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How can you justify charging 60 dollars at the gate for a few kilos of hand luggage? It makes your customers feel held to ransom and I know I will never fly with you again.
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We have 3 of us flying to Cairns from Brisbane. Can we take one large case with 3 times our individual allowance weight?
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Instead of my Cabin Baggage and Handbag, may I take a Flower Arrangement on board Measuring 30inches (h) and 15inches (w)
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In my experience they struggle to get passengers to their destination in a timely manner. I expect floral arrangements will wilt waiting more than six hours in a humid airport to board.

Why am I being charged more to change my flight? Why do Jetstar charge people more to change a flight than the cost of the original ticket. Where do you get a fare deal with airlines? very tired of being ripped off by airlines, what is the answer? anyone know how to solve this problem
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Can I take an unopened bottle of wine as hand luggage on domestic flight
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My question is why was so many jetstar flights delayed and cancelled today at sunshine coast airport? I suffer with ptsd and severe anxiety. I was due to fly out at 10:25 am . 11:45 am I recieved a text to tell me my flight was cancelled. They offered to bus me to brisbane and get a flight at 9 pm tonight. After breaking down knowing I could not get another specialist appointment till march and having no way of getting home that is 2 hrs drive from the airport I was left sobbing and distressed in the car park. Jetstar needs to be shut down
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There were many flights delayed and cancelled yesterday 2/2/19. Was told by the X-ray security personnel that it happened every single day. For that I shall give it a slogan, "Jetstar, always delay and cancel because we know you like our $8 airport voucher"The sunshine coast airport is on the Jetstar don't give a care list, as soon as there is any delay or aircraft breakdown on the East coast principle city route they grab the sunny coast planes. People going on holiday mean nothing to poorstar

What are the requirements do i need to bring, when i am travelling with my child ? But not the same surname...
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Terrible service ever. Lack of training staff, rude service. Delay with no text or email notification.
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Yes Bill, they are terrible, but they don't care.

Check-In and Departure times - anyone been refused Check-In when at Counter more than the required hour before the Posted Departure Time ?
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No I haven't but it doesn't surprise me!No help there Helen really. Terminal Departures Board listed a Delayed Departure Time and Check-In Counter OPEN but I was refused on no longer valid Scheduled Time

Has anyone else been fumigated whilst inflight, returning from overseas we were told to cover our nose and mouth as they may be some irritation from the spray the flight attendants were about to spray within the cabins. When asked what for they ignored all questions and complaints. This was not our first time oversea and it has never happened before.
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Can i bring dry shampoo in my carryon luggage?
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What or how to redeem a jetstar card from supermarket. As im unable to do anything with it? Thankyou lilly
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When you get to the final page for payment there is a voucher section you will need to click on. The problem being you can't split the payment. Example is what happened to me a couple of weeks ago... ie. you want to pay $151 for luggage and you have $150 in vouchers. You can't use $150 in vouchers and pay the $1. You have you pay completely with vouchers. Buying the actual ticket you can split the amounts.

Hi has anyone flown jetstar ... Sydney to Ho Chi Minh lately? I spose I’ve been a lucky customer many flights over seas as well as domestic with minimal issues... So just wondering as I’m booked to fly in May... fingernail crossed. Ta JD
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We just had our Jetstar flight cancelled less than 24hrs before the flight. Apparently this is a regular occurrence. If I was you I would book another airline now to save the hassle laterWhat day in May....I'm flying direct to Saigon on 18th....here's hoping! !We have flown over on the 13Th May. No issues was a good flight.

Does anyone know of a phone number in Australia that you can contact Jetstar on?
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Try www.dontflyjetstar.com.au . Contact numbers are listed there.1300 652 587Dont bother! They avoid questions like a plaque. Their CEO wont even have the courtesy to write back to us over being bumped twice in the same week, making us late to arrange my fathers funeral.

Why can't 2 of us travelling pay for 1 check in baggage when booking on line?
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Hi, I'm sorry I can't help you with that one as we had an item each as we were going to the ski slopes at Mt Buller. Good luck.You can. Just buy luggage allowance for one person and share it. I did it with my mum.

Why does Jetstar delete complaints from its facebook page?
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Because rather than repair their bad management it's easier to delete bad comments.I don't think they do though there are some complaints that I've seen for days and they are still there.

Can I print my boarding pass at adel airport if carry on luggage is all I have? Is this possible without having to go thru to luggage chech in as it is in brisbane
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You probably didn't mean to send this to me. In any case, I'm afraid I have no idea.At Adelaide airport if you have only carry on luggage you can print off boarding pass before, at the self check in or use mobile check in and then head straight to the security check. You do not have to go through the check in lines. Probably doesn't help you now but may help someone else.

Can I carry on 3 umbrellas? They are long. I cant keep them inside my luggage. My flight is fukuoka-bangkok.
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Panta, not sure what you are trying to achieve. 3 large umbrellas in a cabin, I would think not, simply security reasons, however, you can add these as normal freight, odd sized baggage would be preferred if they are exceptionally long. Hope this offers you some hope with your dilemma. Take care.You would need to ask Jet (FALLEN) Star or the airline you are traveling on that question. However, if I was you I would place them in some form of containers (round or square) and get them placed in 'unaccompanied' luggage. I hope this answers your question as I am not an employee of this air line but rather a very disgruntled EX customer. I am sorry for the late answer as I have been busy with other mail activity. BBR

Just found out what we thought was a domestic flight is actually an international flight and I need a passport. This was not made clear when I booked the flight. How can I change this without incurring a cost?
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You can't. This is extremely normal. When booking a flight be sure to be aware of stop-overs. The United States is evil in this regard. Having a "direct" flight from Vancouver to Sydney, we were to "refuel" in Honolulu for one hour. Fine except that the entire plane was disembarked for this and was made to exit and then re-enter through customs during said hour. Your airline is to blame for not specifying this anomaly.

Normally, the international flights are always included with 20 kg of luggage free per passenger. But why this company charge me for over 180 AUD just for my 14 kg luggage !? I was extremely disappointed and of course nothing to says cuz ur flight is departure in 2 hrs .. The staff at service desk is so rude and ignore , didn't provide any customer service train ?
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It is clear when you book your ticket that they charge extra for luggage. However, it is the other services that have no charge attached that they do not care about, such as service and the ability to be helpful. You can carry on 10kg before they charge you and I have had to remove items from my bag and carry them on my person to get from 12 kg to 10kg. Even after I checked the weight on scales outside the airport. Maybe someone should recalibrate the scales and then they may not make so much money charging people that are trying to get on the plan. Just something to think about. No extra charge if you are a very large person.!!!!

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