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Jim Beam Long Black 7% Stubbies

Jim Beam Long Black 7% Stubbies

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Pure Beam heaven

The drink: Long Black Beam
Alcohol : 7 per cent
Available: Dan Murphy’s and other good bottle shops
From: Bottled in New Zealand and Australia, from the United States
Price: $19.99 for a 4-pack

As an avid bourbon drinker (though not necessarily what you’d call an aficionado), I approached this previously unseen ready-to-drink four-pack on the bottle shop shelf with undiluted anticipation – after all, it carries the Jim Beam promise of quality, so what could possibly go wrong?

And my longtime faith in the longtime brand was upheld – this drop is quality-plus in the usually watered down and sugary RTD market.

Jim Beam White and Cola UDLs have long been my tipple of choice to take to barbecues ... despite having a slight tinny metallic taste, they’re easy, get cold quick, and avoid the risk that arises when you take a bottle of Beam and mix your own drinks, when the nips keep getting more generous as the night wears on.

But Jim Beam Long Black takes the concept to a whole new level, and will from now on will supersede the wishy-washy White in my party esky.

The differences are obvious on several levels, starting with the quality of the bourbon itself.

Rather than the cheaper mouthwash bourbons in many pre-mixes, this elegant dark bottle boasts super premium Jim Beam bourbon, aged for eight years ... and whoa ... can’t you taste the difference. This is what serious bourbon drinkers would call a mature, full-bodied liquor.

The second main selling point for me was the quality of the cola mix – instead of a cheap cola derivative, the Long Blacks feature a specially formulated drier old-style cola that totally enhances the aged bourbon flavour, giving you a smooth, rich, oaky tipple that is a pleasure to drink.

It may be a few dollars more for the pre-mixed packs than the ubiquitous White label, but the minimal price increase is totally worth it.

The American labels boast the slogan “Taste strong, session long’’ ... and it sums it up pretty damn well.

Verdict: Pure Beam heaven.

Andy Toulson, Queensland, Australia


This is by far my favourite premixed drink. Let alone just bourbons. It is so smooth it just trickles down the throat and has a pure aftertaste. By pure I mean, you don't drink it and get one flavour then taste the spirits or something in the sfter taste. Its like the after taste was as specially formulated as the drink it self.
Pure heaven.
Smooth, rich flavour, strong without too much of a 'spirit' taste, light on the fizz so you can slam it down fast. (Where have I heard that before?)
nothing really. A lot of people say its too expensive but I have not noticed that. Maybe a few dollars more per case.

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