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Jura Impressa C9

Jura Impressa C9

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Worst coffee machine

I have had it for 3 years now. Have had it repaired 3 times and still they failed to repair the same problem. The warranty is so inflexible, control buttons are fading,which by the way all external parts of the machine ARE Not Covered under warranty,lucky we had an extended warranty to which they are replacing it and will not be a Jura . Bought delongi for $120 as a temporary machine that does a better short blacks

Date PurchasedJan 2014
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Dear Mr Short Black, Thank you for your review and apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you, I would like to resolve this for you if you could kindly email your details to support2@au.jura.com I will ensure this is resolved. Kind Regards Kylie - Aftersales Manager

Brand new box was missing a part

We purchased this machine and it was missing the milk thermal container. I contacted the Canadian customer service and they told me they can't help because the store where I purchased the machine was American. So I called the American customer service and they told me they don't ship to Canada. No one is willing to help. The machine works great however. Its unfortunate that we can not use it to the full automatic potential without the part.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
Dear Hon, if you kindly forward your details to support2@au.jura.com I can look into this for you Kind regards KylieThank you so much Joan for all your help today. I am so very grateful to you for all your hard work in getting us the missing part. I appreciate it very much!!!! I cannot thank you enough. Thank you to Kylie as well. Hon

Have Loved For Two Years, So Far

Thick rich fragrant coffee, easy to access & dump grounds. My husband only has to turn a dial to select MILD, since the default setting is STRONG, for me. SMART machine tells us when cleaning cycle is needed (after 200 cups), & when new filter cartridge, a bit pricey, is needed. The coffee makes it worth it. Cup warmer (small amt hot water in cup) works great. We have loved it for two years, still going strong! Must always read the cleaning steps in my manual. No problem!

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Dear Gloria, Thank you for your review Jura is so happy your enjoying your machine and coffee, if you need any assistance please contact Jura on support2@au.jura.com Kind regards Kylie - Customer Support Team Leader

I know why they discontinued Jura C9

Cost $2000 - lasted 4 years - Error 8 came up and was quoted $350- $450 to repair - Serviceman told me I was lucky for it to have lasted that long. Suggested I bought a new machine because it was only matter of time before something else went wrong.
Milk frother was hopeless , coffee was never hot enough , menu was hard to program . We used to make coffer - add milk from bottle in fridge and then put cup in microwave for 30 seconds to ensure hot coffer - I could have bought a pod machine for $200.00 that would have done a better job.

Summary of our experience with 3 machines: ERROR 8

We are on our third machine in 2 years. All have had the same issue and all require replacement. Error 8. One replacement came to us with the issue right out of the box! My bother and sister have the same machine, and have had the same issue!!
How in the world can such an expensive machine have this continuius issue?

LOVE Your Coffee even more with A JURA C9

One word! Perfect. Love how easy it is to use, to clean and I love love love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Best money ever spent. Our very first Coffee Machine (as a treat to ourselves) and I can recommend it enough! Might also add that Jura's coffee is wonderful and such a smooth blend, they should sell in the 1 kg bags!
Its fully automatic and it cleans itself!!

Love it!

We bought this machine 16 months ago and LOVE it. I found it very easy to use by following the instructions and love that each type of coffee can be programmed to just how we like it. It's saved us heaps of money by no longer stopping to buy coffee each day. Cleaning accessories are easy to order online. It looks great and I wish we'd bought one sooner.
Everything - looks great, very compact, ease of use.
Probably the cup warmer doesn't really work but we've never wanted to use it anyway. It's made me drink more coffee!

Excellent Machine

Bought this machine about 7 months ago and didn't want to review until I spent sometime with it. Decided to buy it as my wife loved the coffee out of this machine at a tasting session. Also, the sales person recomended this over two other reputed brands. Since I have heard that Jura makes good coffee machines decided to purchase it. Didn't have any problem during the past seven months and the coffee is exceptional. Very low regular maintenance required. Hope it will stay the same for longer ( without any major problem)
Adjusting the settings require little bit of learning. Also, time consuming, But, can't complain.

Great machine

Love the Jura.. I had a de Longhi Magnifica for years and was very frustrated that it kept breaking down. After the third return for repairs and now out of warranty of course, I decided to switch to a trusted Swiss brand. I made sure to buy extended warranty to be on the safe side...
The coffee is so much nicer too with a beautiful crema. Very handy that you don't have to clean the grinder and there is no need for descaling when using the filters. In all very happy with this machine.
Excellent coffee

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Dear Customer, It is an absolute pleasure to hear that you are enjoying your Jura coffee machine, I would also like to thank you for sharing your experience with us all. Please feel free to contact our support team on 1300 285 872 should you require support or advise with your coffee machine, our support team is always delighted to help you get the very best from your coffee machine. Kind regards, Jura Management

This Machine is great!

We have never had a coffee machine before as we bought ours from a cafe each day. After working out that it was costing us up to $3000 approx or more per year we decided it was time to lash out and buy our own. It has been perfect. We all love a good coffee my husband and i espresso my daughter cappuccino. We have had it now for 6 months and it hasn't missed a beat. We entertain quite frequently and didn't have any issues making multiples of either type. The biggest issue in getting a good cuppa is your choice of coffee bean if you don't get that right first your cuppa won't taste right/good, otherwise we love it!!!
Ease of use, reliable
Takes time set in program, maybe need simpler instructions that you don't need a degree to read or understand

Works for us!

We purchased this knowing little about coffee machines. We like our coffee but we're not in the 'coffee snob' arena.
Initally we had problems with temperature but after a bit of playing we worked out a fix. We played around with the milk/water settings to get the right froth/temperature.
It would have been nice if Jura had have provided a guide for making a good coffee instead of it being more about trial and error but we got there.
There is a cup warmer on the top of the machine but it does take a while to heat up a cup...it's much easier to swish some hot water around in the cup.
Love the self clean option.
We've had our machine for nearly 2 years and haven't experienced any mechanical problems. This is a great machine if your into one button service.
Easy of use.
Temperature issues

I find the temperature varies from cup to cup.Not sure if this helps, but I did notice a factor in the temp varying if the pointer on the milk frother is closer to the steam or further away. Jura said to fill glass / cup with boiling water before making a coffee....Coffee shops don't do that. My old machine never made cold coffee. This machine is set on high temp and coffee is only 38 deg. Machine was sent back for repair and still no good.

Not a good machine

I bought this machine after having a Saeco Royal for 8 years and am bitterly dissapointed. The main fault is with the constant "Rinsa Cappucino" message after nearly every use. You have to disconnect the milk contained, put the milk tube into a cup of water and run a rinse cycle.......this is very annoying! The machine itself is OK, other than that, but I would not buy another Jura machine.
The style is good
The settings are difficult to find and set. The menus needs a lot of work

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Hi Michael - when doing the rinse cycle it is not necessary to disconnect the milk tubes as the machine will automatically rinse from the water inside the machine. If you are having trouble adjusting the settings please call our Jura Customer Support team who will be happy to run through the menu with you 1300 285 872. Hope this helps

good all in one coffee machine

i bought this machine coz i always wanted an all in one, i previously had a coffee machine with beans but manual milk frother the brand was delonghi it was ok but not very good coffee and i had a sunbeam which did good coffee but not the milk. im very happy with this machine and wouldnt change, the only real issue i have is the milk frother you do have to clean it regularly
great strong coffee, easy use
milk frother has to cleaned regularly

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Hi Donna, we are glad to hear you are enjoying your Jura machine, there is the option in your settigs where you can set the cappacino rinse after a certain amount of time, if you need assistance with this please dont hesitate to contact our Jura Support team who will be happy to run through this with you 1300 285 872.

Grinder needed replacing after 2 years

Agree that the coffee is not hot enough. We don't bother about the milk container or milk frother as it is all a bit of a hassle to clean.
Compact and coffee side of things is simple to use
The grinder broke after two years and it has cost over $300 for a new grinder. Repairs and a service came to $600! Hope that it lasts a bit longer this time!

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Hi Sharon, it is unfortunate that this has happened however please call our Jura support team on 1300 285 872 if you do have any issues in future & we will direct you to our Jura Hospitality Centre who will discuss our Jura Care Policy. Hope this helps.

Expensive machine - poor taste

I have a a Delonghi Magnifica for many years and thought about time to upgrade it. Even set to strong the coffee whether it is a latte/cappucino or long black is extremely weak. I have even spoken to Jura today (machine is only 2 days old) and they believe that there may be something wrong with the machine. Looks like another delonghi machine is for me. This machine was very expensive $1900.00. Not impressed.
Stylish look, was told it would be really hot coffee
Won't make a really strong coffee.

Jura service is useless!Hi, its unfortunate that your not satisfied with the taste of coffee, however factors affecting this can be the grind setting, coffee beans & mls of coffee to milk, if you contact our Jura customer support team who willl be happy to assist with adjusting the settings 1300 285 872. Hope this helps.In response to Jura post on 3/10/12 at time of purchase I actually contacted Jura direct and they actually told me they believed that there was an issue with the machine.

It's got the looks

Uber Stylish, shouldn't be hidden away. Can be easily fine tuned to your taste. If you want it super hot you really have to heat the mug beforehand. Top cup warmer is just that - a 'just warm' warmer. Pretty simple to clean. Would have got 5 stars if it could have produced a tongue burning coffee.
Style, Ease of use, Simple to clean
Will produce a hot coffee - only if you preheat the mugs

Questions & Answers

Keep getting message to empty grounds even after emptying How can I fix this
1 answer
Dear Samara, Thank you for your question, Please remove the drip tray completely run under hot water at the end of the tray dry with a clean cloth and test the machine please ensure the machine is on. Kind Regards Jura Support Team

Ok, so I may just be blonde- but I figured the milk should just be added when I press the cappuccino button. I've rinsed it, disconnected the milk plugs, used milk in the actual decanter, used milk from the carton, and can't get anything but steam! After paying more than $1000 for a cappuccino machine, shouldn't the thing do its job? I'm ready to box it up and throw it at the rep who sold it to me. I only got it 2 days ago, made one coffee and now it's not working!! Very frustrating. How can I fix this?
1 answer
Dear Juley, Thanks for your email, we can make things a lot easier for you and give on the spot advise, please feel free to call us on 1300 285 872 between the HRS of 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and we will happily troubleshoot with you. I have to say it sound like a simple connection issue that can be easily resolved. Kind regards, Jura Management

Is there a video or something online to help setting the Impressa C9 OT up? I just replaced a De Longhi ECAM 23.450 with a Jura C9 on the recommendation of a salesperson at Harvey Norman after my De Longhi died. The instructions to set up the machine aren't very clear, particularly for the frothing attachment. Thank you, Shawn Fox
2 answers
Hi Shawn, Congratulations on the purchase of your new Impressa Jura C9 coffee machine. We have dedicated support hotline to answer and guide through every step of the process, please call us on 1300 285 872 any time from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 am to 5 Pm and a friendly consultant will assist you in setting up your machine. Kind regards and talk to you soon.Hi Shawn Sorry about late reply been on holidays. There is a online video on the Jura site but we also read the instructions bit by bit and did a trial and error eventually we worked it out. 12 months on the machine has not missed a beat, just follow the prompts for the reqular maintenance when they come up, which are simple and easy to follow, and you'll have a quick great coffee every time. Good luck. Barb


Impressa C9
Price (RRP) $2500
TypeFully Automatic
Input Power1450w
Pump Pressure18bar
Water Tank Capacity1.8L
Coffee Bean Capacity225g
Release dateDec 2008

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  • GTIN13: 0794151410350 and 7610917136179
  • MPN: 13468