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Johnson JAR-5100F

Johnson JAR-5100F

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What a great buy it was. It is much smoother than anything else and is more difficult than the water rowers I've tried. It is more comfortable and best of all, quieter.
What a great machine. It is incredibly smooth. I have another flywheel rower with a chain that I've stored away since I bought this machine. My son went to the gym yesterday and used a concept two which he said was clunky compared to this. He hated the sound and hated the feel of a chain as that's not what you feel when you row.
I do like the fact that I can change the settings on the concept to make it a little more difficult but I have to say I would choose this one in a second

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How do you change the resistance on the JAR-5100F Johnson Air Rower? This one is quite old. The children used it and they have left home years ago. I thought I would use it but it would be lovely to adjust the tension to warm up with less resistance.
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Johnson JAR-5100F
Release dateJan 2008

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