3Aptamil Feed Thickener

Aptamil Feed Thickener

3Aptamil Feed Thickener

77 reviews

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77 reviews
77 reviews

Causes sever constipation after 2 days of use

My bub is 5 weeks old and suffered from reflux and spitting up. I was recommended to try this formula, I found it helped reflux but caused severe constipation to point my bub was going red in face and in pain trying to poo and her poos were like solid marble balls after just 2 days of use. Would never recommend this and now my bubbah has blood in her poo from straining I'm extremely upset.

Kkay6 posts

Highly recommended for reflux babies!

Easy to use(I use just one scoop with every feed as baby is on reflux meds too)

Better alternative to AF formulas which can be too thick & requires teat changes.

1 tin lasts me two weeks (may vary depending on dosage)

If you find your baby choking , struggling with wind pain etc.. than I highly recommend this!

Appliance junkie
Appliance junkieMelbourne, Victoria11 posts

Good for reflux babies

Good for thickening formulas for reflux babies. Don't have to change formula to anti reflux formula. Easy to prepare.


Caused runny poos in the first 48 hrs after introducing thickener. Poo with every feed. After 48 hrs - 72 hrs it changed slightly towards constipation. So I used half of recommended dose so constipation got better. But use recommended dose depends on the severity of baby's reflux or swallowing difficulty.

Might need to use stool softeners or lactulose if constipated for more than 3 days.

KelliebNSW, 27492 posts

Helped my little one

I finally started using this when Bub was 4 months old, he was already on Losec but still vomiting after every feed of S26 Gold, and it was suggested I try thickener. (Bub was happy and putting on weight so doc and pharmacist said not to change formula)

I really wanted to avoid constipation and tummy aches, so I started slowly, with only half a scoop in 2 out of 6 bottles having thickener added for the first week, then 3 the next week, 4 the following week (no thickener added for his midnight bottle) and it worked really well.

I now add about 3/4 of a scoop in each bottle and he is going really well, still some small vomits but nothing like before.

Highly recommend trying it if you are having vomiting issues, but introduce it slowly!

Kh1Brisbane8 posts
Aptamil   DM   

Hi Kh1, sorry to hear you're struggling. Give us a call on 1800 060 057 and we'd be happy to help you choose the right thing for bubba. Kind regards - Nutricia Careline

pammornington9 posts

Thickens smoothies

I use this to thicken my smoothies and soups and it is amazing. You can't taste it and it works like a dream. Cup-a-soup with vegies and thickener becomes a meal in a cup. Awesome. Watery smoothies becomes thick and filling. Great for weight loss. You don't need cornflower you just need this...

Shay I
Shay IMelbourne10 posts

Didn't work for me

My baby has acid reflux and nothing seemed to help so I thought I'll try to thicken his formula and breastmilk as well. I got Aptamil thickener and for the first few feeds it was fine and then my baby started to have really bad diarrhoea. He wouldn't be able to finish his bottle and will start having diarrhoea in between (and this is every feed!). When this started happening it also stopped helping with his reflux and he started throwing up as well as pooing so Bub constantly started to get hungry. I've stopped giving this and now have started with rice cereal. All babies are different and I'm sure this product has worked for other parents out there but unfortunately not for me.


Works great for my bub!

My bubby had reflux. Had tried 2 different AR formulas and both gave her diarrhoea. Changed to lactose free formula but refluz started again. Added thickener and it made an immediate difference. Bit of trial and error when it came to figuring out the balance of enough thickener to stop the chucking but not too much to clog the teats. Occasionally have an issue where it clogs the teat but i just run hot water through the teat or swap to another one. Using 2 scoops per 120ml of formula. Also use MAM anti colic bottles with size 2 teats for my 2 month old. Definitely glad my doctor suggested this thickener!

AmyPerth, WA7 posts
Angela Gregory
Angela GregoryAU

Terrible product

I tried this product as my baby boy has reflux and it just made eveything worse. My poor little bubba ended up constipated, he would scream in pain when he tried to pass wind and every time he would throw up he would choke as it was too thick even though I used LESS than what was recommended.

I would not recommend this product to anyone

LukeSouth East Queensland, QLD4 posts

Good for my baby girl Maple

We were using S 22 gold and made my baby constipated and keep us up all night with her crying and teying to poo but switching to this product has been a great she can poo and fart so much more easily now but found the formula thickened really quickly so just added a bit more water and now it's good as Australia winning gold haha..

KbabyAdelaide2 posts
Jess7 posts

Not recommended

I was recommended this product by my local Pharmacist due to my 4 week old baby having reflux and regurgitation. Recommended dosage is way too thick and won't come out of bottle teats. My Little one already suffers from wind and is on infacol to help him burp. Found that this feed thickener prevents him from burping and does not stop the regurgitation as a result. Only plus would be that it makes him feel fuller, but he cannot burp with this in his formula. Difficult to recommend. Going to return this to my local Pharmacy tomorrow.

Aptamil   DM   
ShelleyDarling Downs, QLD3 posts


My 9 week old with cow protein allergy and reflux was put on this to alleviate symptoms. It gave her explosive watery stools, bloated belly and she threw up thick mucous which she choked on. After 3 days of using it we threw it in the bin.

I don't recommend this product for babies with CPA and reflux.

Aptamil   DM   
JuleahPerth, WA2 posts

worst constipation

My 7 week old has reflux, this we suggested to me. First few days out was great no more reflux, then he started to get really bad wind that would keep him up still night wriggling. Now he's crying like I've never seen before, his poo was hard as a rock. Will not be using this product

Aptamil   DM   
MtrBallarat43 posts

Thickens feeds but isn't perfect

Does what it says - thickens feeds. Helped somewhat with my daughter's reflux but didn't completely solve the problem, just made her spew thicker. I only use the minimum recommended amount as anything more constipates her. Doesn't always mix well and sometimes clogs teats, even when using faster teats as recommended.

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M. Turmer
M. TurmerMelbourne2 posts

Its amazing love love love it

My little bub had silent reflux and constantly screamed we had her on medication and I decided to try added karicare thickener to her bottles and then we could start weaning her off the medication only disadvantage is its hard to find I think suppliers are having trouble getting it but its amazing stuff take the leap and try it we tried everything before this changing formulas and all she is also on karicare so 150ml bottles to 1scoop of thickener :)


Hate it !

Stopped the reflux but caused him to have very bad wind pain in the morning, not a happy baby !! Even when used 1/2 of what doctor advised, would not recommend it to anyone who has a baby with digestive issues like mine, currently on nan comfort as nothing else seemed to work.
Stopped reflux
Wind pains !
maraismelbourne2 posts

Good for my bub

Used this for my little bub who was 6 weeks premmie and non stopping refluxing BM. I used it as a paste with every feed and it didnt stop the reflux but it did help him to not snack feed for comfort. I found with the fuller feeling he slept longer and the reflux was less frequent. He still needed Losec but i would recommend it

Net..3Perth5 posts

Not good for my bubs

I have attempted to use this product twice now on 2 different children. It caused my lb to have really bad wind and pain. And on my lg very unsettled, severe wind and pain while passing very smelly wind, lots of discussing smelly watery poos. It did however stop her reflux, but the problems it caused were worse. It is different for every child but I personally wouldn't recommend this product from my experiences.
Did stop silent reflux
Bad wind pain, disgusting poo, smelly farts.

No good for my man

My little guy suffers from reflux and has been on Losec for the last 14 weeks. I was hoping to reduce his Losec dose and use thickener to help keep his reflux pain down, he has silent reflux so the vomiting isn't so much of a problem. He is exclusively on EBM. After 2 days of using the thickener he was so badly constipated he was waking through the night screaming with pain and then this morning in his very small plastercene poo, there was blood specs all through it. Maybe I was using it for the wrong thing - appears to help the regurgitation symptoms more than reflux. Also blocked up my fast flow teats, was using 2-3 per feed to keep the milk coming.
It caused too much of a reaction
ReneeCentral Queensland, QLD7 posts

OK product

I found this product reduced my baby's vomiting but didn't stop it completely. The most annoying thing is that it constantly clogged the teats during feeding, even using the fast flow teats. Caused my baby to have extremely runny, repugnant poos. Mixed it with Aptimal Gold. I am looking for an alternative product.
Reduced vomiting
Hard to find. Gave baby runny repugnant poos. Clogged teats.

did you ever find an alternative product?

KatrinaMelbourne2 posts

This has caused severe colic in my 3 week old

I bought this to try after my MCH nurse suggested it for my 3 week old daughter who has bad reflux and is EBF. I mixed it up as per directions for breastfed babies and only used it 3 times in 30 hours and it has caused her to become extremely unsettled and gassy. It did help with the reflux, however the colic is much worse and anyone with a baby with colic knows what I'm talking about, I would rather my baby chuck up than be screaming in pain.
It did help with the reflux
Does not advise of side effects eg. colic, gassy.

Fantastic Product

I was reccommended to put my bub aged 5 weeks on reflux medication, as he was so little i wanted to try other things before the meds, i started using this and it helped his reflux so much and he vomits no where near as much as he used to :) it also helped him last the full 3-3.5hrs inbetween feeds and he is now gaining the correct amount of weight and is sleeping longer i am still using this product and he is 13 weeks old.
Helped reflux & Helped keep him fuller for longer helping him sleep more
Kim07AU6 posts
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rjhowieMELBOURNE5 posts


We used this for my premmie baby with his special medicated formula, and it was the only thing that kept his feeds down and settled. It was amazing. I couldn't believe the difference in him and he thrived from there on in. I definitely recommend this if you have a refluxer, a spewy baby or an unsettled baby wanting to feed more than they should. Under guidance from medical professionals of course.
Easy, price efficient option to helping my baby over medication.
Needed to be in a bigger tin.
ChekersMELBOURNE2 posts

Worked really well!

I tried the feed thickner as my six month old was always chucky after a feed and as a mum with two kids you cannot always hold them upright for 30 mins after each feed. I gave the thickner a try and really made a difference with how much my baby brought back up after each feed.
Easy to use and really helped.
Made it very thick, I just reduced the amount a bit.
Proud-Mum-to-oneAU6 posts
EizabethCanberra 2600, ACT15 posts

Essential if your bub has reflux

This is the only thing that worked my bub, as she has been suffering from silent reflux since 3 weeks of age. We tried gavsison (there was an improvement), AR formula (S26 Gold) which seemed to make it worse, even introducing solids at 14 weeks (under advice from our GP) and being prescribed Zantac liquid. This truly says what it says it will, and we have a much a happier bub, no more screaming in pain in her sleep and during feeds.

Not always easy to find.

misterixoxoQld, 486916 posts

Good for reflux babies

Used this in conjunction with Nan HA and was a pretty awesome combination. A bit fiddly with amounts as you don't need much, but it won't constipate as some thickeners do. My son's reflux was too severe and he needed to be on several medications at once and eventually a prescription formula, but noticed an improvement after using this. Didn't go to waste, as it can be used to make fruit gels and thicken yogurts when introducing solids.
Won't constipate baby, add it to the formula you find works for baby or breastmilk. Better than premade AR formulas.
Adds a bit of extra cost on feeding your reflux baby. Fiddly dosing.
husky2blueMetropolitan Adelaide, SA12 posts

Turned the tide

Our 9 week old (bottle fed) had been suffering pain and discomfort usually after feeds and was generally hard to settle. It was obvious something wasn't quite right. In the 4 days since using this product the change has been instant. He feeds faster, greater quantities and has little/no discomfort post feed. Would recommend that medium/fast flow bottle teats are used as the standard generally wont cope with the added thickness of the liquid.

Nutricia does make seperate formula for colic and reflux, it would be interesting to know if either of these were simply the standard formula mixed with the thickening agent.
Worked for us and simple to use.
None found to date

dbsmumNSW, 274924 posts


This stuff is liquid gold! I went from using 3-4 bibs per bottle, to using only one, instantly. This stuff is amazing. This has been terrific in helping my reflux bub keep his formula down. I have been using it for about 5months now and have never had an issue with it. I buy it for $16 per tin which lasts about 2.5weeks.

My paed and GP both advised that adding thickener to formula is better than buying the pre-thickened anti-reflux formula as this way you can adjust the thickness level to suit your bub.
reasonably priced, works extremely well
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orion321MELBOURNE4 posts

Been a life saver for my baby

My baby started throwing up from week2 onwards. He was not gaining any weight and was below his birth weight. The aptamil thickener was recommended by our nurse and i cant thank her enough. My baby gained weight steadily and has been throwing up a lot less since then. He's 14 weeks old and is still on it.
Constipates my baby at times
aussiecarlaAU2 posts


At first A was keeping everything down, but she has started bringing some up again, but no where near as bad as what it was before.

I love that I can continue to give my baby breastmilk by adding this product.
I love this product. Little A developed reflux after her first vaccinations at 7 weeks old. I was breastfeeding & top ups with formula. She would bring up Bottle feeds & breastfeeds.

With this I could express my breastmilk & thicken it up with this product to keep it down.

Mama_KSydney Surrounds, NSW28 posts


DD was not settling on any formula. Nothing worked. She was vomiting non stop. We tried everything from AR to lactose free,to goat milk, u name it, s26, karicare, Heinz. Nothing worked. Ar was too thick, baby was struggling to drink it and other products made her vomit. I finally decided to try Karicare food thickener, was absolutely awesome, Baby was sooooo happy, no vomiting and no more smelly clothes. she wasn't having upset tummy. Being using it for 1 month now, never looked back. Baby now is 3 and a half months.She's been bottle feeding since she was 6 weeks and was never happy and I couldn't breastfeed properly. This product is God-sent.
I absolutely Love it. Wish I found out about it earlier.
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mountainsmum93 posts


This was a lifesaver for my husband and myself before our daughter started solids. We didn't want to put our baby on medication to help with the reflux problems, so when we were recommended this we were hopeful. Thankfully it worked well. My daughter took the thickener well and her reflux was very much reduced. I would definitely recommend it to anyone needing to help their child with reflux problems.
Helped us a lot with a silent reflux problem. Can create into a paste with breast milk and given via syringe, to help thicken the feed while breastfeeding, so don't have to rely on formula in cases such as with silent reflux.
Need to make sure paste isn't too thick as baby's can choke.
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