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Aptamil Feed Thickener

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69 reviews
  • Value for Money
    3.4 (13)
  • Breastfed Child Yes (14%) · No (86%)
  • Easy to PrepareYes (93%) · No (7%)
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  • 6 reviews

Great for reflux babies


EizabethCanberra 2600, ACT

  • 12 reviews

Essential if your bub has reflux


This is the only thing that worked my bub, as she has been suffering from silent reflux since 3 weeks of age. We tried gavsison (there was an improvement), AR formula (S26 Gold) which seemed to make it worse, even introducing solids at 14 weeks (under advice from our GP) and being prescribed Zantac liquid. This truly says what it says it will, and we have a much a happier bub, no more screaming in pain in her sleep and during feeds.

Not always easy to find.


misterixoxoQld, 4869

  • 16 reviews

Good for reflux babies.


Used this in conjunction with Nan HA and was a pretty awesome combination. A bit fiddly with amounts as you don't need much, but it won't constipate as some thickeners do. My son's reflux was too severe and he needed to be on several medications at once and eventually a prescription formula, but noticed an improvement after using this. Didn't go to waste, as it can be used to make fruit gels and thicken yogurts when introducing solids.
Won't constipate baby, add it to the formula you find works for baby or breastmilk. Better than premade AR formulas.
Adds a bit of extra cost on feeding your reflux baby. Fiddly dosing.

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  • 8 reviews

Turned the tide


Our 9 week old (bottle fed) had been suffering pain and discomfort usually after feeds and was generally hard to settle. It was obvious something wasn't quite right. In the 4 days since using this product the change has been instant. He feeds faster, greater quantities and has little/no discomfort post feed. Would recommend that medium/fast flow bottle teats are used as the standard generally wont cope with the added thickness of the liquid.

Nutricia does make seperate formula for colic and reflux, it would be interesting to know if either of these were simply the standard formula mixed with the thickening agent.
Worked for us and simple to use.
None found to date


dbsmumNSW, 2749

  • 21 reviews



This stuff is liquid gold! I went from using 3-4 bibs per bottle, to using only one, instantly. This stuff is amazing. This has been terrific in helping my reflux bub keep his formula down. I have been using it for about 5months now and have never had an issue with it. I buy it for $16 per tin which lasts about 2.5weeks.

My paed and GP both advised that adding thickener to formula is better than buying the pre-thickened anti-reflux formula as this way you can adjust the thickness level to suit your bub.
reasonably priced, works extremely well


I've just started using this, and it's great! Can I put it in every bottle, or should ot only be used once or twice daily?


it can be used in every bottle :)


It is very thick and my grandson is having to suck really hard we have changed the teat size but not sure how fast the flow should be any pointers please??



  • 4 reviews

Been a life saver for my baby


My baby started throwing up from week2 onwards. He was not gaining any weight and was below his birth weight. The aptamil thickener was recommended by our nurse and i cant thank her enough. My baby gained weight steadily and has been throwing up a lot less since then. He's 14 weeks old and is still on it.
Constipates my baby at times



  • 2 reviews



At first A was keeping everything down, but she has started bringing some up again, but no where near as bad as what it was before.
I love that I can continue to give my baby breastmilk by adding this product.
I love this product. Little A developed reflux after her first vaccinations at 7 weeks old. I was breastfeeding & top ups with formula. She would bring up Bottle feeds & breastfeeds.
With this I could express my breastmilk & thicken it up with this product to keep it down.


Mama_KSydney Surrounds, NSW

  • 19 reviews



DD was not settling on any formula. Nothing worked. She was vomiting non stop. We tried everything from AR to lactose free,to goat milk, u name it, s26, karicare, Heinz. Nothing worked. Ar was too thick, baby was struggling to drink it and other products made her vomit. I finally decided to try Karicare food thickener, was absolutely awesome, Baby was sooooo happy, no vomiting and no more smelly clothes. she wasn't having upset tummy. Being using it for 1 month now, never looked back. Baby now is 3 and a half months.She's been bottle feeding since she was 6 weeks and was never happy and I couldn't breastfeed properly. This product is God-sent.
I absolutely Love it. Wish I found out about it earlier.



  • 91 reviews



This was a lifesaver for my husband and myself before our daughter started solids. We didn't want to put our baby on medication to help with the reflux problems, so when we were recommended this we were hopeful. Thankfully it worked well. My daughter took the thickener well and her reflux was very much reduced. I would definitely recommend it to anyone needing to help their child with reflux problems.
Helped us a lot with a silent reflux problem. Can create into a paste with breast milk and given via syringe, to help thicken the feed while breastfeeding, so don't have to rely on formula in cases such as with silent reflux.
Need to make sure paste isn't too thick as baby's can choke.

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Questions & Answers



Hi my 16 month old has dysphagia and we have been using this product for thickening her milk for a year. Now she takes water as well can we use this product to thicken her water drinks to the same consistency? She cant tolerate thin liquids

3 answers
Nutricia CarelineAptamil

Hi Emma, we would recommend that you give us a call on our Careline to discuss the specific needs of your daughter. You can ring us on 1800 438 500. We look forward to hearing from you soon! - Amanda


My 8 week old soon is using this product for reflux, but has become constipated, how can I stop that from happening ?

Nutricia CarelineAptamil

Hi Katie, we would recommend that you give us a call on our Careline to discuss the specific needs of your baby. We require a bit more information such as how much feed thickener you are using and which formula you are mixing it with, to make a recommendation. You can contact us on 1800 438 500, or live chat us at www.aptanutrition.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you soon! - Amanda, Nutricia Careline.



How many times a day can I put thickener in his bottle?

1 answer
Nutricia CarelineAptamil

Hi Lana, You can use the Aptamil Feed Thickener in every bottle to help control baby's reflux. Cheers Sue Careline Nutritionist.



hi team, just after 24 hours of feed our little man is not pooing at all, which he used to 2-3 times before. Is it common?
We used only on the expressed breast milk.


1 answer
Nutricia CarelineAptamil

Hi Ram, thank you for getting in touch. This can be normal. However, could I suggest you give the Careline a call so that we can ask a few more questions please? Warm regards - Lucie Careline Midwife 1800 438 500

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