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Juju Menstrual Cup

Juju Menstrual Cup

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So glad I gave this a second try!

I gave this a second try after thinking it was too firm for me. It is possible that I was trying to insert it too high, initially. Second time around I think it is great!!
I have cut off the stem (because mine sits in at an angle and would be impossible to sit at that angle with the stem on it). Because it has a nice firmness, it opens up without any problem and therefore - no leaks. I don’t get leaks if I hear a noise when it opens up and seals - I then run finger around cup a little to check it. Very quick and easy to insert compared to a cup which is not as firm. Very comfortable. I also like that it is an Australian product!

P.s (Removal means getting a strong grip on the bottom of the cup with your fingers, pinching it (which breaks the seal) and pulling it out.) This is not a negative - it should reassure you that the cup won’t leak)

Purchased in January 2018 at Healthy Life for $53.95.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

JuJu Menstrual Cup High Cervix

Firstly about Menstrual Cups Australia Online - they deserve a mention about how quickly they sent the cups to me. I was impressed by their service and ease of the transaction.

Now onto the cups ...
Before I came across the JuJu high cervix cups, I have tried the Diva cup, some brown eco-rubbery cup, gone back to Diva cup and the Luna cup. For each of these cups, the experience was scary at best and terrifyyat worst. These cups are obviously not made for women with a high cervix as each time, they would travel up and it would be a frantic effort to take them out. I have had to push two fingers in nearly three quarters of their length to reach the base of these cups. Then I could never break the seals with an easy effort given the slipperyness of these cups. The last time, I was terrified that I had to go to the hospital for removal. I finally managed to remove the cup after 1 hour of trying. I was in tears from the pain. Not to mention that each time, it’s a messy affair and definitely not something that can happen out of home. It got to the point where I gave up using menstrual cups and I couldn’t understand why my friends kept raving on about how wonderful they are. Certainly wasn’t my experience to say the least.

Then one day, I cane across an ad about the JuJu menstrual cup for a high cervix. I couldn’t believe that someone didn’t think of this earlier!!! Although skepticL, I thought I would give this a try and now, I am SO glad I did!

I was relieved to find the material of the cup to be slightly thicker than the diva cup and just feels more trustworthy. It’s transparent which is great as I can easily see the level of liquid in the cup and more importantly, the cleanliness of it after each wash.

I inserted the cup using the C-fold and it was sooo simple! The description on the user manual was also very easy to understand. Before, I could never work out how deep to I see the cups but the user manual that came with the JuJu cup easily clarified that. The cup literally “popped” open and you can hear the suction being created as it did that. I could then push the cup in as described in the instructions.

Best of all, the cup was still in existence after a whole night of use! I could easily reach the base of the cup with my two fingers. At first, I was a bit worried because the stem is shorter than the other cups I’ve tried, but I need not have worried. The length of this cup was perfect as it had travelled only a minimal distance so that the base of the cup sat just inside within easy reach. Also, someone finally thought of putting some decent ridges at the base of the cup for grip. It was no drama to punch the base of the cup to break the seal and to use the base to remove the cup with slippery fingers. This meant minimal mess and a relieve that I could use this cup outside the convenience of home.

There was minimal leak the first time I used it and none on that night with a fairly heavy flow. I was so glad to find not a drop of blood on my back-up pad. I’m using it again on my second day which is usually my heaviest flow, so I shall see how it goes.

I’m so happy with this cup that Ive bought another. I finally understand why my friends raved on about menstrual cups. Thanks JuJu for thinking of women with a high cervix! Ingenious product! Thanks so much for the lack of pain and trauma!

Size guide is WAY off

I purchased the 2nd size designed for women over 30 or who have had kids. I don't have kids but am over 30. It is WAY too big. The material is obviously good, but is for too hard to be comfortable. Made me feel sick wearing it. The company should have more details around sizing as now I have wasted a lot of money on something I cannot use.

I really wanted this to work

My 2* is not for the product itself - it is made out of good material, and I can see it would work very well. It does require some ribbing on the base to give grip on removal.
I got this for travelling primarily, but it did not work for me. The take home message is if you are going to get a cup, no matter what brand, ***go to a dr (gyno) first***. My experience ended up in the emergency room and major intervention required to get it out due to an unknown kink in my pelvic anatomy. $55 is very pricey when it turns out you can't use something. View this like a diaphragm and get "fitted".

Wished I had tried this sooner

I brought the juju cup model 2- due to heavy periods in the past and once I got the hang of everything it has been the best decision I have ever made!

The cup itself is great quality, sturdy and easy to use. I had to find the best technique that would work for me I used the fold in technique which has worked best. Removing takes getting used to however it gets easier with time. The model 2 is quite stiff which works for me due to very heavy periods I tried the model 1 but it collapses.

Definitely wish I had tried this earlier it saves a lot of stress, money and pain! I do continue to get cramps but they have definitely decreased. I recommend juju 100%

Will never go back.

The Juju menstrual cup makes me almost feel like I'm not having a period. There's no worrying about leaking, dealing bulky pads or changing tampons every few hours. I love it and wish I had known about menstrual cups years ago.
The Juju did take a few days to get used to. I didn't know how it was supposed to feel so didn't realise that it hadn't popped open and it leaked. I also had trouble getting it out the first time. I've found that I need to bear down to get a grip on the base to remove it but now have no issues getting it in or out. It's so comfortable that I have forgotten that I actually have my period.
I was initially worried about what I'd do if it needed emptying while out and about.. But now, if I'm in a cubicle I don't wash it, just empty it in the loo and pop it back in. It's really not that messy.
I will never go back to pads or tampons.


Firstly, I would like to say this product is quality made and manufactured in Australia which I liked!!
But... I am struggling with leaking issues. For me, it has leaked since day one. I always have to wear a liner and on the heavier days I might as well just wear a tampon. I was at work one heavy day with it in and I spent most of my time in the bathroom!!! I have tried everything - changed folds, changed positioning, ensuring cup is open and a good seal (feels like it has good suction when I test it) ensuring I have the right size and checking cervix position. Sometimes it just leaks and there’s is nothing in the cup - it’s like it just bypasses the whole thing. I have had some successful days with the juju without leaking but I have had more leaks than not. I have been using this cup for months and I’m so over it. I have bought a different brand and await trying it. I definitely won’t go back to tampons!! I am confident I can find a different brand that works for me!!

Wish I'd discovered this years ago!

Super comfortable (model 3), easy to insert ( and remove, once you get past the learning curve!), easy to clean, good for the planet - never going back to tampons or pads. Important to check your cervix position before buying, so you get the right model. Bought model 1 first, thinking "it should be fine, I'm pretty average", but because I have a high cervix, getting the sucker out each time was a major struggle & stress. Almost gave up, but decided to get model 3 and it has made a world of difference. Highly recommended - wish I'd known about this in high school or Uni - would have saved me $$$.

Love it!

I absolutely love my Juju menstrual cup! I tried Lunette but it was way too firm and the suction was crazy strong. I got the Juju menstrual cup in size 3 and I adore it!

The new design is incredible and makes having a period a breeze. I love only having to empty my cup twice a day, rather than go through countless packs of disposable pads and tampons when I have my period!

I love reusables so switching to a menstrual cup was effortless. I've saved so much money from not buying disposables and I love that I can use my cup for several years, saving me thousands of dollars.

Once you find your goldilocks menstrual cup & master inserting and removing it, it actually makes your period fun! You don't have to worry about leaking, or running out of pads or tampons because your cup is always there. It also cuts the risk of toxic shock to practically 0%!

Please note that it isn't the Juju menstrual cup's fault regarding issues with removing it, that is a user's error that gets better with practice as you grow accustomed to the process and technique of removing the cup.

I was hesitant - but now I think it's fantastic

I have wanted to shift to a menstrual cup for a while but never had the courage to do so. A friend recommended juju to me. I was impressed it was Australian made to health care standards. It was a little uncomfortable at first, I think I should have tried a little lube to insert. However now I'm getting the hang of it. I love the fact that I don't need to purchase expensive tampons and pads. I'm even happier to say that I'm having a more positive effect on the environment. I recommend this product.

If I could rate it 6 starts i would!

This is the best cup EVER! I have tried the Diva cup 2 years ago and it was a HORRIBLE experience for me. The cup felt too big. It took me about 40 minutes to insert, and 1 hour to take out. The experience was very painful. After 2 years of being terribly afraid of menstrual cups, I decided I would give it a second try. I REALLY wanted to enjoy menstrual cups. I did TONS of research trying to find the perfect cup. A cup with a small diameter, that would be painless for me to insert (I'm VERY tight down there). I was also looking for a cup that would work for a high cervix. I picked out the Juju model 3 and it is absolutely perfect for me. I ordered this cup all the way from Canada, therefore I had ginormous shipping fees (which was risky thing for me to do) but it was more than worth it. Picking out this cup made me LOVE menstrual cups like I always had hoped I would! It is also vegan which is awesome!


Uhm struggling to put in ?

I am aware Virgins are able to use this product but it just never works for me. I tried it many times from different angles but it just doesn't go in ! I guess I'll have to go back to using period pads

Excellent it's so easy

I bought my juju three months ago and will never go back. I used to 'skip' my period because it was too much to deal with but this gives me no excuses. I do wish I had gone to the size 2 but as a I have a low cervix I went with the size 1. Due to this I have had two leakages but nothing to get upset about. So happy to buy Australian made and when the time comes I will definitely be buying for my girls.

No more buying tampons!

I chose Juju because it's made in Australia. The packaging was beautiful which was a nice surprise. I got the small size but my first thought was how big (as in wide) it is in comparison to a tampon. The silicon is very soft and the cup folds in half for insertion and I found it easily unfolded once inside. I found the cup tricky to remove because it' slightly slippery to get a hold of and the suction kind of holds it in place (hence 4 star rather than 5). And no matter how shallow I insert it, it still slips up a bit deeper. Emptying the cup means you are going to get up close and personal with your lady parts and the workings of your period which I don't mind, but the squeamish ladies out there may. The advantages are no more buying tampons (yay), no more tampon smells, no old tampons sitting in the bin and making landfill, no more having a tampon sitting inside you, and you can use the cup for longer than a tampon ( so good for work/camping/ busy lifestyle etc). So far the cup volume has been fine. It was a bit messy emptying on one of my heavier days when I first got the Juju cup and it was almost full, but I'm improving as time goes on.

Menstrual cups are awesome

Juju menstrual cups are very good the only Australian made brand on the market I've had it over a year and still use it on lighter days. They would work well as a starter cup, for a medium cervix, they are firm enough to pop open easily inside. There are more variety of shapes and sizes overseas but as my first cup I still use it regularly. Due to a low cervix I had to cut off the stem and flip it inside out because it was rubbing badly. But now works fine just more slippery inside out.
After disinfecting on the stove then in peroxide it changed colour and has developed very fine brittle cracks. So I would suggest just rinsing with hot tap water.

not good for my heavy days ( graphic descriptions warning!)

I had a hard time slicing my inner self with my fingernails, trying to find a fold that would open. I did that, and then struggled with removal!
Once I figured out my best contortion, plus bear down move, to remove it, it was great! I loved sleeping with it. But as soon as my heavy day came, I felt wetness within ten minutes of placing. Three big clots had travelled down and filled the cup! I know there were three, because as I bore down and pinched the base of the cup, my muscles compressed the cup and most of the contents ended up over my bathroom, myself, and my house shoes.
Hubby came to investigate my insane laughter and turned several colours, as he'd thought I'd sliced my leg open whilst shaving. That made me laugh harder, and the consequence of that was more gore on the floor.
He ran away, green to the gills, once I explained... and then I cleaned it up. I can't use this on a 'BIG' day at home, and certainly not out and about. I could remove it in the shower, but I'm not showering every ten to twenty minutes for anyone.
Where do doctors get this fib that it's only a couple of teaspoons? Bull dust. My uterus likes to make an embryo very, very comfortable. No thin blankets on my side of the family!
I loved the cup, but very unsuitable for a day or so. I had to use my homemade cloth pads, which are so much better than disposables, but I may have to use the disposables of doom when I'm out of the house.
I have also purchased a competitor's cup because they have a better grip system on the bottom curve of the cup.
The juju is VERY hard to grip, as your fingers slide off the curve, and tend to push it further in rather than getting a good grip to be able to pinch it.

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*See my review on another brand - juju is acceptable, however the other brand is easier to use FOR ME*

Great alternative to tampons - won't ever go back!

Like starting anything new, you're cant expect it to go perfectly smooth right away... The first time I inserted the juju cup, it worked magically - no leaks or discomfort. When I emptied it and reinserted, I had a couple minor leaks because I hadn't found the sweet spot as to where it should sit in my body. However, with a little more practice I have figured out the right way to insert and place the cup so it works as its meant to.
I think you really need to make sure that you're pinching the cup until its fully inserted if possible, and that its not too high up or too far down. As far as pulling it out, there is actually a tiny groove on the tip to pinch with your fingernails which helps. Big pros: no tampon string, no waste & easy insertion. The removal takes a bit of confidence and a stronger motion than a tampon, but once you've done it once its so fine. Love my juju cup!! )

Fantastic - so far superior to traditional alternatives

Juju's menstrual cup has made a huge positive difference. My only complaint is not having one so much sooner. Since owning one, I have not used a single disposable product. I recommend trying it out between periods, and then there is absolutely the familiarity with being certain it has opened up properly once positioned - to be sure there won't be leaks. Being able to turn it in place is a great tip - conversely, if it won't turn, it probably hasn't opened/unfolded.

No bathroom bin full of pads, no bulk - less changing. Night time use is so great - feels so free. Feels clean, fresh and have to remember it's there.

Overseas travel was great too.

Cannot recommend highly enough. I had my doubts, but with a few months of perseverance and practice with placement and removal, this product gets a massive personal endorsement from me.

Ok - but hard to remove.

The juju was easy to insert and i had no leaks but when it came to removing it, it was very difficult to grip & it took several attempts over several hours to eventually remove.

Great so far so good

I like it but I think it is not for those with heavy period. I really like it but the moment I get it out it takes a little technique especially as a little nudge won't get it off. Its pretty fine once I got it in and it really holds everything in. SO far no leaks and I'm happy with it.

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Questions & Answers

I just keep leaking, what am I doing wrong? I can hear it open when I have inserted it correctly, the cup is not full when I take it out, am I putting it in too far? I can easily reach the tip when it is inserted. Thanks.
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That is possibly the reason - definitely try placing it lower. But it could be due to so many other reasons. I wish I could be more helpful. I have found that sometimes a cup can slip ( up higher ) and I don’t know real solution to that. When that has happened I have tried a different cup. The Juju is very smooth and firm - maybe this makes it easier to slip?? When the same thing happened to me I tried the Lily Cup which is less smooth and different shape and less firm (but harder to open up). Not sure if this is helpful but I really understand your frustration.

I wondering if this product would work for me I'm a heavy bleeder on days 3,4,5 and have tried tampons before and they fall out when I stand up after inserting it tis?
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If you visit the Juju website, they have a table that can help with picking the right cup for your needs. There are many helpful folding methods to assist with inserting the cup as well as getting it to open once inserted. A menstrual cup works by using suction (when opened after inserting) to form a seal to collect the blood. Therefore the chance of it falling out is very low because of the suction seal it creates. If that doesn't work I would honestly suggest getting a firmer cup like the Lunette menstrual cup (which I find creates a powerful seal) or maybe try switching to a heavy absorbancy/overnight cloth or disposable pad on your heavy days.

Does anyone find it hard to wee when using the juju cup? today I used it and found it blocked the urin and once it actually caught it what am I doing wrong?
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I've found that as long as it is inserted and pushed past the pubic bone towards your spine the chances of it impacting your bladder is low. I would say that what you're seeing in the cup is most likely cervical fluid, not urine. The only other theory is that if it is catching urine, the cup isn't inserted fully as it shouldn't be sitting at the vaginal opening but rather up further depending on the height of your cervix and the type of cup you are using. There are many tips and instructional videos to assist you with inserting a menstrual cup as well as removing/changing it as needed.Yes - but I just accept it.