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  • Build Quality
    1.0 (4)
  • Value for Money
    1.0 (4)
  • Ease of Use
    1.0 (4)
  • Readable Number PlatesYes (0%) · No (100%)
  • Battery Life
    1.0 (2)
  • Video Quality
    1.5 (2)
  • Audio Quality
    1.5 (2)
  • Night-Time Video Quality
    1.5 (2)



  • 8 reviews

Not so bad now I found what's wrong


Works for me


Only bought yesterday, at JBHI under $200, took home and set up as per manual, all good, checked when I got to work, recorded everything in 5 min loops as where it was set to. Can't fault it yet, early days but...Still records when screen goes off as its designed to do. A bit more explanation in the manual would've been helpful, but not too bad.

Rubbish - I agree



Absolute Rubbish - don't touch one


I was given one for fathers day but it wouldn't turn on. Went back to JBHI and the inlet socket was faulty. JBHI replaced the faulty socket but 2 days later the replacement has packed up. The camera keeps turning off. I emailed Parkmate but my complaint was ignored. DO NOT BUY THIS RUBBISH.



  • 2 reviews

Wish i could give zero stars




Has some bugs!



lesSydney Surrounds, NSW

  • 5 reviews

Mislead public due to poor manual


Hi Guys, I have one of these and unfortunately all the problems are not to do with the unit but poor explanation via the manual!
Hop onto the below website, and contact support, these guys are awesome!
Mine is working perfectly…
The product is excellent!!
The biggest complaint is (the unit turns its self-off and doesn’t record?
Well in actual fact you have screen saver turned on.. ( designed to help preserve battery and for night driving
The biggest problem is the manual! That’s why it got 4 stars
Anyhow contact the guys at Kapture!

Never Agauin

Never AgauinGisborne South

Power Keeps Tripping Off - Bad Quiality


The device power to the cigarette lighter is flaky and needs to be fiddled and twizzled to get a connection. Hiopeless. Luckily for ParkMate and JB Hi Fi - I can't be bothered taking it back so it is a paper weight. The connections are poor quality and bend very easily.



  • 7 reviews

Wouldn't even power up


Got this unit, read the reviews, thought "these people don't know how to set up the unit", that I would be able to get this sucker working.

I eat humble pie. Tried to test it, but the device wouldn't power up. Seems overall this is a really crap product. Will never touch this brand again.

Waste of money! Do not buy!


We recently bought the KPT-722 after the sales man who served us in JB Hi Fi talked this product up. Since getting it home and beginning to use it, we found it to be extremely hard to use and not what we were promised in a dash cam. The instructions do not make any sense and do not help at all. It stops recording after 30 seconds and you have to turn it back on while you are driving! (this can't be safe). Has anyone returned theirs and what was the outcome?





Bought it as an upgrade from a Uniden for wife's car as the Kapture had front and rear cameras. The Uniden is back on the front screen as the Kapture kept freezing, only resetting it would allow it to start recording again. Useless when she is driving by herself. I'm taking it back to JB HiFi Monday for a refund. Also was not real happy about the USB double adapter to get the power and rear camera connector joined to the front camera, this seems like a point of future failure to me. There's got to be better ones out there.



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Definitely Not VALUE FOR MONEY


I had exactly the same problem with the other guy reviewed. I dont understand why is it so expensive if it useless. It would stop recording for no reason everytime i have to turn off and back on again. Dude im on the road all the time how am i supposed to focus on the road if i have to do that over and over again. Why does it freeze for no reason? Why does it only record 1 min to 5 min then stop recording? Why is it so expensive if it doesnt do what it was supposed to do? Question is why why why why? Ps i paid over $200 for this so yer look just save yourself the hassle and dont buy this.

Terrible Quality And Software


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My camera is stuck on the last place I parked, I can't get the menu to come up to reset things, the sd card doesn't have anything since 2 months ago, only video no photos and I know pressed buttons to take photos.

2 answers
Mick D.
Mick D.

Sorry, cant help you on that! The only thing I can think to do is to reformat the SD card and hope that fixes things


Thanks Mick. My SD card must have been faulty as I couldn't even reformat it to FAT32
So I reset it and put a new sd card, working again.

Helen B.

Helen B.asked

I have a Kapture KPT 580 some how I have managed to set it to Russian ( I think) How do I restore it to english. ??

1 answer
Mick D.
Mick D.

Hi Helen
If you have the manual, go to step 8.5- language
If not, stop recording and go to menu setting and use the < > up/ down buttons to scroll and you should find the language settings. There is a manual on google if you type in kpt580 Language



My rear camera wont work when in setting it just keeps defaulting to off
Cheers Garry

1 answer
Mick D.
Mick D.

Sorry cant help you mate! Do what I did and throw it in the bin. Dont forget to take the card out. I forgot too :-(

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