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21Karicare Goat

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153 reviews
JLeeBrisbane12 posts

my kid love it

used this from friend recommendation.

Always hears that Goat formula is better , so gave it a try from birth of my two babies. THey take it without problems, so hopefully it is doing them good in the future as this is 30% expansive than other brands and cow's formula in general.

Problem is they are always in shortage , one of the reason is exported to China by bulk buyers who makes profit buying and posting to China for profitable margins.

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Liang10 posts

Good for baby

This formula is the closest formula to milk. My baby used to drink this formula since childhood, he is healthy & strong now. If the baby allergic to milk powder can try to drink goat milk powder. The only drawback is that this milk powder is often out of stock, and the price is expensive.

KateRozelle4 posts

Suits my baby just right

It is important to try lots of different formulas to see which one works bets for your baby. There is a lot on the market and after my baby had runny poo and lots of wet eczema on the chest we were booked into Westmead for a skin test and they recommended to try goat milk formula. It settled the baby and cleared lots of eczema. We are happy with the product so far so good.

Guri S
Guri S

life saver ❤ I did try so many different ones but karicare goat milk is the best one

it's really gentle on tummy .my bubba loves it. I couldn't find any side effects. it's the best formula milk so far I found. I did try almost every different brand but my bubba didn't like any of them .kept refusing drink but karicare goat milk is the best one.

BiancandEveAU21 posts

Best formula we’ve tried!

Tried all different types of formula and my son was never settled and couldn’t bring up his wind, with Karicare goats milk he has been a different baby, so settled, starting sleeping through the night and just a happy baby... has been a life changer! Would recommend to everyone! Only issues is how expensive it is and hard to find in stock!

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KereenSouth East Queensland, QLD10 posts
JF77Melbourn2 posts

Ok formula but doesn't suit my baby

I switched formula from nestle nan ha to karicare goat milk due to eczema issue. Baby has no problems taking karicare goat milk, however the eczema problem still exists and his poo is much drier ( constipation). Just not the right formula for my baby. Will have to find another brand formula which works with my baby. BTW, the lady from the karicare helpline was very patient and provided very informative advice.

CjkiMelbourne8 posts

Ok but expensive

We ended up trying almost every formula available on the market. This one was not too bad as it did help our baby with his reflux, however he did not seem settled on this formula. For some reason he would not sleep through the night. We ended up on nan ha.

H238Melbourne3 posts

Our baby loves it!

We have tried many formulas as I stopped bf'ing when our baby was 3 months old. We found Karicare to suit our baby's stomach the best as it is very gentle. It is a bit pricey but works really well without giving any stomach aches, air or other issues! Love it

VistaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC13 posts

Baby loves this formula

The comments below was based on our own experience and not constitute any advice.

Good formula and little baby loves it. I feel this formula is Okay in term of digestion. No constipation was developed.

We will continue using this formula.

The price of this formula is a bit high, $33.00 per can flat rate at Coles or Woolies. Never see any promotion going on. Hopefully to see some discounts to reward hard working mums.

SairsWAU6 posts

Good quality and easy to mix

I have used this formula for two of my three babies, with allergies to cows milk. Initially, it was very hard to find this one, but luckily more places are stocking it these days. Unlike other formulas we have used in the past, this one mixes easy without too much shaking, making it easier to use when out and about. The flat edge of the tin also makes it easy to fill the scoop and scrape it off level, all one handed (a very handy feature!). Allergy issues aside - my children never experienced any side effects or reactions to this formula.

Linda MK
Linda MKWestern sydney30 posts

My 1 year old loves it

We have been using karicare goat milk formula ever since my daughter was 4 months old. It has served her well, she has no issues with it. My choice with goat milk was because my daughter became constipated with the S26 gold. It has been a great switch and the only issue is trying to purchase this product. Don't let your last can of formula run out as it can be a week wait to locate one. Only chemist warehouse and woolies sell these. I haven't seen them anywhere else.

I definitely recommend this product.

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SenaSouth East Queensland, QLD5 posts


Easy to prepare, my baby enjoys it and his poos have been the same as he was on breastmilk. His otjer formula made his poos really smelly. Only downside would be the price as it can be quite expensive, my newborn seems to go through 1 1/2 cans a week.

KelvinMelbourne4 posts

My baby loves it!

This is a great product and puts a huge smile on my face seeing my baby happily take this formula. I have recommended this product to several family and friends, each with great feedback. This is also easier on the baby's stomach, as I noticed better looking results. Overall, A+ product.

DaveSunshine Coast4 posts

Good Product, Baby love it!

This formula is really easy to prepare, the test is good, my baby likes it very much. It is not a cheap one, in fact, it is expensive than others, but so far, it is the best one. My baby also use Aptamil gold+ for a week, but he didn't like it, so I change to this formula.

WallySydney2 posts

Gentle on baby's digestion and baby seems to like it

Overall, good product. I understand goats milk to be a little easier on baby's tummy and this has proved correct. Some of the other non goat's milk formula I've used has caused a lot of wind for the bub, but this one seemed to be the most suitable for ours.

The formula is relatively easy to prepare and dosage instructions are easy to remember (1 scoop = 50 mls). However it gets hard if you want to mix a little more or less (eg. 75ml or 125ml) as the scoop is not very conducive for this.

Overall, baby seems to enjoy it. We've tried switching to other brands but he just didn't like it and his intake visibility reduced. decent product that I would recommend

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BlossomAdelaide15 posts

Lactose Free

My niece used Karicare + Goat 1 as her baby was lactose intolerant. Other formulas caused constant tummy pains and vomitting of a large portion of her feed and she wasn't gaining weight. Her baby loved it and improved very quickly. It is as easy to prepare as any other Formula. Her only problem was availability as other people were bulk buying and on selling it to other people. When she went interstate for a holiday she took 2 extra cans back with her, as on occasion when I was up there staying she had to ring around to find some. 1 1/2 hour round trip to buy some on one occasion was not enjoyable in the Wet Season

SANDY4 posts

This one is good, my sun like it

Yes, this formula is easy to prepare. This baby formula is very well, my sun likes it. But it is very hard to get it ,only woolworths and chemist warehouse have this baby formula. But it is always no shock. I need to go to different shops to buy them.

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This is good for kids. Good taste

This formula is easy to prepare. My baby likes it very much. It tastes good. It is easy to digest. There is no side effect in my baby. My baby says this formula tastes like biscuit. It is easy to melt. My baby drinks twice a day. 350ml a day.

ArefinSydney10 posts

My baby likes i

One thing I can say about this formula milk. My 22 months son likes it. It's expensive than other formula milks but so far I got this is the best one. We also use NAN comfort 3 sometime for our baby. Parents should be careful about goat milk. Goat milk can be allergic to some babies.

Shakey Shen
Shakey ShenKeysborbough4 posts
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excellent product

this baby formula easy to prepare and my baby boy loves to drink it. My baby boy grows big with this baby formula.

it is most like breast milk and easy to absorb. it is very hard to purchase because many people buying it and it is very expensive. I believe it is worth the money.

AmyBrisbane4 posts

it's good, but still not quite well

totally is a good product, however, after the first several times my baby had constipation problem. Finally, I had to choose another brand. maybe it is because of the goat milk, someone told me goat milk is not suitable for every baby, so if you are willing to try this product, get a sample first could be a good choice.

Bo Z.
Bo Z.Wollongong4 posts

Perfect for newborn baby!

My first baby drank it before myself milk is enough. It is easy to prepare and melt into the warm water quickly. It is also easy for my baby to digest. And the first baby grows in a healthy condition. I have already store some cans for my second baby.

VVVSydney3 posts

Great formula

My baby loves this formula, it has a really smooth texture and it makes it so easy to prepare. It is very easy to dissolve in the water, and it seems my baby grows faster when she is on goat milk formula. However, it is not easy to buy goat formula everywhere, not every supermarket stocks it.

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CrystalSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

This is perfect for little ones

DS loves this formula since he was born. It is easy to prepare and no need to add probiotics, cause goat milk is easy for little belly to absorb. The only thing is that it is a little bit more expensive than other formula, but it is worth every cent.

Vivian J
Vivian JMelbourne4 posts

Goat milk

I heard the goat milk is the most close to breat milk. So when my breast milk is not enough, I bought it for my daughter. But she doesn't seem like it at all. It tasted strange like a little bit strong. And her dad finished it to avoid waste.

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wiltaustinxuAU4 posts
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One of the best choices for children between 1-2 years old!!!

In fact, most 'ANZ' formulas are easy to prepare, it doesn't make it harder to prepare a bottle of milk from goat. Personally speaking it's a bit expensive and hard to buy from supermarkets, that's why many parents have to give up, but as long as you can buy it at reasonable price for the enjoy of your child and little side-effects, all that price worth it.

Vicky.LHurstville4 posts

Wonderful Product for allergic babys

My friend gave a birth to her baby who is allergic to milk powder. I have asked the professional people who told me she can try goat powder, which nutrition is close to breast milk and easy for baby to absorb and digest. I saw 2 tins in the supermarket shelf, and I bought the goat formula to her as gifts when I visited her home two months ago. However, it is not easy to find the goat formula because it is costly than normal or gold Aptamil milk powder. My friend told me that apparently the goat formula not only improved her baby skin problems, but also seems like the baby has good tummy functions with less crying. She hasn't noticed any side effects for her baby yet. But it is a really good product for sensitive tummy function babies.

AliciaMelbourne9 posts

great formula

I bought it from Clayton central pharmacy. It is very easy to prepare and my baby seems to enjoy it. Goat milk formula is expensive but it really worth a try. It is easy to digest, does not smell. It is especially good for babies who experience constipation with cow's milk.

DannieSydney, NSW5 posts

Perfect for my baby

My baby is allergic to me normal milk, so we used goat milk, it is much easier to prepare as it dissolve in water quickly and no lumps. My daughter love the taste as well. No side effects at all for my baby . Now I m using for my younger son as well

KeyHMelbourne4 posts

A wonderful baby formula

I heard this one is the best formula that close to breast milk. I tried but my baby didn't like it. However, it is easy to prepare and good for babies with some problems. I dont know if there are any side effects in your baby since he didnt drink much. It is still a good product.

CherryLyndhurst4 posts

Great product

My son have a very bad skin problems and very sensitive to other bands of formulas . But this one is really solve my problems and it very easy to feed because it have a great taste! Also it is very easy to prepare as well . Really helpful! Will keep purchasing!

Rachel. B
Rachel. BRichmond5 posts
  Verified 3

Excellent for baby allergic to milk

I tried different brands of formula to my baby,finally I found he is allergic to milk. Then I tried this. It tasted too too too much better than I think! and baby love it very much. He poo very regular after taking goat formula, and did not have any other problems

NigelSydney4 posts

close to breast milk

I personally think this is the best baby formula for newborn babies as the nutrients is close to breast milk. The goat taste is not that hard to get used to as I thought. It was very easy to buy the stage 1 for newborn babies, then sometimes quite difficult to find stage 2 and 3 from the supermarkets.


Its good!

Very easy to prepare, no hassles. My baby was hesitant at first to try, but later enjoyed it more as she got used to it. I have not seen any side effects so far which is a relief- the previous formula didn't suit her tummy well! Been using it for a little over 4 months now.

nitaDee Why9 posts

Works great

When we moved on from breastfeeding I just got a cows milk formula not thinking anything of it, but after a few weeks my daughter started getting bad eczema, red rash around her eyes and upset tummy. It took me a while to work out what was causing our problems, a friend told me to try a goats formula I tried this one and all our problems seemed to go away. It is not hard to mix and my child seems to love it.

The only thing I would say that is not so great about this product is the fact that it is sometimes really hard to find. I have at times had to call different stores to try and find stock

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Lea-Anne B
Lea-Anne BSunshine Coast

This was a brilliant option digested it easily

Very easy to prepare no lumps undisolved. baby drank with out fussing or wind problems, easily digested without constipation issues.I would recommend trying this option of goats milk base formula; if your baby has intolerance to other types of formula this is one to try.i found this formula a little dearer however i stopped spending money on other medications for constipation and relux therefore i found it to be worth the extra price.

RosaCamberwell, Melbourne3 posts

Finally the perfect formula for my child

Love this formula. When I was using it, it was a bit hard to find, but when I found it, it changed the way my baby was, I found it very calming and helped very much with silent reflux. I tried a few formulas and found his one the best.

ALSSydney, NSW6 posts

easy to digest

After struggling with a sensitive tummy this is so easy to digest and has worked wonders with a previously gassy little one. It's a great option for those looking to avoid soy which was present in the other goats milk formulas I could find. You pay a premium but it works.

CeeJayCanberra2 posts
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