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JTB Travel Sim

JTB Travel Sim

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$49 SIM card worked perfectly

I was nervous of buying this SIM for my daughter travelling to Japan for a tour with her choir after reading a few of the reviews. But, I'm happy to say everything was fine. The SIM card we bought worked perfectly (its a JP Mobile SIM), and the lady at JTB was very pleasant and helpful.
Because my daughter was on her own, I put in the SIM myself before she left (so the phone no longer worked in Australia). I then activated it (you can pick the date of activation online) and she has been using it for the past two weeks, travelling Tokyo to Osaka and around, without a hitch.
The instruction sheet is a little faded, but you can easily find similar instructions on the web for these SIMs.
There were contact numbers (and What's app contacts) in Japan and Australia for the SIM card in case we had any problems, but we didn't need to use these.
The SIM was used in an Iphone 4.

$49 for a SIM card that does not work.

My daughter was travelling to Japan on a school trip organised by JTB travel. I wanted to buy a SIM Card that worked on the Japan phone network so my daughter could send messages and do banking. I found the JTB travel sim through a web search here in Sydney. i contacted JTB travel and mentioned my daughter was travelling in 3 weeks. They advised my to buy the sim card before they run out of stock. So we did that day. Staff at the office were very rude to my wife and other customers there on the day. My daughter followed the SIM card instructions when arriving in Japan and the card did not work. I contacted JTB and they said they could not help, they only sold the card. Aldo stated that they refused refunds on the SIM card (which seems to go against Australian Fair Trading Regulations). I should of taken the advice of others that had the same problems eith JTB. A total waste of money.

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