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Jura ENA Micro 9

Jura ENA Micro 9

3.6 from 21 reviews

Love it.

Love this coffee machine. I did have a slight issue with machine, rang customer service and found out I lost part when cleaning it and with no issues they sent me a replacement at no charge (even though I lost it). Easy to use and depending on what coffee beans you use depends on taste and strength etc.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Great Reliable Machine.

Like any product on the market this is good and bad reviews. I however an very happy with this machine, as we have had our machine for over 3 years and it still works fine. Great cup of coffee every time. You can do milk only however you lose a shot of coffee. The new model of this machine does milk only which is a nice upgrade as kids love hot chocolate.
All you have to do is read the manual and tweak the machine to suit your taste, which is really easy. If the machine goes on the blink over the next couple of years i will defiantly buy another one.

Date PurchasedMay 2014
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Dear Docdee, Thank you for your review, we are so happy to hear you are enjoying your ENA Micro 90 :) we you need any support please call on 1300 285 872 or email support2@au.jura.com and we will ensure its resolved. Kind regards Kylie - Aftersales Manager

Perfect coffee maker!!

This is one of my very best coffee machines easy to use easy to clean and more that that the coffee taste is more that perfect for everybody who tasted .. they all were asking what coffee do you have .. my answer is not as much is the coffee as much is the machine .. just perfect !

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Dear Iryinna, Thank you for your review we are so happy your enjoying your coffee machine. if you need any assistance in the future please email on support2@au.jura.com. Kind Regards Kylie - Aftersales Manager

Love Love This Machine!!!!!

My husband and I purchased the machine a little over 3 years ago, and have not had a single issue with the machine. The coffee is always perfect, hot, and so easy to make. I agree that the water tank is a tad too small, but again that is because we use it so often. Our grown children love our machine and always asking "when are you going to buy us one". This machine has more than paid for itself if you consider how it costs for a Starbucks coffee cost. We drink about 5-6 cups a day X 365 days a year...you do the math!!! Love Love our machine and looking into buying a second one for our camper. Once you drink from this coffee machine its hard to drink coffee any other way.

Date PurchasedJul 2013

Great Coffee but unreliable

I bought this machine based on the great reputation that Jura has, and was happy to fork out the $1200. And it all went well for 15 months, when the brewing unit had some issues and needed to be replaced. It was done under warranty. 13 months later, the brewing unit had to be replaced again, this time I had to pay $300 as it was 1 month out of warranty. And now it's only been 2 months since that has been done and the same problem has come up again!! That's 3 times in less than 3 years since I purchased the machine!! Pitty, because the coffee it makes is fantastic, and it's so easy to use. But 3 times in 3 years is too much for a brand which charges premium dollar for the product.

Date PurchasedJun 2014
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Dear Bogdan, thank you for your review and apologies for all the inconvenience this may of caused. if you could kindly email your contact details to support2@au.jura.com or call 1300 285 872 I will like to look into this for you and resolve this issue. Kind Regards Kylie - Aftersales Manager

Jura service

Not a happy camper.
The frothed on my machine had not been working properly for a month or so. I had followed instructions and cleaning tips to no avail. So decided to take it in to be serviced and fixed. Was initially told it would take around 2-3 days. Finally got it after a week. so $319 and 3 weeks later I have a machine that does NOT work properly. Apparently they had to replace the frother. Now the machine with multiple problems
Frother does not froth properly as soon as you stir it or add topping it becomes a flat white.
Making a coffee takes over a minute to pour the coffee
When machine finally is poured and the machine goes through its resetting steps at the end it makes terrible grinding noises
I am going to take it back to service centre but am not very pleased

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Fantastic machine... what a shame it is discontinued

I have had my Ena Micro 9 for over 12 months now and it works perfectly. Follow the instructions and maintenance and it works a treat. I got another from Costco a few weeks ago for my daughter and son-in-law and so far so good. Why would you go out and buy coffee when you have a great coffee machine at home. Would highly recommend.

Dear SueC We are so happy to hear you are enjoying your coffee machine, if you need assistance in the future please email support2@au.jura.com. Kind Regards Kylie - Customer support teamleaderHad my ena in for a service i Jan 2017 at your recommended agent in Adelaide I got it back a week later - supposedly fixed It came back with more problems than it originally had. Have taken it back and looked at again - it works better but still not right. The button I have set with my personal grind does not work properly. Very disappointed. For whatever reason if this particular button is used the frothier splutters and does does not give the preset volume.

Love it

The only fault I have found in the last 6 months of ownership is that the water tank is a touch too small. And thats only because we use it often! Please please please program your machine though!! If you don't program it correctly, it won't produce what you see in the pictures!

Overpriced for features and quality of build

I was properly one of the first people in Australia to buy one (so I was told by Jura Australia) and I deeply regret that I ever purchased this machine. Paying 1400 dollar It had to be replaced once within 4 month and was now 2 times at repair since the replacement. Now this machine was purchased in 2012 when we where told by the rep at Harvey Norman it even can make Hot chocolate for the kids ( big mistake to believe that ) it cannot unless you grind some coffee and stop the pouring of coffee quickly.

Basically is a one touch try your luck machine - espressos are inconsistent it asked you to empty the compartment constantly even you only made 2 -3 coffees and it has hardly any options to fine tune your coffee taste or steam milk on its own.

My recommendation hands off this machine unless you like spending money and getting frustrated with broken machine every few month.

Great Coffee

All works well with very little set up and maintenance.
After setting it up it makes great coffee and I am still working on which beans give the best result.
On the negative side even with heating up the cups the coffee is still only Luke warm.
I noted that someone mentioned on the forum to reduce the flow of the milk and compensating the time.
I have reduced the inlet hole diameter of the milk hose and presto hot coffee without the need to pre heat the cups.
As this is a simple modification it should be incorporated in the product and it would reduce a lot of complains.

So far so good

I got this for a very good price from Harvey Norman so I couldn't resist. And I was particularly attracted to a Jura machine because they specialise in automatic coffee machines and because they need less maintenance than other brands generally (eg don't have to dismantle machine and clean out brewing unit). Also, their customer/after sales service is reputed to be excellent, which is a big factor for me whenever I buy something expensive. I was concerned though about the reports I had read from other purchasers of this machine of an 'Error 8' message that shows up.
So far though (I've had it for about 5 weeks, making about 4-5 cups a day), I've had no problems. The coffee is good, cappuccinos better tasting than many coffee shops, expressos delicious, long coffees fine. I had looked into a pod machine but couldn't find one that made a cup of coffee I could enjoy, and I sampled 21 coffees from four different brands.
Although it's 'fully automatic', there's still a fair bit of maintenance (eg rinsing the milk frother system, cleaning, changing filters or descaling etc) but it is all at the touch of a button. The machine does most of the work.
I've relied on plungers before and ages ago I had a Gaggia manual machine,. so this takes a bit of getting used to. The readout is always telling me to do something - 'empty coffee grounds', 'fill water tank', 'fill beans or fill powder', 'descale', 'clean cappucino frother' etc etc, and that drives me a bit nuts 'cos you can't ignore or override the instruction. I have been very diligent with my cleaning/maintenance though, using good quality products for certain cleaning functions, and non-oily coffee beans, so I am hoping that that will keep any gremlins away and I'll have good service from this machine for a long long time.
And even though it's automatic, you still have quite a lot of control (and thus a fair bit of experimenting) over the quality/type of coffee you use, the grind of the beans, the strength, the ratio of coffee to water to milk etc
Overall, it's the best compromise I've found - better quality by far than pods, more variety and ease than plunger, easier to operate/more reliable than a manual expresso machine
Can use beans or ground coffee, can adjust some elements to suit your taste/preference, frothed milk in milk drinks is almost perfect, crema on expressos is good, relatively small footprint for a fully automatic machine, 'bossiness' can be a pain, but it's really quite simple to follow the instructions
Ongoing maintenance costs if you use Jura products for filters, cleaning tablets, milk frother cleaner etc), no separate milk frother (can only make predetermined milk drinks like cappucino; can't make frothed milk on its own) but then I didn't want to pay for a Jura machine that would have that, daily maintenance, temperature of drinks varies even though I always have it set to 'hot'.

I have had this machine now for 7 months and I haven't paid for a coffee since - have had no desire to. I'd rather wait till I get home to make my own. As mentioned elsewhere, you can make the milk for cappuccinos and latte macchiatos a bit hotter by reducing the circumference of the milk hose - I just squeeze it a little while it's making the drinks. I've really enjoyed experimenting with different coffee beans and settings on the machine.After 9 months I finally got the dreaded 'Error 8' message. It wasn't a complete surprise. It means that there is a problem with the brewing unit. I contacted Jura customer service and they were very helpful and efficient. The machine was collected, repaired (apparently a new upgraded brewing unit was installed) and returned. The only downside of the experience was having to survive without my machine for a week. Thank goodness the machine was still under warranty. I am still overall happy with the machine. For the price it is a great compromise of small footprint, minimal fuss and good quality coffee,

Save your money!

I've bought this machine two years ago because I now Jura as a trusted and reliable brand. Unfortunately I got sorely disappointed. After only a few month of using it, it needed to be repaired and it had to be repaired another two times since. All three times it had been fixed under warranty but it is a huge hassle to take it to the repair place and get it fixed. In addition I don't feel that the Jura support has been particularly helpful. From what I can tell, it's a design fault of this particular coffee machine. Even though it makes decent espresso when it works, I do not recommend this coffee machine at all! There are better, more reliable machines out there for a better price.

(The warranty of my coffee machine is now expired and I don't think I will get it fixed again. I rather just buy another, better machine.)
Makes espresso and coffee
It needs fixing

Almost Perfect

I have Had my machine for about 3 months. Not had any problems. Very easy to use & clean. Love the water softener in it! because we have very hard water where I live. only negative would be that you can't make just hot milk. Love the look of it! Small & Stylish.
Energy efficient
No just milk option

Amazing.. just amazing

If you are considering buy this machine consider no more. it literally is the most fantastic machine I've ever had. it makes the most beautiful cup of coffee. i read reviews of Luke warm coffee and such but if you tweak it you will have no such problems. you will burn your tongue . just buy it and you will never regret it. And i'm very fussy when it comes to coffee, i can only drink high quality coffee and the ena micro 9 does an amazing job. you will stop buying from cafes.
easy functionality , cleans itself, makes a beautiful cup of HOT coffee, milk froth is perfect
can't do milk on its own.

Frustration with Jura!

Hi. We bought a Jura coffee machine in NZ. We were told they were the best. We had the first one for 3 weeks and it stopped making coffee. Jura replaced it with the same model - same thing happened. They took it back and cleaned it out and we got several different reasons why it stopped working. Got it back and within two weeks it stopped making coffee again. The company we bought it from replaced it with the next model up (Ena Micro 9). We have now had this one for 5 months and got the error 8 message. The machine has been returned to be repaired only to be told the brewing unit has failed and needs to be replaced so we have gone through 3 machines in less than 10 months. I definitely would NOT recommend Jura machines to anyone. I wish I had asked for my money back instead of getting the upgrade machine. I am also disappointed that I can't talk to a technician about the error 8 problem. I got told he would phone me but he didn't. When I phoned back the call centre person just called him and relayed a message back to me - not good enough!
Easy to use and makes great coffee
Always breaking down

Fabulous Coffee - all my visitors rave about it every time I make them a cuppa.

I haven't had the desire to buy coffee from a coffee shop since buying this unit 3 months ago. Of course it depends on what beans you use however even with Vittoria beans I am getting such a wonderful cappuccino. The machine makes the perfect coffee and 'mostly' cleans itself.
Its also so easy to use, well that is once you get a hang of the funny button dial menu to set up the type of coffee strength, milk level etc.
I would have given this machine 5 stars however if does not have an independent milk only function. For my kids they love their baby chinos, so I have had to purchase a separate Jura milk frother.
Machine is nice and compact compared to others which is the main reason I chose it.
Jura customer service is OUTSTANDING!
My only hope it that the machine stands the test of time and doesn't stop working any time soon as I would be devastated.
Small compact machine. Fantastic coffee and froth is so smooth. Excellent customer service.
No milk only function. Sometimes my coffee grounds tray gets stuck. Need to buy special cleaning tablets to clean it.

Piece of [censored word removed]

If you want a machine that lasts more than a month this is not it, we had ours for a month and error 8, back for 2 months and again error 8, I am tired of machine constantly breaking down and will not be recommending jura to anyone, the sales lady told us that jura was the best machines on the market hey laughable

Waste of money

I wish I'd read this before I bought mine. I spent ALL weekend trying to set up my new Jura Coffee Machine. AGHHHHhh I am taking it back tomorrow for another brand.Dear Customer, Please call our support team on 1300 285 872 for assistance.hi, need to add that after chasing up harvey norman malaga who were and have always been very helpful towards myself, and they chasing up jura, that the machine was replaced with the next model up, although its now a discontinued model, 2 months have passed and so far no problems although it is starting to make the same struggling noises the one touch nine was making shortly before it stuffed up.

Good .. but just shy of expectations.

Two weeks now with our new Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch. All "products" (e.g.: coffee ; espresso et al) not hot enough - even with all "temp" settings at "high". While it's expected that one preheat cups say, with hot water, beforehand, the need to reheat in microwave afterwards is a letdown. So too are the inconsistent warranties around the globe (i.e.: only 12 months in Canada). Furthermore, (the) Owner's Manual is silent as to how, precisely, one goes about ensuring the unit is properly registered for warranty purposes. Ditto on default settings; definitions (e.g: "pause"). A golden opportunity missed for Jura to distance itself from the competition with such a sexy unit. Pity. Finally, why is this unit the first one made outside Switzerland (i.e: Portugal)?
Intuitive controls; lots of customization options;
Outputs are not hot enough. Owner's Manual could be refined & updated. Inconsistent warranties.

We have sorted the hot coffee issue, compress the milk hose slightly and lift the time on the milk, perfect hot coffe.Thanks for the tip 50plusandlovinglife. I'll give it a try. Cheers!

Love my Jura

I have had my machine for two weeks now and at this stage I love it. The only thing negative I can say bad about it is that you can't just have hot milk with out a coffee shot. The good things are the customisation of all the settings, you can have a shot as many mill as you want to and the milk as many mill as you want to and you can adjust the heat if everything too. Two year standard warranty.
Good price, reliable Swiss made.
Doesn't have a hot milk only option.

I have to ad more comments. I have had the machine for over a year now and its about to go back for repair again (3rd time) I am so disappointed with this machine. Jura was talked up by the sales person so much, and now I'm thinking why did I buy this thing. Firstly after 2 months the dreaded error 8, sent it for repair, then 5 months later it started making the same noise it made before it died so I rang again, sent off for repair again, now again 6 months later making noise again and off For repair again so one more week without my machine, the Jura team are very helpful but I would not recommend this machine to anyone anymore. I have a Jura at work which is the impressa S9 and its so reliable (no issues for 2 years) but this ENA micro 9 thing is [censored word removed] Its really dragging the Jura name down. We'll see what happens after this next trip which is actually going back to Jura VIC this time.Thank you for comments, I am sorry to hear about your issues with the coffee machine, I can confidently say that Jura is very much committed to it's customers and will examine each case with on it's merits, I am happy to look into a resolution, should you encounter problems in the future, call us on 1300 285 872 and ask to speak to the manager of Customer support, I believe that you are in good hands and that you will not be let down. Kind regards, Jura Management Well, machine is back after 7 days away including weekend, i can not say a bad thing about the customer service team, they're fantastic! The machine is working like new again and has been for 4 weeks now, (fingers crossed) still love my machine, but still a little nervous at times if it makes an odd noise.

Love my Jura

Love the Slim Line , as it takes up very little space. Easy to clean (Unlike the Saeco I previously owned, as it was hard to clean and leaked like a sieve).Jura does not leak, and at the touch of a Button makes a great Coffee. Has a great warranty of 25 months.
Reliable, Makes a Great Coffee, Energy Efficient, Easy to Clean,Does not Leak , and the Manual is easy to follow.
It Froths the Milk really well but would like it to be a bit hotter.

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Hi Lesley. Are you positive it doesn't leak? Try slipping a sheet of paper towel under the unit. I've discovered that my unit does indeed leak - and, rest assured, it has nothing to do with the catch basin overflowing. I'm going to raise my unit a few mm off the countertop so that I might be able to locate where the leak is coming from. Then it's off for repair/replacement as the unit is only 8 months old!

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Hello - my ENA Mirco 1 I'm having issues with - it wont allow coffee to come out of the spout. I also can't hear any grinding when I press for the coffee to produce and the bean and cup flash. I have cleaned machine and descaled it. What else can I do?
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My ena 9 has smoke Coming out of the back of it and the milk component to froth will not work. Is my coffee maker ruined or broken? Can it be repaired?
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Hi, just recently the machine stopped dispensing espresso or coffee. after the grind, it sounds like coffee is coming out but only a small amount makes it to the cup. Any ideas?
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ENA Micro 9
Price (RRP) $1350
Input Power1450w
Pump Pressure15bar
Water Tank Capacity1.1L
Coffee Bean Capacity125g
Release dateMay 2012

Download manual
  • GTIN13: 0794151410619

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