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Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron Questions & Answers

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Hi, I am looking to replace my current straightener (a GHD). After 3 years it has become much weaker and I am no longer satisfied with the way my hair looks after I straighten it no matter how long I spend doing it. I have really thick, curly hair and was looking for something that would work well for my hair. I also straighten my hair every week and was looking for something that wouldn't damage it too much. Is there a specific hair straightener that you think may work best for me ? Also wondering what the material of the plates are and if you guys do any student discounts at all? Thanks, Marlin
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Don't buy Karmin I'm sure the reviews are fake. I had a GHD for 20 years and changed , BAD idea!

Hi, Where can I buy one? I live in Melbourne Australia. Thanks.
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I would like to know where as well :(eBay or amazon

Yes I am wondering if these are false reviews as I have purchased one and it isn't the best quality, received a replacement as the pink on the tool has stains and the next one is the same. Purchased through Karmin website. I am a bit disappointed to say the least. Does anyone know?
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My review is not false. I have had my product for many years and it still works like it did the first day I took it out of the box! I love my straightener.I'm so glad you pointed out the dates. Odd to have so many reviews on the same dates!! Thanks for your post as I'm having second thoughts on a purchase now. Dodgy. Edited to add I've seen some of the same reviews on Amazon....Word for word!http://fakespot.com/product/karmin-kmg3b-g3-pro-flat-iron-black

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