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gordoNortheast, VIC

  • 2 reviews



I can not even rate it with a star but to submit my review I have to give it one. The taste is terrible they have lost me as a reliable customer.



I wish i knew this sooner i just wasted money on a 10 pack of this crap. It's horrible my husband hates johnny walker and i gave him a taste of this new one and he says it does taste like rum now :-(



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Johnny walker was my favorite drink, it was the only alcohol i bought. The new can literally made me sick after i drank it. I dont know if it was just me but it tasted kind of rummy.. a very cheap rum. I will not buy johnny walker cans again.

Tracey G

Tracey GShepparton

Absolutly revolting


So disappointed. This new version is absolutely revoltng and I am bitterly disappointed. Have been drinking Johnnie cans for a long long time and now can't stand it.....looking for another drink. Havent bought any since I wasted my $90.00 and bought my regular pack of 24 and still have most of them. Will be tipping them down the drain as they are just wasting space n the drinks fridge.Cannot express how sad and disppointed I am. Not even worth 1 star.....can you do a minus score?????

Bring Back the original Johnnie Walker cans


The new cans are bloody disgraceful. Struggled to drink one can out of the 10 pack I purchased and can’t find the old black and red cans. Bring back the original flavour.

Lost me as a customer


I thought it might be only me, but it looks like there are a lot of people who don't like new taste, I'm at a loss at the bottle shop now, and certainly not buying johnny any more.. I rang and complained and I've never done anything like that before... terrible



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How to kill a product


Just change the recipe RIP Johnny Walker and Cola and thanks for the notice we had to find out for ourselves and waste good money on what is now a really bad product.

Just had my last ever Johnnie walker can


The new cans taste like crap.
Nothing like scotch and coke.
Can’t drink ever again.
Please bring back the old ones.

Johnny premium


Well I can start by stating the Brewers either don't drink casual rates 'out sourced to a 3rd world. Anyway it seems Quality is a not something you value.
Rather drink jack daneils tastes like perfume. Your new premium is Toxic Industrial.

johnnie walker new cans


Do not like it at all, have been drinking johnnie walker and cola for over 20 years! This is the only alcohol i drink! Bought a box of 10, 1 was more than enough, battled to drink it all. Very disappointing some things just shouldn't be changed



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New cans a big thumbs down!


The new cans are terrible!!! No longer buy them at all... have bought originals for over 25 years, but due to the horrible taste that's over!



In a world of change why this!!! My partner didn't believe me but lucky I had the new and the old he said I believe you yuck yuck!!!

New cans are terrible


Well I won’t be spending my hard earned cash on Johnny red cans anymore the new taste is if foul couldn’t even get half way through the first can.. very disappointing

Sharon K

Sharon KRichmond-Tweed, NSW

  • 3 reviews

I strongly recommend- Bring back your old Blend!!!


I am so disappointed with the new blend. I bought out the last of the premium 10 pack cans I could find locally. Ran out a couple of weeks ago so bit the bullet and bought new cans. YUKK!! bring back the old blend



I feel sick


Ha ha, heads will roll with this master stroke.
I got though my first new can...just. Thought i must be just having an off day, second can, different day, couldn't even finish it. Im out.
I bet they are designing a new can as i type " orginal taste". Ha ha reminds me of the glad wrap new cutter bar fiasco.



Oops.....Big Mistake!


It seems that you think you can now charge extra by changing the look of your product, and by using a cheaper product, make a bigger profit on top. You need to rethink!
My partner now refuses point blank to buy into your new cheaper taste.
I'm sure you are losing the market share quicker than a Seal on a Slide. Good luck getting your loyal drinkers back :)

New JW cans are terrible


Why change the flavour of the JW cans??? The new flavour is horrible, oh well say goodbye to another loyal customer, off to buy some Haig Premiums.

End of an Era


RIP Johnnie Walker cans, you served me so well for 30 years !! Will never buy these new cans, would rather drink water from the Yarra river, still tastes like crap but at least its for free. Question is Why, Why WHY have u done this



Disgusting...WTH are you thinking!


NEVER EVER will I buy this pre mix again. Disgusting.Disgusting.Disgusting.Disgusting.
If people are bothered telling you you'd better FIX it.

So sad


I have been a Johnny girl for about 30 years, not anymore, do not enjoy the new blend. Please change back.

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So does it really taste that bad , or is it just that it tastes like bourbon and if your not a Bourbon drinker (which i am occasionally) you'll hate it ? I just bought 24 cans now i'm wondering if i should get a refund? Shame i didn't get the receipt.

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I am not a bourbon fan and yes it does taste similar. I can not drink a full can of this new mixture



definitely not a fan of the new classic cola taste. will the original still be available or is the new classic taste going to be the only choice? will have to look for another brand if that's the case

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Me I don't know going to have to stray go a jacks



Who decided to change Johnnie Walker and Cola to Johnnie and Classic Cola without doing their market research? It now tastes syrupy like the cheaper Black Douglas. Change it back or lose many loyal customers/ drinkers!

1 answer

After speaking with the lady at Johnnie Walker and letting her know my disgust, she informed me that they listen to their valid consumers and that we asked for it to be even better. She said, so we listened and came up with our own, new Cola recipe to go with our Scotch, to make the combination even more satisfying.
I told her that they obviously did not speak to any true lovers of the drink as we would not have suggested any changes. I said that the change was definitely not for the better and that every true Johnnie Walker and Cola drinker will inform them of the same and that they will loose so many customers from this.
She stated that they thank me for my honest review and that they will see how things go as they had not received many complaints.
So if we want it to be changed back, everyone needs to contact them and complain. Keep complaining.
Lets make this happen

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