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Hello - my ENA Mirco 1 I'm having issues with - it wont allow coffee to come out of the spout. I also can't hear any grinding when I press for the coffee to produce and the bean and cup flash. I have cleaned machine and descaled it. What else can I do?
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My ena 9 has smoke Coming out of the back of it and the milk component to froth will not work. Is my coffee maker ruined or broken? Can it be repaired?
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Hi, just recently the machine stopped dispensing espresso or coffee. after the grind, it sounds like coffee is coming out but only a small amount makes it to the cup. Any ideas?
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I have a Jura Ena Micro 90. When setting it up for the first time, it says close cover, however all the covers are closed. Any help?
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same problem - wish i could fix it. I have used a hose to clean the machine thoughroldoy but still getting the same error message.

Common problem, I think. Have a micro 9 and it has worked faithfully for about 5 years. Last week machine was not drawing up the milk. Plenty of steam. Have cleaned the frother parts diligently with each use. No evidence of split seals. Do I need to order a new frother system at this point?
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I have Jura Micro 90. It does not rinsing before automatically switch off. It has been happening last two weeks. Instead of rinsing it drops grounded coffee for one cup. I do regularly maintenance (changing blue filter, using Jura washing tablet and not using milk at all). Please any help?
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When I turn the power off, it does not go through it’s normal rinse. It sounds like it is doing something, but no water comes out, it just shuts off. Any help?
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Dear Gretchen, Thank you for your question, please remove the drip tray, place your hand were the drip tray goes feel up there is a flap that moves forward please move forward and clean all the ground coffee. Please test the machine and if its still not risning the machine will need to come into the service centre. Best Regards JURA Support team

In my Jura ENA 9 machine which grind position makes the finer grind? 3dots or 1dot?
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Dear Sam R hank you for your question, the 1 dot is for a finer grind, to change this the grinder must be moving please make a long black and move the grinder to the 1 dot. if you need any further assitance please email us on support2@au.jura.com or call on 1300 285 872. Kind Regards Kylie - Aftersales Manager.

My Jura Ena Micro 5 drain valve stepper motor appears to be stuck in the drain position, as whenever the machine is switched on or whenever a drink is prepared, the water just end up in the drip tray, nothing comes out of the pourer nozzle, and the coffee grinds are completely dry. Is there anyway to reset or check the operation of the micro stepper motor?
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