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Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron

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4.7 from 199 reviews

Love my Karmin!

Couldn't be happier. Keeps my hair straighter for longer compared to others I've owned. Heats almost instantly & smooth to use. Love love love it. Even friends who own dearer types have borrowed it as they liked it more.

Amazing product!

I had been using for a long time a hair styling iron from another brand with which I was very satisfied, but after reading good comments about this one I decided to give it a go. I don't regret the change at all!!! This iron does an excellent job with my abundant and curly hair. And I finish quite fast. I would recommend it for sure to anyone.

Awesome iron!

I absolutely love this flatiron. It does a fabulous job of smoothing out my hair without damaging it. I've owned several high end flat irons and this is definitely my favourite! I now look forward to straightening my hair!

Love it!

I have naturally curly hair and I absolutely Love this flat iron! It didn't take long to heat up and left my hair shiny and so soft! I'm glad I bought it :D ^_^

Exactly what I was looking for

This product is amazing, it is easy to use and fits well in my hand. It doesn't snag my hair like my old one did and it heats up very fast.
I had spent so much time looking for a flat iron and though this cost a pretty penny I would rather spend it on a good product that works well for years rather than one that breaks after a few months. I've been using this for about 4 or 5 months and I use it 1-2 times a week and it does an amazing job. Also the color and look is nice too (though that was not my priority when buying it - I got mine in white).
It has multiple heat settings and a little red light to indicate when it is done heating up. I definitely would recommend this to anyone looking for a good flat iron. Also my hair is fairly curly (it is between a 2c and 3a) and it is normal thickness (not thin but not super thick), also it is slightly longer than shoulder length by 1 or 2 inches and it takes me about 20 minutes to straighten all my hair with this flat iron.

Awesome styling iron!!!

I bought this styling iron sometime in July and have used it quite a lot since then. It heats up fast and straightens my hair the first time I pass it through, which is better than any flat iron I've had so far. It also shuts off if I forget to unplug it [which I do sometimes]. Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone! It works wonders for my hair!

Love it!

I love it so far it heats up so quickly I can choose the temperature my hair need, it also makes my hair smooth and sleek. I really recommend this KARMIN G3 PRO straightener.

Everything you could want in a flat iron!

Everything I wanted in a flat iron: ceramic plates, professional quality, quick heating, automatic shut-off, standard plug (no big boxes that cover both outlets) with swivel cord, temperature control, and 100-240 voltage, so great for travelling! Had mine for a few months now and it's been great!

Love this flat iron! Always leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny

I love this product! Heats up so fast and doesn't snag on my hair at all! I love that it automatically shuts itself off in 60 mins. Leaving me worry free.

Love this flat Iron

I love this iron, it gets super hot so it works fast and great. It makes my hair super silky and shiny yet is gentle and does not burn my hair. I have never had one work this good!!!! And it has an extra long cord which is great!

Not a happy customer

Owned the straightener for a few months and far from impressed, it keeps breaking down and having to go through warranty. It does not straighten as well as other brands I've tried and not too happy that it isn't a Australian company. I wouldn't recommend this straightener unfortunately.

Just love it!!!

Amazing product! I have never owned a hair iron before, I wish i had bought the Karmin G3 long before. Its amazing. Makes my hair silky and manageable. Heats super fast. I enjoy ironing my hair!! Worth every penny .

Love this!!

After trying so many styling irons, I just could not find one that would work for my thick hair without damaging. I'm so glad that I chose to purchase this one because in a lot less time I am able to get the results that I love! It heats fast and NO snagging!

Best straightener I have ever bought

This straightener does everything I want it to do, especially straightening my hair. It heats up quick, is reliable, and was worth the price. I will recommend this to all of my friends.

Best flat iron I've ever owned!

Great product! Heats up very quickly and never snags my hair! I have naturally wavy and frizzy hair but this iron makes my hair soft and silky. I straighten my hair so much so spending the money on this was well worth it.

Works wonderfully

I did a lot of research before purchasing this iron and decided to try this brand out because it had a lot of good reviews. So far I really like it. It works really well.

Love this styling iron!

I love this product. It heats up in seconds and glides over my hair. I have very thick curly hair and it leaves my hair smooth and straight without any kinks. I definitely recommend this product!

Would buy again!

Having owned many on my life, the G3 is a great balance. It heats up quickly, stays a relative constant temperature and leaves a sleek shine. I've owned it for over 6 months now and have only one issue, which is the cool down time.

I would buy another if needed!

Great Quality Product!

So far I am very please with this flat iron. It heats up fast. I will know better when I flat iron my hair in the winter time as I have curly hair that just won't stay straight in the Florida humidity. It doesn't snag my hair and does real well with my bangs. I have had lower quality irons before and am glad I made the choice to spend the extra money.

Good product!

I bought this product after my puppy chewed through the cord on my GHD. It's half the price and does a similar job! No complaints so far. Comes in fun colours too. Keeps my wavy hair straight and doesn't pull on my hair when I run it through.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I am looking to replace my current straightener (a GHD). After 3 years it has become much weaker and I am no longer satisfied with the way my hair looks after I straighten it no matter how long I spend doing it. I have really thick, curly hair and was looking for something that would work well for my hair. I also straighten my hair every week and was looking for something that wouldn't damage it too much. Is there a specific hair straightener that you think may work best for me ? Also wondering what the material of the plates are and if you guys do any student discounts at all? Thanks, Marlin
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Don't buy Karmin I'm sure the reviews are fake. I had a GHD for 20 years and changed , BAD idea!

Hi, Where can I buy one? I live in Melbourne Australia. Thanks.
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I would like to know where as well :(eBay or amazon

Yes I am wondering if these are false reviews as I have purchased one and it isn't the best quality, received a replacement as the pink on the tool has stains and the next one is the same. Purchased through Karmin website. I am a bit disappointed to say the least. Does anyone know?
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My review is not false. I have had my product for many years and it still works like it did the first day I took it out of the box! I love my straightener.I'm so glad you pointed out the dates. Odd to have so many reviews on the same dates!! Thanks for your post as I'm having second thoughts on a purchase now. Dodgy. Edited to add I've seen some of the same reviews on Amazon....Word for word!http://fakespot.com/product/karmin-kmg3b-g3-pro-flat-iron-black


G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron
Price (RRP) $229.95
Max Temperature240°C

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