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Kapture KPT-722

Kapture KPT-722

MPN: KPT-722
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Waste of money

Made the mistake of buying 3 for my business vehicles. Took forever to set up. After only 3yrs the windscreen mount on all 3 has fallen to pieces. Don’t ring the company for help to get replacement parts they no better than this product. Absolute rubbish.

Purchased in November 2016 at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Readable Number PlatesNo
Features / Functions
Video Quality
Audio Quality
Night-Time Video Quality
Battery Life

Dashcam is garbage and so is there customer service

After spending half a day installing the dashcam neatly in my vehicle I turned it on and worked perfectly until I put an SD card in, and then it would continuously power on and off. Contacted them and after a couple emails suggesting what could be wrong and how to fix it nothing worked. As it was a gift I did not have a receipt to return it and they did not want to help replace their product. AVOID THIS COMPANY!

Purchased in February 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Readable Number PlatesNo

Runs well with minimum functions in use.

Confusing to setup at firsts. But once the cam was set up according to the manual there were problems keeping it running. It crashed constantly so had to disable functions until reduced to camera recording with date and time and 5 minute videos. Motion sensor filled SDcard and would not rewrite so disabled it. But ok as a basic cask cam....

Good value for money for dual dash camera

When the camera system works, it's great. However setting up is rather cumbersome. It appears that the housing is not designed for Australian conditions as my case warped in just a few months although the manufacturer has offered a refund if I choose to return it. Images captured from both cameras are pretty good, but nightvision images are not as good as cameradesigned for night vision.

Faulty loop and loses timestamp

My wife bought this for me along with a highspeed 32g SD. The manual specifically states there is an option to loop record to the capacity of the SD (max32g). The setting process is straight forward. So user error is pretty unlikey. After a day of intermittent use the camera displayed a blue screen and shut down/stopped recording. The only option being to formatting/delete the content on the SD and restart the recording. A quick search revealed the same issue reported on productreview.com.au and possible workarounds suggesting the g-sensor could be turned off or there may be a compatability with Sandisk SD cards. I also noticed the timestamp almost immediately began losing a few seconds of time each day, which would be problematic over time. There is clearly an issue with the device that needs to be resolved. JB hifi staff were great and processed the refund without issue. However, given this review and others I would suggest people choose another brand and that JB hifi might review whether it continues to stock a product with such bad product quality control.

Blue Screen

We purchase our dash cam from JB HIfi. It is a good size and looks a quality camera BUT it kept saying card full (purchased with dash cam) and we would get a blue screen. Our son bought same dash cam, same time and had same problems. JB HIfi refunded our purchase without any problems and we purchased a navman, which wouldn’t even turn on, such a disappointment for a well know brand so we got our money back. I have since read where Sandisk SD cards can cause problems in dash cams but we purchased 32 high speed card with camera so we could do no more.


I purchased this product yesterday from JB Hi Fi and was excited to finally have my first Dash Cam. Disappointed is an understatement. Anger is closer to the mark.
The camera was set up as per the manual and started up with no problems whatsoever. After driving out of the carpark it switched to a black screen. I had no idea whether it was recording or not. The manual was of no use as has no Troubleshooting section. After some research I found that it had gone into screensaver mode (which is useless, I want to see a screen to know if it was recording or not). A solid blue led is also a sign that it was not recording (after observation I noticed that the blue led will flash when recording)
After setting up the camera again and addressing any issues, doing a factory reset as well, I decided to go for a drive to test it. This is what happened;

1. 30 seconds after leaving the driveway, unit powered off.
2. Pulled over and manually restarted it.
3. Recorded as desired for 1 minute and 58 seconds (as shown on display) screen froze and stopped recording.
4 Pulled into carpark and repowered up...again.
5 Pulled out of carpark and shut itself down on leaving.
6 Manually powered on......again!
7 Dash cam switched itself off....and then switched itself on
8 Dash cam switched itself off...didn't switch back on this time
9 Gave up even trying.

I could not be bothered trying to ring Parkmate for tech support, I'm sure from other reviews they may be extremely helpful, but after this experience with their product, I don't want to waste my time with something that has completely underwhelmed me.

I will be returning this to place of purchase in the morning for something a little more reputable.

It's rubbish

Has never worked. Wouldn't turn on and was a waste of my money. Don't buy this product.
Lost recipes which is my own fault but I would still expect the product to work as described.
It worked once the first time I installed it. And never worked since. Really annoyed. I'll never purchase from this company again.

Doesn't record it when you need it most

I installed this device ages ago and It seemed to be working fine. Would turn on when the car did like the manual says it will. Then I witnessed a car accident and I offered to show them my footage (it happened right in front of me and should have been recorded). When I looked back I only had footage from a few months back. One day it just stopped. So I re-read the manual and set it up again, this time I checked it every few days. I just checked the footage because a driver was being reckless and I wanted to check their plates and there was no footage. I have footage from the same day, up to minutes before this happened. The camera had a solid blue light instead of the usual flashing blue (recording) light. I can see no mention of what the difference between flashing blue and solid blue means in the manual. Also, a general standard is red for record, blue for charge, so this was incredibly confusing for me. This camera wasn't particularly cheap but it was the only camera with a rear facing camera at JB at the time of purchase. I would not recommend this brand to anyone and I will definitely not be buying one again. It also takes up the only charging port which I needed for my phone, I had to buy a portable power pack (but that's a separate issue).

Update review, Parkmate very helpful

I had issues with my KPT 722's of which i purchased 2 I called parkmate finally got hold of the and they were very helpful in resolving my problem, initially gave 1 star and bagged them but they really have provided great customer service and I am very happy with them. I wouldn't recommend the KPT 722 due to issues i had with it but I would recommend Parkmate the company. Thank you for help resolve my issues

Absolutely Rubbish!!!! Too much money for a crap product!!!!

Switches on/off all the time. We have tried all the options in the menu but nothing works. The minute you think you've got it sorted, it switches off and nothing gets recorded. It switches on when you switch the car on but when I drive out of the driveway it will switch off, then 2 minutes later it back on and that keeps going while driving. The screen turns green and purple for no reason. I have emailed Parkmate with NO luck. Not helpful. Just emailed to say take it back to JB Hifi. Unfortunately I can't find the receipt so I'm stuck with the useless product. I phoned JB too and they too said no receipt no help. I bought the product for safety and to cover myself as I spend a lot of time on the road. I hope I can find another company that support their clients and sells a great product.

Too many bugs to recommend

When this unit works, it works fine. However, the whole point of having a dash cam is so that it will record when it needs to. Then unit has a swathe of issues that make it incapable of being relied upon in a critical situation.
1: The rear camera often fails to record, or records a corrupted file.
2: The camera will often turn on when the ignition is switched on, then turn off as you start the engine, resulting in a need to turn it back on again.
3: It will randomly fail to record when in 5 minute loop mode.
4: It will some timer go into parking monitor mode while driving and record random 5 to 10 second clips.
5: Any shock sensor setting above 'low' will cause the camera to start recording when closing and opening doors.
I could go on, but suffice to say, this unit cannot be relied upon as a serious dashcam.

One of the worst

One of the worst products I have had. It locks u out so u can't do anything u can't record after a long period of time. The camera ends up locking the sd card so u never really get anything from it besides a headache and a waste of money

Problem after problem

The recording function stops during extended use. After 4 months the mount broke. I returned to JB and they replaced it. They could not be more helpful. The new unit now wont pick up / record the video signal from the reward camera. Its rubbish - Id buy anything but one of these units. What is advertised as a simple to set up and easy to use product could not be further from the truth. Returned the nit for a refund.

Operates as it is advertised, happy!

This camera was a Christmas gift and is now operating everyday without any obvious problems. Installing was quite simple and the manual seems to cover most of the points discussed in other reviews. The menu is a bit challenging with quite small text, as is the user manual (which possibly needs reading a few times!)
Very happy so far though!

Radio interference from power supply

Once I had set up the camera using enclosed instructions I went for a test drive only to find I couldn't listen to the radio due to static noise. Unplugged the power supply and radio came good. Took the power supply back to JB HI FI and they replaced it. Lo and behold, exact same problem. Seems the makers have opted for the cheapest supply they could get. I now use a power supply from another product with no problems at all. Perhaps JB should distance themselves from this company.?

Bang for buck !

I was looking at the Uniden 755 igo but their service was total crap
I like to buy in store so I can take something back if it fails so JB Hi fi have a good shop and good service locally and this was on special.

I am a total luddite and hate this kind of thing but even I could set it up and get it running by myself. ( yes I did have a few problems but stopping and thinking fixed them.

I am unsure how the download works on a mac and so I need to work that out but the unit is up and running and doing the job.

Total rubbish

I bought this dash cam thinking it must be good because of the front and rear cameras.
but after using it for the first 3 days the image was frozen and the screen would turn purple. So i returned it to jb and got a replacement in a sealed box. The second replacement lasted 1 month till it started doing the exact problem. So i went back to jb and got a refund. Bought myself playstation 4 games.
Do not buy this product its crap.
Its nice and pretty design but the internals are total rubbish!!!

Not so bad now I found what's wrong

I recently left a bad review of this dash cam because after a few months of use, it started powering off and on repeatedly. I have just discovered the cause - it's the car-charger that supplies the power to the camera. I have found the same fault on another car charger that had been used for a while. Evidently these chargers don't last too long. So it wasn't the dash cam itself that was faulty. Some other people have reported the off/on fault, not only with this brand, so it's evidently quite common. However, the fault with the night vision (LEDS don't illuminate the scene at night) also reported by other users still needs to be pointed out. Apart from the defective night vision, I have to say it worked rather well. You have to familiarise yourself with the menus/operation, but once you've got that sorted, it's quite good (at least I found it was)

Works for me

Only bought yesterday, at JBHI under $200, took home and set up as per manual, all good, checked when I got to work, recorded everything in 5 min loops as where it was set to. Can't fault it yet, early days but...Still records when screen goes off as its designed to do. A bit more explanation in the manual would've been helpful, but not too bad.

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My Kapture KP722 has stopped working all together. Autobarn who fitted this camera have said that the connection to the swivel mount suction cup has broken contacts and needs replacing. Unfortunately for me, Autobarn have said that the replacement suction cup swivel mount has been upgraded from a mini USB to a micro USB power connection so the whole front & rear camera power cables have to be replaced at my cost of $200 plus $45 for the new mount. Just average products with average warranties.
No answers

My rear camera has disappeared from screen and maybe not working
No answers

Can you buy replacement sticky pads for this?
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Kapture KPT-722
CategoryDash Cams
Price (RRP) $169.00
Screen Size 2.7"
Viewing Angle 160°
Camera Resolution1080p (Full HD)
Channels 1
FeaturesAutomatic Incident Detection (G-sensor), Microphone/Audio Recording and Motion Detection
Memory TypeMicroSD card
Dimensions 103 x 51 x 40 mm
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)

Visit official website - Download manual
  • MPN: KPT-722

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