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Juice Plus Fruit Blend

Juice Plus Fruit Blend

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12 reviews
Mary P.

Mary P.South East Queensland, QLD

Love love love


I take all three types of capsules and it is friggen amazing . I instantly had more energy, it cured my plantar fasciitis, I ran faster worked out harder. Always felt good on this product, I moved to aus and cant wait to order again. It’s basically 16 serves of fruit and veg without having to sit down and eat.

Purchased in February 2016.

Effective Within One day
Side Effects
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Nothing special or new


Overpriced and nothing you cant get from the supermarket. The MLM should have been my first red flag, instead I wasted hundreds of dollars on something that did absolutely nothing. Theres nothing different or revolutionary here, just hype and marketing.

Purchased in August 2019 for A$500.00.

Effective Within Did not work

I love this product!


I love that it helps me bridge the gap in my diet! I feel better, my hair is getting longer, my nails are stronger, appetite is cleaner, and I’m kicking viruses faster than my friends and family !

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These products are truly amazing.


I started taking my fruits, veges, berries and omegas 2 months ago, and honestly wasnt sure what effect they would have, but since wearing my belt 4 holes tighter and feeling a whole lot better, mostly noticing the sugar cravings i had are just completly gone, and getting energy back i had 20yrs ago, i simply cannot understand why anyone would say they do not work, i simply love these products.

Love this wholefood product !


Love my Fruit, Veggies and Berries !! Take them everyday and have noticed increased energy, decreased sugar cravings, eating healthier, my hair is growing faster than usual and so many more benefits !! So happy I found this wholefood product, it is like no other I have ever taken !! I will not be going back to synthetic multivitamins again !!



I bought all the different options and unfortunately did my research after signing away all my money. These vitamins do nothing, it's a placebo effect, that costs and arm and a leg. benefits are seen due only to the increase of water you drink (which will always improve your health), they are constantly encouraging you to drink more water. They had no effect. Don't fall for this expensive scam

Tom G

Tom GSydney

Scam - shame


This is a scam and uses clever advertising. The kids gummies contain 85% sugar - with sugar hiding in the ingredients list eg, organic cane juice. Effectively feeding kids lollies. The adult tablets are less effective and lower in vitamins then most supermarkets multivitamins. People writing positive reviews must be a part of pyramid scam or not read ingredients list or scientific studies.

Debbie O'Dea

Debbie O'DeaBrisbane, Queensland

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Has changed my life



Credit Card Fraud - Watch Out!


I ordered in April 2016 and cancelled it a few days after, but Juice Plus charged my credit card several times after (Even 1 year after my cancelled order) All in all an amount over 1.000 AUD!!

My credit card institute got me some money back, but the company Juice Plus and it's CEO still deny everything, although I sent them obvious proof!

Watch out for this company!!

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Utter disappointment!


I was sold Juice Plus in such deceptive manner it’s ridiculous. I was conveniently told this was a monthly commitment (me thinking that I will pay per month and can cancel when I want). No you’re stuck for 4 months, pay a ridiculous amount that if she sales person Petty had been honest with me I would NEVER had committed to.
Don’t buy it !





I tried the juices and did not suit me at all. But when I tried to return them they said they would not accept them back and I had to keep paying the money even though the juices did not suit me. They don't care whether their products are suitable for you or not, won't let you cancel and keep taking money from your account even though you said you cannot use them. They just want your money, this is a SCAM.
Don't buy from them, they are not reputable.

I have been taking juice plus for 5 weeks & feel amazing.


I have never felt better in my whole life. I have more energy than I ever dreamed off. I always had had a problem with pooing and now I go everyday and my state of mind is so such sharper & I'm alert. My over all health has improved 100 so far,.. I recommend juice plus to anyone it's a amazing product.

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Questions & Answers

Ali J

Ali Jasked

Juice Plus Fruit Blend

I've just started these 4 days ago and just took 4 fruit blend instead of 2 fruit and 2 berry, is that bad? should i still take 2 berry or wait till tomorrow now

1 answer
Debbie Tryhorn
Debbie Tryhorn

Aww i do hope you found your answers
You never have to worry if you took too many fruit or any of them for that matter
Just take the berries also you'll be fine ok

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