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191 reviews
Karin S.
Karin S.
  Fair Incentive

My favourite

Amazing wipes without the nasties but most importantly they are wipes that work well and don't dry out. My daughter has sensitive skin and they have never irritated her. The price is reasonable for the quality. Show details
CaraQueensland3 posts
  Fair Incentive

Love their wipes

Their wipes are easy to get out of the packet. Which when you are changing a child is often difficult. They are soft, eco friendly, absorbent, and last a long time.
Patty Oh
Patty Oh
  Fair Incentive

Best Wipes

Best natural wipes for our little ones. We tried other wipes but after coming across Joonya we signed up to the subscription and haven't looked back. We have a pack of Joonya wipes wherever we go.
Liz M.
Liz M.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC2 posts
  Fair Incentive

Joonya wipes: Safe, gentle and biodegradable! Win, win, win

Things I love about Joonya wipes:
- they contain no nasties
- they are fragrance free
- they are biodegradable and sustainably sourced
- they are gentle on the skin (tried and tested with both my kids - been using for over 3 years now)
- they are affordable
- I'm supporting an Australian owned family business each time I buy. Buy local, support local. Show details
Jill Hashim J.
Jill Hashim J.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA
  Fair Incentive

Wonderful product

We have been using these wipes since my granddaughter was born earlier in the year. We did not realise how good they were until we tried a few other brands which caused a rash. Love the fresh smell, bright packaging and the fact they come from our neighbour in NZ. Delivery is really quick Show details
BecCentral West, NSW2 posts
  Fair Incentive

Excellent wipes

Excellent baby wipes ! Strong, big and stretchy enough that you don’t need to use as many. Delivered straight to your door. Best of all they are good for the environment.  Show details
Renae F
Renae FPerth, WA
  Fair Incentive

Great value! No nasties!

We love Joonya wipes and have been using them for 3 yrs now. They're great value for money compared to supermarket brands and have a much nicer ingredients list. The subscription ordering is easy to manage and change to our needs Show details
Sheridan3 posts
  Fair Incentive

Great baby wipes

Great baby wipes. They stay moist, don't tear and I really like that they don't contain nasty chemical ingredients and are environmentally friendly. I recommend them and will continue to buy. Show details
Suiyi Z.
Suiyi Z.2 posts
  Fair Incentive

Thick and nice texture

Found these much better than water wipes! The texture is handy for cleaning poops and they are good quality - nice and thick. Would recommend these as nice eco friendly wipes! Show details
Elena S.
Elena S.2 posts
  Fair Incentive Verified

Excellent wipes for bubs and the environment

I've been using these wipes for a couple of months now and they are absolutely fantastic. I'm really pleased with the quality and it's great that they are safe and non-toxic. My baby hasn't had any adverse reactions like nappy rash or irritation. No nasty chemicals - wonderful product for babies and for the environment.
  Fair Incentive

Great value for money

Great wipes for a great price!
Wipes comes out east and the pack seal close even after a lot of usage
Love the prescription and how easy it is to manage it.
Strongly recommend their products  Show details
StephanieGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC14 posts
  Fair Incentive

Excellent product

Large, thick and perfect wetness!

I really love these wipes, I’ve tried pretty much every brand on the market and these are definitely the best.

The best part is they aren’t filled with nasties like so many of the other brands, if you’re considering trying them I’d highly recommend you do! Show details

CarlsterHunter Region, NSW
  Fair Incentive Verified

Love love love joonya wipes

Love love love Joonya wipes. They have a million uses, I trialled them on my skin before bub was born and loved them. I have super sensitive skin so was hesitant. If anything it made my skin better and removed makeup fabulously. Bub is now 4 months old and we love these wipes for here. We haven’t had any skin issues and they are even great for wiping up spews on our clothes. 100% recommend for every bubba.  Show details
RedRoseSydney, NSW23 posts


These are the absolute best! I purchased have purchased 2 boxes of these now and they never disappoint. Really gentle, good thickness and size. It is fragrance free which I love and non irritating. Easy to use with the snap shut lid that stops it from drying out. By the way, I also use these on my face as a cleansing wipe. Best of all they are non toxic and earth friendly. Highly recommended!
Jodie Perth, WA
  Fair Incentive Verified

Great non toxic wipes

Extremely fast delivery and convenient with a subscription, great product and fair pricing compared to similar non toxic products, nice packaging with the closing lid that not all brands have. Would recommend  Show details
LauraGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC4 posts

Fantastic wipes !

So glad I found this company, lovely non-toxic wipes for sensitive skin. It's so convenient to subscribe and receive my order without worrying about running out of supply each month and it's definitely more cost effective.
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Steffi2 posts
  Fair Incentive

Great and safe!

It's great to know nothing nasty gets on my bub's skin! Regular wipes that are readily available in shops have given us heaps of rashes. These wipes work effectively, with just the right amount of moisture and thickness. Love them!
Lauren D.
Lauren D.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC2 posts
  Fair Incentive

Best natural wipes on the market

Hands down the best wipes I've ever used. Tried so many early on with bub number 1 and I really wanted a good but no nasty chemicals wipe. Finally stumbled across Joonya, gave them a go and have never looked back. Wipes never fall apart/your finger doesn't go through them, they have no nasties in them, the packaging isn't just attractive but ensures the wipes stay moist always. The customer service is excellent with upfront honest communication to subscribers. Love this business! Show details
JulieSydney, NSW2 posts
  Fair Incentive

Perfect wipes

I’m a repeat customer as I loved these so much with my first baby. These wipes are the best, with the right amount of moisture for efficiently wiping bottoms and the packaging is great. Highly recommend! The stress-free subscription service is an added bonus!
AndyMelbourne2 posts

Love these wipes!

Love these wipes! The only ones I use, and I didn't even realise how good they are until I ran out and had to buys something else from the supermarket quickly. Never again! Subscription ordering is super easy and save so much money as well. Love supporting an aussie brand as well and love that they are now being made in NZ! Keep up the great work guys!!
T.H.SSydney, NSW4 posts
  Fair Incentive

Hooked, lined and sinkered!

You have me hooked, lined and sinkered! Honestly hands down the best nappies and wipes I've ever used. I usually wouldn't praise a product this much but Joonya products are seriously that good.There is no going back to any other brands after using Joonya! The nappies are what you would picture the perfect nappy to be. Soft and great for baby's skin, light weight, absorbent with no leakage problems and kind to the planet. The wipes are just as amazing. Thick, moist, kind to the planet and they smell so fresh and organic with no nasty dyes or artificial scents. My only disappointment is that i didnt discover Joonya sooner. Looking forward to Joonya extending their range.  Show details
Zsik9 posts

Best baby wipes on the market - bye nappy rash!

The wipes are the best baby wipes on the business at a fantastic price. All of the ingredients are organic and have the highest level of accreditation for safety on skin. Goodbye nappy rash, hello easier life for parents & bub! :) A must have, please do not buy the supermarket junk loaded with chemicals! Show details
CatrinaSydney6 posts

So glad we found this company

Wow what can we say these wipes have been a life saver. Our baby used to suffer from nappy rashes and once we found this product the rashes stopped and has made the nappy changes alot more enjoyable experience. Also they are now New Zealand made so you know you are supporting local businesses! Show details
FlorenceCanberra4 posts

Wouldn’t use any other wipes

I’ve been using Joonya wipes since 2017. I love that they really tick all the boxes - low tox, good for environment, high quality, affordable, great customer service. I really cannot fault them. There is no way I would use anything else. Show details
J RIllawarra, NSW8 posts
  Fair Incentive

Love our Joonya products

We love Joonya nappies and wipes more than any other brand we have tried. My girl gets chemical burn from many brands, this is the only one that never leaves a rash!  Show details
Tramy L.
Tramy L.
  Fair Incentive

My choice of wipes for life

Been using Joonya wipes as a small step in reducing carbon footprints and landfill product produced by the babies (1 human and 1 dog :)) and have been very satisfied with the wipes. They are really strong but still gentle for little ones skin with just the right moisture level with aloe, jojoba and chamomile. Subscription makes it so so easy to get wipes delivered to your door I can bring forward or hold the next delivery anytime. Joonya was very upfront and have managed very ethically the recent quality issue and that makes me your customer for life. Well priced and easy to justify switching from main stream brands for a biodegradable, organic ingredients and FSC sourced wipes.  Show details
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Shwaron New South Wales

Great environmentally friendly wipes and nappies

Great wipes, i absolutely can't go back to any other wipes. I love the fact that they are completely toxic free, so perfect for my baby's skin. They're thick and quite large, so i don't have to use alot, i buy a box of 24 and they just last me forever!! I've started using their nappies now too as it's really important to me that they're environmentally friendly. They're also great value for money once subscribed!
 Show details

Joonya Eco Wipes

The best wipes on the market, hands down. The Joonya wipes are perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin and never gave our baby nappy rash. The wipes are thick, full of moisture and don't have a strong fragrance like other wipes on the market. Delivery is punctual and the customer service is amazing too. Would highly recommend.  Show details
Shanelle M.
Shanelle M.Perth, WA
  Fair Incentive

Great wipes!

I love these wipes, they are great quality (nice big thick cloth with a hard lid and exactly the right moisture) and it is exceptionally convenient to buy in bulk with fast delivery and great customer service. The price is good too if you get a subscription. They look stylish to boot. I was initially attracted by the safe ingredients and biodegradable cloth, but I’ve bought them again and again because of the quality and that I can buy in bulk.  Show details
David5 posts
  Fair Incentive

Top notch

These guys are excellent. If you've got a question they'll reply promptly and best of all they are Aussie owned. Wipes are now made in NZ and the nappies in a high end European factory. You're getting very high quality nappies at a fraction of the price of the high end euro ones.

Couldn't be happier with them and wish them all the best Show details

Alyssa A.
Alyssa A.Sydney Surrounds, NSW
  Fair Incentive

Best wipes I've ever tried

With my first baby I tried so many different wipes, joonya wipes are perfect for us they are gentle and never caused a rash. You buy in bulk so you get value for money and they get delivered which is ridiculously convenient Show details
MonKilsyth3 posts
  Fair Incentive

The best!

They don’t smell of perfumes, they don’t give nappy rash, they are think and durable and never broken or split open whilst mid wipe. The best part is that I have a subscription, so the show up on my front door every 60 days. One less thing I need to remember to buy on top of everything else I have to do with a baby and running a house hold Show details
SarahIllawarra, NSW2 posts
  Fair Incentive Verified

LOVE these wipes!

We absolutely love these wipes. The packaging is different to other natural brands and you can actually clip it closed so that they don't dry out. I love the ingredients, we have been using them for a couple of years now and keep re-purchasing. The bulk buy box lasts so long and is great value for money. Show details
SophieSouth West, WA
  Fair Incentive

Best wipes you’ll ever buy

Good for your baby and good for the environment. What more could you want! Honestly the best wipes on the market, and the subscription service makes life so easy, I never have to remember to order!
Adeline2 posts
  Fair Incentive

Great on baby skin and kind to the environment!

Have been using Joonya wipes since my little one was born, he is now almost one and we haven’t had any issues at all. Soft baby bum and kind to the environment - what more can you ask for?
Raina2 posts


We have been using these wipes since day 1 (close to 18-months) and cannot fault them. They are a good size, smell great, and are made to a high standard. Show details
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Maya R.
Maya R.3 posts
  Fair Incentive

Best wipes!

As a first time mum, using good quality and non toxic products on my baby was a top priority. I did an extensive search to find the best non toxic wipes and could not go past Joonya. Their wipes are good quality, with no hidden nasties and are a brand I can really trust. Their shipping is always fast and the subscription service makes it really simple and one less thing to worry about.
  Fair Incentive

Excellent wipes

Really happy with these wipes after initially using WaterWipes. The textured surface works much better for us. Also very happy that they're an Australian company, the service is great, and the delivery is always surprisingly fast. Show details
Allysha S.
Allysha S.South East Queensland, QLD
  Fair Incentive

Best wipes ever

I have tried multiple wipes from the standard store bought to the non toxic variety and hands down we keep coming back to joonya. Cost effective, quick delivery end they make it easier to clean any mess with
angelaSydney, NSW
  Fair Incentive

Joonya Wipes

Ive used other wipes, and nothing beats it! Love how they are great for sensitive skin. I've used these since my baby was a new born. And the subscription service is so convenient, I can edit cycle dates, or get an earlier delivery any time. Never had an issue. Show details
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