that a clown must be running the business I mean telling me that they couldnt send my order because they were on holidays righteo that's nice since I have been waiting for my order for nearly 4months and telling me that my patience would be appreciated I so want to swear and be able to give them a mouthful of choice words but it seems the only way to get things sorted is by going to fair trading and the ombudsmen maybe they can rip them a new one if you know what I mean grrrrrr so angry

July 10th 2019 Update: Jesmine Australia are a pack of liars don't deal with

Ok so this is my 2nd review on Jesmine I contacted them through messenger and sent them 3 msgs they responded that they would be sending tracking number by early next week and look today no tracking again I did tell them that I will be going to contact fair trading and ombudsmen i told them they had better respond and they told me to have patience well I'm sorry but I think I have sent at least bout 23 emails and I'm still waiting so if I don't get my tracking number this afternoon I will be calling fair trading and ombudsmen just to be clear I ordered my quilt cover set on the 4th March 2019 and they had the money paid in full by the 5th March 2019 how much more patience do they require they are incompetent and should not be allowed to have their business I mean Ronald MacDonald would be a far better at running the business and I'm dawned sure this would have been sorted ages ago I am so angry grrrt

Purchased in March 2019 for $60.00.

Bad customer service

Ordered 3 items and paid through paypal. I have still not received these items. Sent numerous requests on my order with no replies. Please send immediately as they are for presents.

Purchased in April 2019 for $292.50.

They take you're moni

brought a item 10 weeks ago havnt receive it and havnt got the moni back several emails they said if I want my moni back I need to contact afterpay

Purchased in May 2019 at jesmine for $95.00.

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why your company is such a rip off and can you all sleep at night i have tried to get my money back through consumer affairs but because your company has chosen to ignore them also i now have to take your company through vcat to get your company to return my money your a bunch of rip offs and your company needs to be shut down. i am saying now no one should ever trust your company never just read all reviews i wish i had of,
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I have exactly same experience with this company. They happily charged my credit card but never send me the goods I have ordered. Not really sure what to do to get my money back, they are ignoring my emails

How do I contact the ACCC. Is there anyone else I can contact as well. These cons are now not answering my emails, have blocked my facebook messages and the phone number does not accept calls. So upset.
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i have contacted the ACCC and they just told me they have recorded my case and try to contact fair trading.i am totally lost as what to do next.its consuming my whole life grrr.CCC Scamwatch and the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Unit. On the plus side, the website is down today.Website is back up Elle

how are these people RIPPING so many people off and they are still allowed to advertise through facebook.anyone have an answer please.
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I don't have the answer. The only thing I can assume is not enough people are complaining through the right channel. I received a refund 2 days after I threatened to take the matter to ACCC. They informed me that it was their company policy to process my refund in 5-8 business days. I asked why, what a ridiculous policy considering you've had my money for 9 weeks! I can only hope these people get shut down. Clearly cannot run a business properly and their communication skills are non existent. The worst online experience for me so far. I didn't read reviews as Facebook adds had me sold. Only good comments there, as anything bad would only be deleted. Do yourself a favour, dont go there. Im convinced if I hadn't threatened further action I would still be waiting!I have taken action and they are still stuffing me around. I just hope they get there just deserts. I ordered 2 months ago for a present. Imagine how disappointed the child was. So angry that people can do this to me and many many others.I wish I'd read these reviews before I'd ordered a quilt for my daughter's birthday in early June. After emailing them multiple times and sending a message through facebook I finally received a pleading response asking me to please wait for a couple of days for an update. That was ten days ago. I'm furious.

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