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JoBaz Hair Dye Remover

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  • Works effectively

  • Non-harmful ingredients


  • Unpleasant smell

  • A lot of rinsing is required to work properly




100% happy


Omg. I was a little worried when using this. My hair has been dyed so much. I had blonde ombre ends , then they where dyed bright red . Then I got my whole head dyed dark red. Then I was over paying the salon to keep up woth red I started dying my own hair . I went to dark and lived with it for ages. Now I am here with fresh dye on after I sing the remover. Wow . I need up going from dark black red woth red ends to am even light coppery brown all over. Pretty even all over. I could have gotten away who not dying it. It went lighter than my natural colour but I guess that was doe to the ammonia on the red colour I had been using. I am Def going to use this again when I decide to change colour. Love it


jayausSydney Surrounds, NSW

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I'm Asian, 60 and have grey hair. For the past year I have been dying it dark red...now I wanted a change and used the Max strength Jo Baz.
1. had an asthma attack...I'm ok took 6 puffs and antihistamine.
2. left the product on for 45 not 30 minutes...worried the product wouldn't work (after reading reviews)
3. now have ginger hair, and that wasn't my original colour....it's ok though, I covered it with a mid brown colour.
4. I can't use this product again, it was "killing" me

Leaves your hair stinking of eggs!! Rotten ones!


This is OK as far as stripping colour from your hair, I'm happy with the results. Although I had previously used a Scott Cornwall one (which I prefer). I thought I'd try this...
I stink!! And I did it days ago! How can I get rid of this awful smell???

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Great results! Just what I was after! :)



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Gets Rid Of Horrid Hair Dye In Less Than An Hour!


I had a "brilliant" idea of putting dark brown permanent dye over my lovely auburn hair - long story short it came out almost black and I looked like Marilyn Manson's twin with my pale skin and blue eyes.
After I finished cursing to myself, I popped down to Woolworths and bought this blessed stuff. It takes a bit of mucking around, lots of showering and thinking of suitable activities to keep a 3-year-old preoccupied while mummy has 3 showers but my hair is back to my natural colour with minimal cost and hardly any damage. I highly recommend this product for getting rid of crap dye jobs.

Very effective and does what it's supposed to.



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Awesome product.


This stuff is brilliant, yes it takes an hour but $25 and 1 hour of my time is so much cheaper than a hairdresser would charge. My hair was originally Auburn but had gone bland, flat brown after years of intermittent dying, it has been blue black for around the last 8 months so I was worried that this product may not work as well as I was hopeing, it worked better, my hair has come out my original beautiful Auburn that I haven't seen since I was 14 years old. Could not be happier, highly recommended.

Amazing results!


I have just used this stuff and couldn't be happier with the results! I was so worried it was going to be a disaster, even though I read the instructions 3 times and followed them to a tee and read hundreds of reviews.

I haven't seen my natural colour in almost 20 years and now that I have it back I'm wondering why I ever started dying it to begin with! It's such a lovely colour. I went from a horrid very dark/almost black brown, back to a lovely warm chestnut.

The smell isn't the nicest smell in the world but if these are the results, who cares?

I had bought a dye ready to recolour but I think I'll throw it in the bin and keep my natural colour :)

Cannot reccoment enough!

Only works on some dyes.


I paid a whopping $30 for one box (on my thick but only shoulder length hair).

I dyed my hair wine red December last year with semi-permanent dye, but in February started to dye it black again (roughly once every month) with both semi-permanent and permanent dyes.

Cons: Smells like the chemicals in a public toilet.
Takes over 50 minutes. Took me roughly 5 minutes to apply the dye. 30 to let it work it's magic. 5 to rinse out. 1 minute buffer, another 5 minute rinse. Repeat the buffer and rinse.
Makes hair very dry.

Pros: Removed all the black.

In the end, I was left with the semi-permanent red colour from last year. Still unsure whether or not I'll purchase again.

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Awe full red hair GONE!


Oh My God I Cannot Believe It!!!

Jessica H

Jessica HNewcastle

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Perfect solution without the salon price tag


Fantastic, love it


Absolutely love this product. I have 15 years of colour buildup, mostly reds and purples. I decided to go back to my natural colour ( strawberry blonde) and picked up JoBax extra strength. I was pretty pessimistic as I've tried other brands which made my hair bright orange (think ronald macdonald). I was wrapped when I tried it and my hair was so much lighter. A little orange but i expected that. I did a second application yesterday and its even lighter. Definitely recommend this to anyone wanted to get rid of colour and colour buildup.

Holy grail!!!


This was amazing, I had years of colour build up and it was almost black/red. I wanted my light ashy softer brown colour back by didn't want to spend 4 hours in a salon. $30.00 and 40 mins later it had stripped all the unwanted uneven colour out. I was blown away how mon damaging and even it looked! It was a overly brassy orange tone but the perfect even base for my light ash brown colour. Now I have a creamy softer brown with golden undertones. DONT Hesitate if you hate your colour! This WORKS

Great but my hair changed back :(


I loved this product but after a few days my hair went back to a dark colour. It was like I had never used the product. My hair was red/brown then when I used it, it went orange/blonde and I was happy but now it is dark brown again :(( i can't understand why. Was thinking of doing it again in about a week. But I'm also using a cleansing shampoo to lighten the colour. I was using the shampoo before I put this product in

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Questions & Answers

Jessica A.

Jessica A.asked

JoBaz Hair Dye Remover

I dyed my hair an auburn red colour however when I used the Jobazz Max strength the colour didn’t come out at all?! It was a semi permanent L’Oréal hair dye. Someone help

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JoBaz Hair Dye Remover

I used the max strength and it took me to ginger. I then applied a copper ginger hair colour and my hair went back to dark almost black hair???

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JoBaz Hair Dye Remover Max Strength

I used hair colour remover as I had purple hair now it’s gone a copper colour can I use it again to get to my natural colour?

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JoBaz Hair Dye Remover



Realise you made a mistake and want to get back to your normal shade without dishing out on salon prices? There is now an affordable DIY solution.

Permanent hair dyes work by expanding artificial dye molecules in the shaft of your hair so they can’t be washed out. JoBaz’s hair dye remover contains a formula that reverses this process and shrinks them so that they can be washed out.

The maximum strength edition works in 60 minutes and the normal strength product works in 30 minutes. Simply combine the activator (part A) and remover (part B), massage the product into your hair for the required time and then rinse off to remove the hair dye.

What reviewers thought:

Many reviews have claimed that the product worked very well for them, lifting previous dye jobs with ease.

A point of contention among the reviewers was the smell of the product which can be overpowering and unpleasant. Another key issue is that if the rinsing is not done properly and rigorously enough, the dye molecules will not be washed out and will expand again, therefore, putting the dye back in the hair.

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