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Kellogg's Coco Pops

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Tastes horrible

So annoyed they’ve changed it, put cereal in my bowl this morning and couldn’t even eat it I had to throw it away. This was my favourite cereal and now it’s ruined.

Won’t be buying these again.

I didn’t even realise coco pops had changed the recipe until I made myself a bowl and after my first spoon I could instantly tell. Soooo disappointed. Not the same. Won’t be buying again and will probably chuck the bag of them in the bin as I won’t be eating them.

Awful, not buying unless the old recipe comes back

This is Terrible! I used to love these as a kid, Now they’re utter rubbish! I depend on these, and without the sugar salt and chocolate they have no good taste! Bring back the old recipe! You’ve lost a family of 6!

Another product ruined

The new recipe really sucks. Most likely the truth is that the company are trying to increase profit by cutting corners, using ever cheaper ingredients and substitutes. Thanks for ruining my breakfast.


I don't even know how to put my disgust and disappointment in words!!! What were you thinking Kelloggs, the new Coco pops tastes like crap! You just lost a household of 4 that ate coco pops every day..

Lovely tasting!

I have been an occasional eater of coco pops in the past. But I have started to eat them more since the new recipe has changed.
Although it’s true the old recipe tasted better due to the high sugar content...I don’t really mind that Kellogg’s has changed the recipe to make it more healthier, plus it still tastes good...
It’s really hard to find something that tastes good but still healthy. So I’m grateful that Kellogg’s has made this change.
Due to the public making so many complaints regarding the new recipe...maybe, Kellogg’s should have bought out a new cereal name with the new recipe.
It’s quite obvious that not everyone is health conscious and into healthy eating. So maybe kept the old recipe for those That think about taste over healthy eating.


I have eaten at least 2 bowls of coco pops a day since I was 2 I am now 28. This new recipe is disgusting, how you can still call them coco pops is a disgrace you should be ashamed. Put them back to normal. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I would happily pay abit more for the taste to go back. Struggling in the mornings without them as I don’t drink tea or coffee.

New recipe tastes crap

The new recipe tastes terrible. Do not purchase this cereal. A beautiful food has gone to waste. 0/10 would not recommend.

Less sugar less salt less chocolate LESS TASTE

Back to bacon and eggs, toast, black pudding,
forget the 30yrs of cocopops which now taste worse than diabetic chocolate!
Nothing good last's forever.

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stop press! morrisons own make are cheaper and taste like the old coco pops

Now they taste disgusting

I’m gutted , for years this was the only serial to get me going first thing in the morning as I don’t drink coffee. Every mouthful now so disappointing, disgusting, I’m gutted. New recipe big mistake sort it out.


I don’t often write a review, but... this was the only cereal I could turn to give me comfort. After just one mouthful I looked at the box and was so disappointed to see they had ‘improved’ the recipe. What was Kellogg’s thinking? Just to avoid the ‘sugar tax?’. I would happily pay for the taste I used to enjoy which happily took me through a pregnancy too. I won’t be buying Kellogg’s coco pops again, hopefully I can find a suitable replacement.

disrespectful to call the new recipe 'Coco Pops' - taste disgusting

Since I was a kid Coco Pops have been my go-to breakfast and snack, everyone knew me for absolutely loving Coco Pops. Until now. A lifetime favourite has been ruined.
The new recipe is absolutely vile, they taste absolutely NOTHING like the original Coco Pops I can't believe they're calling them the same name! I've managed to track down a few boxes of the original recipe, but am really upset that once these run out I'll never be able to enjoy a bowl of Coco Pops again.
I'm begging for the recipe to be reverted, or at least become available alongside the new """"improved"""" version - aka chunks of cardboard that are soft before they even touch the milk, no crunch whatsoever, and turn to slime in your mouth. Disgusting.
Thanks a lot Kellogg's. I'm upset.

Why ruin a perfect cereal

Used to love them but now I can’t even finish a 1 bowl of them. You have destroyed one of the best cereals.
Everybody in the family has tried some and not one of them liked it.
They are acceptable without milk but not nearly as nice the old ones.
You have lost a customer and destroyed a originally lovely cereal.

The new recipe is disgusting

I used to love coco pops. I ate them daily for breakfast or even just throughout the day if I was hungry. The new recipe has changed that for me. Now I cannot ever buy coco pops again as they are ruined. They taste worse then the soggy coco pops that no one like. Kellogg’s has lost a regular customer.

Kelloggs coco pops new improved disappointing

Recent purchased the chocolate new improved coco pops it was horrible. I cannot understand what were Kelloggs thinking. Once you add hot milk or warm milk it swells up and almost taste like slime in the mouth I certainly won't be buying this product again. My kids hate it to an trust me it doesn't come cheap just to waste money like this.

If I could give less than 1 star I would

The new coco pops are vile. We all know they were packed with sugar and know not to over eat something like that so why have they now controlled the sugar content like the customer doesn't understand that sugar is bad. They taste disgusting now, what a waste of money. I couldn't even finish my bowl, it was bland, tasted like cardboard, the actual coco pops are a different shape and not the same colour. If kelloggs don't change the recipe back then I want a refund on every single pack of coco pops I have ever bought, I've bought so many packs over the years that I'd probs make them bankrupt asking for a refund. Change the recipe back, this new one sucks.

Awful Coco pops

YUK ! Feel like sending them back to Kellog's ! Think the box they came in would taste better, really AWFUL. Just because there are a few fat kids around we all suffer. If this is Kellog's new approach to breakfast I think ill give them a swerve and buy another altogether .

Kellogg’s have ruined coco pops!!

I just tried the new coco pops and they are horrible. I always buy premium brands as they taste the best. Who in their right mind will pay premium prices for a cereal that tastes worse than the cheaper brands?! Kellogg’s it seems have made the school boy error that coca-cola made all them years ago changing the taste to match Pepsi. The sales figures will speak volumes to the top brass even if our bad reviews don’t so I’m sure they will bring back the “coco pops CLASSIC” when the brand is in its knees


They used to be so good until Kelloggs changed the bloody recipe. They're so grim I don't know how anyone could enjoy these anymore. They don't even turn the milk chocolatey anymore.

New 30% less Recipe is disappointing

Just bought the new recipe coco pops and my child refused to take more than 2 spoonfuls. Asked me why they didn't taste right and thought they were bad. Can understand company making a healthier option but at least leave old recipe on sale so as as customers can make that choice for themselves. Very disappointed and will not buy these again. Now have a large box going in the the bin. Total waste of money.

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