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Gavin · Jetstar

Why don't you reply to peoples questions? Why do you keep cancelling flight and using Covid as an excuse when there are no Covid-19 issues on the routes? Isn't this illegal?


It seems obvious to me that Jetstar is only interested in having their planes totally full at take off. It appears that if they have a certain number of empty seats on a flight then they cancel that flight and push you to take the next flight that Jetstar wish to completely fill. Covid is a convenient excuse for this as it allows them to justify such unethical actions. The profitability of Jetstar - & hence Qantas, is far more important to Alan Joyce (CEO Qantas) than the expectations and needs of it's passengers. The airlines here are self-regulated hence they can do basically whatever they want under ACL (Australia Consumer Law) which offers little protection for we travellers- so unfortunately it's not illegal - just immoral!. Australia should probably regulate the airways now that such treatment of passengers is now almost mandatory - as we are not considered valued customers trying to travel on time, - just people with wallets, that have to travel via air to to the large size of Australia. As there is little competition for long distance travel and most airlines are doing this "cancel one flight and push them onto the next flight" trick, then expect more of the same. BTW Virgin just cancelled my last flight too (Adelaide to Mel) just after I went through 2 cancellations with Jetstar . They are all doing it!


Thank you for your answer. It's as I suspected, I just didn't know Australian law gives them pretty much free reign to cancel flights to suit their profit margins without normal industry protections to their customers/consumers.
With this in mind, one can only blame the federal government as corporations under Capitalism will do whatever they like, ethical or otherwise, unless they are regulated.

Meanwhile, to start and run a small business in Australia, one has the government constantly breathing down one’s neck with all kinds of required licenses and checks, making it almost impossible to survive as a small business in Australia generally, never mind during Covid times.

Government in favor of business is nonsense! Government lining their pockets by allowing corporations to act completely unethically and as they choose.

Unfortunately, too many Austrlians are brainwashed into thinking the government is actually looking after their interests.

Keith Rowley
Keith Rowley  

LOL!!! Jetstar offers rock-bottom prices which means a razor thin profit margin on each flight. I'm estimating that it won't take a massive number of empty seats to cause a flight to run at a loss. Would you run a business at a loss? Do you want them to double prices so they can run flights half empty? Just for clarification, I'm a Jetstar customer whose flight was just cancelled due to Covid. I found that their support services were fantastic. With the moaners it's all about 'me me me' and never a thought of reality. Please GROW UP.


MR GROW UP. Same crap is happening with Qantas now - ‘Australias’ Favourite’ Premium Airline. I’ve had three important flights (to Canberra and Melbourne completely changed by Qantas in the last week!).
I think you’re a Boomer Gen, financially invested in Qantas, a fan of Joyce and writing reviews here not to help the Australian public, which is the spirit of this site, but for your own selfish financial reasons. You maybe a ‘grown up’ by age, but you’re sure lacking in evolution. Good luck to you!

Bev · Domestic

I recently went to your website to book a flighht from Sydney Kingsford Smith to Tullamarine. I was given several flight options to choose from in the evening, so I selected a flight.
When the booking was finalised I ended up with a booking to Avalon, landing at a time I can get the only connecting bus to Southern cross station. There is no other bus until 11 pm. my other solutuions are more than 2 hours travel in a taxi. I am a senior and am too old to be waiting in the freezing cold for a bus at 11pm at night. Is there another solution? Booking ref 131538.

Sam · Domestic

Why isn’t your team trained on what are weighed?

My laptop bag was weighed and end up paying $65 when returning to Sydney. I later found on Jetstar website that laptop is not weighed. The attendant keeps arguing rudely that everything is weighed. Absolutely poor customer service.


Stopped staff and don’t going to Jetstar leptop beg big problem stopped staff

Samuel P.
Samuel P. · Jetstar

-The name on the voucher is either a passenger or the contact on your new booking
Does anyone know what it means by the contact on your new booking for jetstar credit vouchers?

Jenn · Jetstar

Booked my husband for a flight from Melbourne to Adelaide because he had to be to early morning meeting. Every time (5+) we have flown this airline they have been delayed so we hoped that would not happen today for his meeting. It did and now he is arrived 2 hours late and late for meeting...this airline is absolutely unreliable and the cost savings (though they nickle and some you for everything and it adds up) is not worth it....proven to us again why we do not fly with Jetstar

bianca · Jetstar

Why on earth can’t you help your customers and if they’re late for just 1 minute for Check-in why can’t you just help!!!! I had a family emergency and on top of that you charge me MORE money to get on a flight the next day! You hide behind your terms and conditions. That amount of money can make our break a person Jetstar. As a company you have no ethical boundaries. Air NZ NEVER would have done that!!!!!

Neetu · Jetstar

Why the staffs are so bad and unfriendly! There should be some basic manners even if they have to shift/adjust our hand baggages, they should ask us first and take our permission to shift and not behave like a cheap staff! Learn to be humble with senior citizens no matter whatever race they belongs to... wheelchair with a staff should do their job properly and not make passenger who accompany to push the wheelchair and these staff simply boycott

I see many bad reviews and I am not surprised at all!! I would never recommend to anyone nor would I fly this airline in future! qantas has a long ways to learn too!! Sad

Ian · Domestic

Are you all undisciplined arrogant excuses for humans that make up the team or is it just a small number intimidating those that actually deserve jobs. So police for example stop collecting revenue to make a point, teachers give 3 months notice so it can be done orderly, train and boat teams used to stop collecting fares and checking tickets - shall I go on.... You dont have to be smart to be thugs and thats what they call people who go along with holding innocent people to ransom so you can advantage yourself. So my question is, is that how you want the public to see you everytime you walk around in a Jetstar uniform? If not get rid or the people that would subscribe to these standover tactics. Just think - stopping your money grab exercises with luggage, poor quality food etc would have scant a financial message to you employer and you would have actually had the public supporting you. Not now, you left children crying, holidays these people have scrapped together for age ruined, people in wheelchairs for hours that couldnt even hold their heads straight, frightened and exhausted elderly purely wanting to seed their loved ones again - unfortunately in some cases for the last time, people with weddings, funerals to go to. Are you proud and dont blame Jetstar - you did this - and people hate you for it.

ken wilson
ken wilson · Jetstar

do i get refund or rare with delay of 48 hour


Sorry I cannot help but you should

Sara · Jetstar

Did you purposely design your website so that any customer who wants to apply for a refund refund for a cancelled flight will be stuck in a loop (ask virtual assistant-complete form-ask virtual assistant) and not been able to complete application?

Kelly B.
Kelly B. · Domestic

How can you justify charging 60 dollars at the gate for a few kilos of hand luggage? It makes your customers feel held to ransom and I know I will never fly with you again.


Same here I watched them make all passengers on two flights out of Hobart evening of 12 Sept 2019. I was charged $60 for my handbag. They would have made thousands that night by the number of people having to pay. First and last time with them for me. Certainly live up to their bad reputation.

Janet C.
Janet C. · Jetstar

We have 3 of us flying to Cairns from Brisbane. Can we take one large case with 3 times our individual allowance weight?

Carmel P
Carmel P · Domestic

Instead of my Cabin Baggage and Handbag, may I take a Flower Arrangement on board
Measuring 30inches (h) and 15inches (w)


In my experience they struggle to get passengers to their destination in a timely manner. I expect floral arrangements will wilt waiting more than six hours in a humid airport to board.

Donessia M.
Donessia M. · Jetstar

Why am I being charged more to change my flight? Why do Jetstar charge people more to change a flight than the cost of the original ticket. Where do you get a fare deal with airlines? very tired of being ripped off by airlines, what is the answer? anyone know how to solve this problem

Nigel G.
Nigel G. · Jetstar

Can I take an unopened bottle of wine as hand luggage on domestic flight



possume · Jetstar

My question is why was so many jetstar flights delayed and cancelled today at sunshine coast airport? I suffer with ptsd and severe anxiety. I was due to fly out at 10:25 am . 11:45 am I recieved a text to tell me my flight was cancelled. They offered to bus me to brisbane and get a flight at 9 pm tonight. After breaking down knowing I could not get another specialist appointment till march and having no way of getting home that is 2 hrs drive from the airport I was left sobbing and distressed in the car park. Jetstar needs to be shut down


There were many flights delayed and cancelled yesterday 2/2/19. Was told by the X-ray security personnel that it happened every single day. For that I shall give it a slogan, "Jetstar, always delay and cancel because we know you like our $8 airport voucher"


The sunshine coast airport is on the Jetstar don't give a care list, as soon as there is any delay or aircraft breakdown on the East coast principle city route they grab the sunny coast planes. People going on holiday mean nothing to poorstar

Maritonie · Jetstar

What are the requirements do i need to bring, when i am travelling with my child ?

But not the same surname...

Bill WU
Bill WU · Jetstar

Terrible service ever. Lack of training staff, rude service. Delay with no text or email notification.


Yes Bill, they are terrible, but they don't care.

RichardDG · Jetstar

Check-In and Departure times - anyone been refused Check-In when at Counter more than the required hour before the Posted Departure Time ?


No I haven't but it doesn't surprise me!


No help there Helen really. Terminal Departures Board listed a Delayed Departure Time and Check-In Counter OPEN but I was refused on no longer valid Scheduled Time

Lisa · Jetstar

Has anyone else been fumigated whilst inflight, returning from overseas we were told to cover our nose and mouth as they may be some irritation from the spray the flight attendants were about to spray within the cabins. When asked what for they ignored all questions and complaints. This was not our first time oversea and it has never happened before.

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