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Rubbish - I agree

I agree the dash cam keeps turning itself off. As i pull out of my drive i will hear the sound it makes as it turns on or off and when i check the cam later it had stopped recording.
Also when ive been the passenger i have noticed the image is a frozen image and not recording.
I have reset all the settings over and over and still no good.
The worst thing is when you need it the most - Forget it use your phone.
The first time i was cut off on the freeway by someone speeding who had cut in front of me. When i got home i looked for the clip and yes this was one of the times it did do some recording but it cut out that important moment when we were cut off, both front and rear.
The second time i needed the video clip was when someone heading towards me was on the wrong side of the road and when i checked for the video clip it was not even recorded.
Not happy paying near $200 for something that does not do what it is advertised to do.

Absolute Rubbish - don't touch one

I was given one for fathers day but it wouldn't turn on. Went back to JBHI and the inlet socket was faulty. JBHI replaced the faulty socket but 2 days later the replacement has packed up. The camera keeps turning off. I emailed Parkmate but my complaint was ignored. DO NOT BUY THIS RUBBISH.

Wish i could give zero stars

This dash cam is a joke for $198, you would be better off going back to the 80's and getting a disposable camera, the rear camera does not work most of the time, the menu function skips menu items so cannot be selected, the on and off delay does not work, options turn on and off at random, the cigarette lighter charger stops working randomly, the l.e.d lights on the front of the unit are utterly useless and the rear ones do not function at all, and the constant freezing up makes the camera likely to completely miss any crash that does occur.

My opinion is STAY AWAY do not buy this, this has to be by far the worst camera i have ever purchased, I purchased the unit from jb hifi of Bendigo, i will be returning this immediately for a refund.

Has some bugs!

This camera looks good, takes great videos, night time recording is not too bad. Has great features like loop recording, full hd video, rear camera, parking sensor, motion sensor, automatic startup on car start. But there are definitely some bugs in the software. If you set off the motion sensor or the parking sensor when you get in the car, it starts recording in that mode which turns off after 30 secs or so. So when you start up your car and drive off you think its recording but its not. If the recording is triggered by the car engine start then things are fine and it keeps recording until the engine is switched off. At the moment I have turned the motion and parking sensors off to make sure its recording while driving which is more important.

Mislead public due to poor manual

Hi Guys, I have one of these and unfortunately all the problems are not to do with the unit but poor explanation via the manual!
Hop onto the below website, and contact support, these guys are awesome!
Mine is working perfectly…
The product is excellent!!
The biggest complaint is (the unit turns its self-off and doesn’t record?
Well in actual fact you have screen saver turned on.. ( designed to help preserve battery and for night driving
The biggest problem is the manual! That’s why it got 4 stars
Anyhow contact the guys at Kapture!

Power Keeps Tripping Off - Bad Quiality

The device power to the cigarette lighter is flaky and needs to be fiddled and twizzled to get a connection. Hiopeless. Luckily for ParkMate and JB Hi Fi - I can't be bothered taking it back so it is a paper weight. The connections are poor quality and bend very easily.

Wouldn't even power up

Got this unit, read the reviews, thought "these people don't know how to set up the unit", that I would be able to get this sucker working.

I eat humble pie. Tried to test it, but the device wouldn't power up. Seems overall this is a really crap product. Will never touch this brand again.

Waste of money! Do not buy!

We recently bought the KPT-722 after the sales man who served us in JB Hi Fi talked this product up. Since getting it home and beginning to use it, we found it to be extremely hard to use and not what we were promised in a dash cam. The instructions do not make any sense and do not help at all. It stops recording after 30 seconds and you have to turn it back on while you are driving! (this can't be safe). Has anyone returned theirs and what was the outcome?


Bought it as an upgrade from a Uniden for wife's car as the Kapture had front and rear cameras. The Uniden is back on the front screen as the Kapture kept freezing, only resetting it would allow it to start recording again. Useless when she is driving by herself. I'm taking it back to JB HiFi Monday for a refund. Also was not real happy about the USB double adapter to get the power and rear camera connector joined to the front camera, this seems like a point of future failure to me. There's got to be better ones out there.

Definitely Not VALUE FOR MONEY

I had exactly the same problem with the other guy reviewed. I dont understand why is it so expensive if it useless. It would stop recording for no reason everytime i have to turn off and back on again. Dude im on the road all the time how am i supposed to focus on the road if i have to do that over and over again. Why does it freeze for no reason? Why does it only record 1 min to 5 min then stop recording? Why is it so expensive if it doesnt do what it was supposed to do? Question is why why why why? Ps i paid over $200 for this so yer look just save yourself the hassle and dont buy this.

Terrible Quality And Software

I recently bought the KPT-722 on boxing day as it said it was full HD and was 2 channel so I thought I would be getting a pretty decent camera that would cover me in an accident front and rear.
Was I wrong. Firstly the camera performed just ok in the day during fantastic lighting conditions, during the night you could not see anything more than a metre in front of you even in a well lit street. So the camera gets about a 1/5 on quality.
Secondly the software wasn't great and that meant the features didn't act as they were supposed to. If I shut the door of the car before the car was started the dash cam would trigger from the G sensor (it does this so in the parking lot if someone hits you it will start recording) and then when I started the car the camera would freeze and wouldn't record or only record for a minute before freezing.
The camera wouldn't continuously record like it was supposed to when it had power to it, I would be constantly checking to see if the record light was flashing and most of the time it wasn't so I would have to shut the camera down then unplug it to get it to start itself up again. 0/5 for software as I couldn't trust it to get footage which is its purpose now isn't it?
Stay clear and get a streetguardian sg9665gc the sony image sensor is incredible and puts this cams day footage to shame even during the night!

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Questions & Answers

My Kapture KP722 has stopped working all together. Autobarn who fitted this camera have said that the connection to the swivel mount suction cup has broken contacts and needs replacing. Unfortunately for me, Autobarn have said that the replacement suction cup swivel mount has been upgraded from a mini USB to a micro USB power connection so the whole front & rear camera power cables have to be replaced at my cost of $200 plus $45 for the new mount. Just average products with average warranties.
No answers

My rear camera has disappeared from screen and maybe not working
No answers

Can you buy replacement sticky pads for this?
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Kapture KPT-722
CategoryDash Cams
Price (RRP) $169.00
Screen Size 2.7"
Viewing Angle 160°
Camera Resolution1080p (Full HD)
Channels 1
FeaturesAutomatic Incident Detection (G-sensor), Microphone/Audio Recording and Motion Detection
Memory TypeMicroSD card
Dimensions 103 x 51 x 40 mm
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)

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  • MPN: KPT-722

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