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Jolly Jumper Elite

Jolly Jumper Elite

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My son loves his jolly jumper

I purchased this due to my youngest being full of life and it was a great purchase. I pop him in it while I’m preparing lunch/dinner and he loves it, he loves making music on the music mat so it keeps his entertained while using up joe energy. Glad I made the purchase.

Fun for the growing bub!

The Jolly Jumper is a great addition to your childs growth and development.
When they can support their own head and are eager to be more upright than lying down, this is a great product.
At around 6 months our son loved his Jolly Jumper. Attaching easily and comfortable around the baby it was lots of fun for him. Assisted him to learn to weight bear on his feet, allowed him to feel what the ground felt like under foot, gave him an independent upright activity that he could do. He loved to jump and twirl.
We used with both our children and others are now using for theirs, they are long lasting, easy to store and easy to set up. Highly recommend.

Best invention of all time

Absolutely love this product!
Have purchased two after having both my kids! only way to keep them both entertained. Cant recommend enough. Sold many please so have a look around as you can get them cheaper if you look long enough. Worth whatever you end up paying for it!! /

Jolly jumpers are the best product ever for over 30 years!

We first enjoyed watching our babies junp in one of these 30 years ago. Each baby loved being in it, smiled and laughed continuously, and got fantastic exercise once they learned how to operate it. Now we have the delight of seeing our grandchildren having perhaps the best fun a baby can have. At first keep sessions short, as it tires baby, and get another adult to help you hang the baby up the first few times when u guage height. Then stand back and enjoy! Do not leave baby too long or unattended.

Great to keep my daughter entertained

I love my jolly jumper but most of all my 7 mth old daughter lovers it she spends hours in (if we take her out before shes ready she chucks a huge tantrum and crawls back to it just to get back in it). The only thing i would say bad about it is that the velcro straps are not as long as the old saddled ones (well dont seem to be) and are to hard to stretch to fit. So i would say that if they bring out a new saddle once again to please make the velcro straps longer or add in the package an extra velcro strap so that if needed its there so that baby doesnt get squished into the saddle and have it constrict the belly.

Great Buy

Honestly it's the best thing ever. I used it for both of my boys. My 7month old start using it at 5months and absolutely loves it, he loves being up on his legs and jumps the moment he sees it. My oldest son started using it around the same age and had a blast. Both my boys have very strong legs though.

I monitor how long he's been in it for and I always watch my son when he's in it as well as making sure it's at the perfect height. It didn't ruin my eldest son's legs, he was taking his first steps at 7.5months and running before 9months & my youngest looks like he'll be the same. I think just like anything else you should just be cautious & monitor your kids when they use certain things. And personally I don't think you should just go by how much your child weighs, I wouldn't put my kids in it until I know they're actually ready for it whether or not they are at the correct weight. My niece is 6months and she has only used it twice for 5mins because her mum knows that she's not strong enough for it yet and she'll probably get an injury.

Very Dangerous!!!

When I first got it as a present I was excited to use it, although it states it's safe for 3 months old I didn't use it until she was 6 months. This product is extremely dangerous!!! As my daughter was playing on the jolly jumper her foot slipped on the mat underneath which plays music and twisted her ankle! She now has a fracture and her foot is in a cast! When I took her to the doctor, he did inform these jumpers were know to cause issues in babies legs and feet. I would never recommend this product to anyone. It went straight into the trash!

Best present from santa

Bought one of these for my 10 week old son for xmas, he absolutely loves it. He has always been strong and able to hold his head up from early on, so he has no issues in being upright in the JJ. He bounces around in the JJ smiling from ear to ear. Adjustable harness. Easy attachments.

Jolly Jumper Elite - Great purchase

Our baby girl is 4 months old and has been a very strong baby right from the start. always been able to hold her head very well and also been a very alert baby. We finally decided to get the Jolly Jumper with the mat, thinking she would love the noises etc.... she loves the JJ, but the mat is a bit loud and also slippery... we just turn other music on for her to bounce to.. squeals and laughs all the time while in the JJ.... the best investment yet! Cant see any issues with safety - they have been around for many years!

Hazardous !!!!!! Dangerous

The belt is too tight only fits very small babies my bubz only 8months and just above average in weight and the belt doesn't go around her. Chocked her cause she's not tall the pocket squashed her neck and covers half her face when she's jumping in it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone I'm refunding this ! Worthless and so overpriced. Best buy the jumping station.

Love our jolly jumper

Our babies have loved every minute in their jolly jumper. Bouncing, giggling, then mums bonus that comes with every model a nice and tired baby afterwards :-)
We also have the stand that comes to pieces easily.
Our jolly jumper was even part of our essentials when we packed for holiday over seas!
Easy use

Our Baby Loves It!

We have just recently started putting our three month old in the Jolly Jumper and he loves it! He is always trying to stand up when we hold him, so he loves being able to be upright and look around at things! We have also found that since using the Jolly Jumper our baby seems to have discovered his legs, and now uses them more during tummy time and kicks around when lying on the floor. This product was not recommended by our MCHN as they say that babies are not supposed to take that impact on they're legs/hips. I can see how this could be an issue if the Jolly Jumper is used incorrectly. When using the jumper the babies feet are only supposed to just touch the floor (like on tippy toes) so they can't really 'jump' in it - rather they sway and turn. The 'saddle' or harness is designed to support their back and encourage them to lean forward on their tummy, so there is limited weight on their spine. Also, the jolly jumper was used correctly for myself, my siblings and cousins and none of us grew up to have any issues with muscle development, or bone issues, so in my experience it is completely safe if used correctly. Baby should also not be in it for longer than 20 - 30mins a day for 3-4 month olds, and 40-60 mins twice a day for babies older than four months. We have not used the stand alone frame, but use the door clamp, which has so for worked well for us!
Keeps baby entertained, helps develop basic motor skills
Could be unsafe for baby if used incorrectly according to maternal child health nurses

lots of fun for my little man

My sons jollyjumper is attached to the door frame using a hook screw as we have limited space at home and i didnt want to buy the frame. It is easy to position my son into the harness brace which is put together using velcrome and side release plastic buckle. There is a musical plastic mat which you can buy for the jollyjumper which I didnt purchase my son but he still has a good time on the jollyjumper without the mat anyway.
Able to hang from the door way and easy to height adjust or remove
apparently its bad for babies own natural development and may cause tiny cracks in babies spine

Great for energetic babies!

I bought the Jolly Jumper because my 3 month old son is very active and has been able to hold his head up since about 8 weeks old. He just loves to stand up and constantly wants us to hold him up, which gets very tiring! The Jolly Jumper has been fantastic for him, the squeals of excitement from him when we put him in it make it a fantastic purchase! It is very easy to attach to a door frame and doesn't damage the paint work due to the rubber clamps. It is simple to strap baby into it and has a high back which I like because it supports bubs quite well. Just be careful when you put them into it as my son has bounced around so much, he brought up his milk all over the floor, so a towel or mat is recommended. It is just as easy to take down as it is to put up and folds away into nothing, so doesn't take up much room. For $50 this is an inexpensive way to entertain your baby.
inexpensive, easy to use, safe, bubs loves it

Just get one.

Jolly Jumper is great. My little boy started in his when he was 8 weeks old. He is a big strong baby who could hold his head up without any worry about it bobbing and flopping about. I put him in it because all he wants to do is be held in a standing up position. He didn't jump up and down at first which was fine with me, I was mostly looking for a break from holding him up. Now that he's 4 months old he's starting to like jumping and it keeps him entertained for a good 20-30min while I do the dishes etc. It will be very good for the winter months when it's too yuck to get outside and play. He also gets excited when he knows he's going to have jolly jumper time. As he gets older I can see that it will be good for wearing him out.
It's not that expensive, it looks like a heap of fun and it's super strong.

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Hey just wondering how long you kept your bubba boy in the jolly.jumper i want to let my baby girl have a go as she has a strong neck and has kept her head up by herself since 2 weeks and kicks like crazy

If you have an energetic baby, a Jolly Jumper is a must-have!

Our baby has been a bundle of energy since the day he was born so we have never stopped searching for toys, games and activities to keep him stimulated, happy and occupied - at least for more than 5 minutes! For a while I ummed and ahhhed about purchasing a Jolly Jumper because first of all our baby was initially too young but also because he had been given an Elmo bouncer as a gift which we were told by a baby shop sales consultant would do the same thing as a Jolly Jumper. Since purchasing the Jolly Jumper we have discovered that it does so much more by allowing him to jump higher and with more freedom and gives him so much more fun and exercise! He absolutely loves it!

The other reason we kept putting off buying a Jolly Jumper is that I initially had some concerns about how the Jolly Jumper was suspended - somehow I just didn't think a door clamp could be safe or secure - but the whole unit is very safe - the harness has double velcro and two safety clips to hold baby safely in, and the doorway clamp is forced closed by a spring and the clamp arms are coated in rubber so that they do not slip - great for safety and great for saving your wall paint! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and safety of the item, as well as how easy it was to put it up - no screws or bits to muck around with.

We purchased the Jolly Jumper on its own from Big W for $50 which we thought was a good price - the price seems to vary between some stores. We didn't get the mat as we thought we would see how our boy liked it first, and purchase the mat later - pricewise it didn't make much difference buying it together or separately. We are now obviously looking to buy the mat. I think the stand is unnecessary (unless you don't have door frames) and costly ($100) so we won't be buying the stand. If we want to take it outside we just secure it to a beam on our pergola.

I am very happy with this purchase and having bought lots of different products to keep our active baby happy, the Jolly Jumper is by far one of the best products we have bought. I have even been able to hang the Jolly Jumper from a doorframe facing the bathroom and have a shower while being able to watch my boy. And he has also twice jumped himself to sleep! Is there anything the Jolly Jumper doesn't do?! As long as your baby is old enough and strong enough to hold his head up well (3+ months) I highly recommend this product - I think it is especially essential if you have an active, energetic baby who needs a lot of stimulation and activity. $50 will buy you at least twenty minutes a session of healthy fun for your baby and twenty minutes or more of your own sanity. Best $50 we have spent so far! :D
Great value fun for an active baby, easy to suspend, use and transport, much safer than I had expected. Exceeded all expectations.
Can't think of any. I was pleasantly surprised to find that any concerns I initially had about safety or difficulty securing the product were unfounded.


I found that because my son is a tall bub he didnt really enjoy being in the jolly jumper much as the frount strap use to dig into his tummy after a while thats pretty much the only bad thing about it. He still loves playing with the mat even at 20 months old so thats a bonus. I have it packed away for when i have another bub..
Good when you have to get stuff done and you need your little one to be amused for a bit.
Not really good for very tall babies. For long period of times.


My sister bought this for me and i love it. Baby loves to play in it and can be contented for about half an hour. It is safe to use and instructions are easy. Lots of drool will go on the plastic mat, but this is very easy to clean off with a cloth.
Baby is happy and content
Strengthens legs
Able to hang from door frame
easy to use and transport
Baby loves the plastic mat underneath
When the plastic mat is underneath he spends a lot of time looking down and therefore creates very large amounts of drool - keep a cloth handy


It's a great exercise tool for baby to train her jumping. Easy to use and clean, and portable. Give parents some relief while baby is jumping.
My baby loves jumping in it, great exercise for her while I can quickly use that time to do other stuffs. The musical mat is great, motivates her to jump even more.

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My 3.5 months can stand in jolly jumper for about 20 min which is good. But I always worry she will hit on the door.


I think this product is great and we saw benefits to our little boy. He really enjoys being in it and I would recommend it to others. We have the stand as our doorways were not suitable but this means we can take it outside with us.
Our baby loves it! He got this for Christmas (he was 4.5 months) and we could definitely see an improvement in our baby's strength (holding head up, ability to stand up straight when we hold his hands etc).

Additionally - the Jolly Jumper company (FitnessWise) are fabulous. We were affected by the floods in Brisbane and lost some of the pieces to our Jolly Jumper stand. I contacted them to buy these parts and they replaced them for only the cost of the freight to get them to me. Wonderful!!

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Questions & Answers

Our son is 11 months old. Is he too old for me to purchase this now? Can anyone recommend the next thing to purchase to keep a 12 month old occupied? Thanks for your help.
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At 12 months if your child is walking they may be too advanced for this. We used a walker, playpen with balls and toys, lots of soft toys, play blanket.

How does it attach to the door frame? Do you need to drill a hole and screw it in? As we're renting I probably can't do that, but the frame would take up too much space! Thank you
2 answers
Hi! It attaches using a big spring loaded clamp which sits above the door frame and hangs off... if that makes sense! We are renting too, the clamp is covered in rubber and doesn't leave any marks, so fine to use if you're renting.Thanks Carissa!

Do all Jolly Jumpers come with a frame, or is that extra. I want to be sure to get the frame?
2 answers
As far as I am aware the frames/stands are bought separately to the Jolly Jumper and cost around $100. The Jolly Jumper comes with a door clamp and a screw-in hook. I have no experience with the stand. Others have said it takes up a lot of room, and one review said that their baby fell in it. The door clamp is very secure though. I haven't installed the hook, but I imagine that would also be secure if installed correctly.Thanks for that helpful reply.


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