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Kellogg’s All-Bran Original

Kellogg’s All-Bran Original

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Why Oh Why Oh Why!!


My staple breakfast for 40 years has changed beyond recognition. It is sweet and mushy and no longer aids my digestion. Please return to your original recipe for health's sake!

Purchased in April 2019 for $4.99.



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Let down


I have been making a fruit loaf which was an original recipe from Kellogg's using All Bran but after 20 years of cooking it they have changed and hardly rise in the oven despite making it exactly the same way. I am not surprised that they have changed the recipe. Very disappointing.

Purchased in February 2019 at waitrose.

New formula is awful!


I have used All Bran in my Bran Muffins for decades with great success. This new recipe of yours has changed the color, moistness and especially the flavor of my muffins for the worse! My muffins were delicious, but not anymore with your product.. I will have to find something else that will work. What was wrong with the original recipe? It's really too bad!

Purchased in October 2018 at Raleys for $4.89.

Thumbs Down on New Recipe


Color and consistency and flavor have changed. I use this product in my bran muffins for 30+years. I was thinking about buying another box to see if it was a fluke, but reading recent reviews, I now know I am not the only one disappointed.

Purchased in February 2019 at Local grocer for $4.50.

This new taste and texture SUCKS!!!


I’ve been eating a box a week,for years, due to digestive problems.
I’m so frustrated and disappointed
with Kellogs. New formulation taste like mushy graham crackers.
Have you people never heard the phrase...” If it’s not broken, don’t “FIX” it?? Since All Bran was the best natural solution to my problem, guess I’ll be making trip to doctor’s office for med script.
Thanks Kelloggs!

Purchased in February 2019.

Recipe Has changed


It was my staple breakfast cereal but now its way too sweet the recipe has definitely changed along with the packaging. I am on the look out for an own brand alternative, has anyone found something comparable with the old version?

Purchased in February 2019.


LizPWashington, DC

Recipe changed to sugary, pale brown mush!


Clearly the recipe has changed. It used to be darker brown, crisp and grainy, and full tasting. Now it is overly sweet, pale brown, and mushy. And it no longer does the trick. What a disappointment!

All bran texture was better before


yes I totally agree go back to the original taste and texture that was perfect for years. I am not sure I will still buy them it does not go back to the original formula.
Why did Kellogg changed it? Does someone knows?

Why did you change??!!


I LOVE all-bran muffins! Or at least used to. I couldn’t find all-bran in stores for awhile... now ... what i do buy isn’t the same... doesn’t make muffins like it used too!! Flavor and consistency is different! WE NOTICED .. go back.. or lose your consumer base...



Improves my IBS


Since I started to enjoy 1 cup of all bran every morning my Irritable Bowel Syndrome has improved immensely. I couldn't recommend it more highly. Thanks Kelloggs.

Recipe change


Have bought AllBran for years as the main ingredient in homemade bran muffins that I make. For the last few purchases I’ve noticed the texture of the bran is different, and doesn’t bake as well. The “dust “ everyone complains about has always been in the box due to settling, but Please—-go back to the old recipe. Don’t be like Coca Cola. It didn’t work out well for them.


RoseKeilor Downs, Vic

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Since new package


Since the new package, box is flimsy, plastic bag is cheap and does bot hold the cereal properly and more dust than before. But cost is not cheaper.

Too much dust


I have been enjoying All Bran Original cereal for many years but lately, especially since the new thin cheap boxes, the cereal is mainly dust. Given the recent price increased and unedible dust I'm on the hunt for a new cereal. Hopefully Kelloggs will let us know once they've fixed the problems.

Great.........when it's not mainly Dust!


After several packets of which consist of mainly Bran dust I have complained to Kellogg's and await their response. Don't know if something has changed in production or the recipe has been fiddled with but something is wrong. All Bran is by far the best tasting and I hope they can sort out the current problem.

My Favourite


I buy this product every week.I just find the last couple of bowl fulls consists of far too much bran dust and can make it look like baby food after adding milk.I am sure you pay for the weight of the contents of the box and if you pay for the Bran then Bran it should be, not bran dust.


VesMelbourne, Victoria

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Will keep you regular


If you suffer from a blocked system from time to time this cereal will certainly help you get back to normal. I must say i don't really enjoy the taste but i know i get a fair amount of fibre in each serve. The only problem is that it gets mushy rather quickly so it's best to eat this one fast.
High in fibre



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Good taste


I like the taste of All-Bran but it can go mushy very quickly that I don't enjoy. I also like to have a packet on hand as I have several recipes that include All-Bran in them, such as a bran and banana loaf, which is good to get some extra fibre in to those who aren't cereal eaters.


NinaJayQLD, 4556

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I won't buy any other bran cereal other than this one and I've tried them all! It was the original and it is still the best.
Out of all the 'bran' cereals this one has the best taste and is pretty darn good for you. I'm not a cereal eater (too much processed sugar and other additives) but I'll eat bran based ones as they are 'healthy'. This one is my favourite for flavour and freshness.
It is the most pricey out of all but Kelloggs is a brand that has been trusted for a long time so you are paying for the extra marketing and the image.



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I quite like the taste and eat it with cold milk so thats its still crunchy. can get a bit hard to stomach once it goes soggy! It is quite expensive and it only comes in small boxes so not a very econimical option
Very good for you, keeps you full


sherriVic, 3802

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Thhis is quite a nice cereal to add a bit of flavour to other cereals, but I wouldn't suggest eating it on its own in a bowl.
My husband particularly likes this cereal so i buy it every week. He doesn't eat it straight, he has a little bit on top of his vita brits. I sometimes sprinkle a bit on quick oats. Adds a bit of crunch. Our dogs like it dry.
If you try eating it on its own, it tastes a bit overpowering, salty or something. Despite all the hype, I don't think it is up there in the top of the range healthy cereals for you.

Questions & Answers

Market Street P.

Market Street P.asked

Why was the Bran cereal changed? We have used this cereal in our muffin recipe for literally over 30 years, it was a favorite tradition breakfast at holidays. The last few times we have made them the muffins are no longer dark with a rich bran flavor. They taste totally different! Our whole family is so sad! If it was changed because of cost we would rather pay more for the original cereal. We want the original recipe cereal back, is there any chance of the company changing it back after so many negative reviews?

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Ive never eaten all bran but I do eat Aldis Just Bran. I like it with milk and dried figs, at $2.70 for a 525g box you could give it a go? Its 64% wheat bran and malt barley flour.

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