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Kellogg's Nutri-Grain

Kellogg's Nutri-Grain

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jaya36SA, 5169

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SOOO disappointed.


Purchased in December 2019.


FryIllawarra, NSW



Purchased in September 2019 at Woolworths for $4.50.



  • 13 reviews

How crapful


New nutri grain is absolutely dog crap. All I can say is damn you for turning my favourite breakfast item to cardboard dog crap. Will never buy again. Stick to corn flakes

Purchased in April 2019.


TarobiSouth East Queensland, QLD

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You need some new marketing people in there. I would buy it every week if i saw a girtl on an add. Listened to a few shows where your marketing team is a joke you are bagged. I would buy it tomorrow if the boys club woke up

Purchased in January 2004 at Sydney Wide Chiropractic for $3.00.



Changed product is so disappointing


Used to like NutriGrain but tried it after a break. First time since new formula. What a disappointment. Tastes nothing like the original just sweet and it goes mushy in milk. Saw it in Woolworths today at $4 for the big box. Only way they will sell it!!
It’s back to checking the shelves for a new cereal



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Like eating a dish washing sponge


First time purchased since the change in recipe. My kids loved it "back in the day" and thought would buy as a treat for my Grand daughter. Eagerly filled our bowls and dived in to a disappointing tasteless spongy mush. Will buy the Aldi equivalent next time as it at least has some crunch and actual flavour. Will never purchase again. Bad move changing the recipe Kelloggs. The Iron man must have lost his teeth to make this stuff enjoyable !


sᴀɴᴅᴍᴀɴPalm Beach

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Pale and stale


What happened to the flavor and colour ! Taste and looks like cardboard. Only can assume the so called healthy Nutra-Grain was never actually healthy and Kellogg's had to change before being bombarded on Twitter by whistle-blowers - thus like everything else on social media, bringing the company to their knees.

It must be snowing all over the world these days, because are snowflakes everywhere.

Paul Hogan

Paul HoganNSW, 2060

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How cereal makers/supermarkets can justify almost $10 for a box of air, corn, oats and wheat is beyond me !.
Finally some relief, as huge cereal specials have hit the shelves in the past 2 months and we're back to where the prices should be of 2016 (NG was $4.95 for 809g).
Ironman food shouldn't come with an iron made price !

Absolutely shattered, lost a long term customer


Question - where has the flavour gone, pale looking and tasteless. Last time I purchase my favourite cereal. Lost me as a customer. Healthy should not be a reason to change the taste and even the look. Absolutely shattered.

Eat at risk


One reason Australians have an obesity problem is we eat stuff like this. Nutri Grain is full of sugar and low in fibre and is no good for you. Slick marketing campaigns (Become an Ironman) and manipulation of the healthy star food rating system by the Australian Food Industry keeps us in the dark about real nutritional information.

Rob j

Rob j

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Total garbage. A shadow of its former self.


Yet another example of a product that has been cut to bits, in the name of corporate making more money. Long ago, Nutri Grain was my favourite cereal. Now after many changes to the product, i will never purchase it again. These companies constantly feed consumers the nonsense that they have made the changes to benefit the consumer. Fact is, they make the changes to benefit profits & expect us to shallow the nonsense. What ever happened to product integrity? Once great products turned to crap. Go eat a Cornetto!!! Yeah, google Cornettos profits after compromising the integrity of that product. Now they have to self it for half the price just to get it off the shelves!

Latest large packet terrible.


I have been buying large nutri grain for some time but the last one I bought was disappointing lost its crunchiness, had some hard grit in packet a lot softer than before, texture different. Tried Coles equivalent today (Mighty Grain) much better texture and crunch. Will be changing.

Healthy & yummy


I quite like it, doesn't need added sugar and its a quick breakfast. Most of you are wrong saying that its unhealthy. Everything in moderation is ok. Those of you who over indulge, learn to moderate what you eat instead of stuffing your face :p


toni_nakamaNSW, 2035

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Our Family Loves Nutri-Grain!


Our family loves Kelogg's Nutri-Grain. It tastes great and there's no need to add sugar. It is sweet but not too much unlike other sugary cereals. This is one of my kids' favourite breakfasts. My daughter brings this to school as well, without milk. I put it in a small container or in a zip lock sandwich bag per her request. She eats it during recess. That was a great idea I learned from my daughter when she first requested me to put it in her lunch bag. I also bring it along with us in a sandwich bag when we are on travel. It is a good food for kids to eat in the car rather then indulging in junk food.
Tastes great, filling


21sandieeWA, 6021

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I love the taste but hate what it's doing to me. Overall I would have it but not on a regular basis. Its not as healthy as its made out to be, which puts me off it alot.
Tastes absolutley brilliant, the taste is unbeatable and the packaging is very convincing.
We only ever buy it if its on special, and even then I'll only have half a cereal bowl of it, filling the other half with something healthier. I don't believe the advertising at all; I once saw a tv show saying it had 2 tablespoons of sugar per serving. Thats never good. They should release a healthier one.



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I would not buy this for my family as an everyday cereal. It would be along the lines of Cocoa Pops and Fruit Loops as a breakfast cereal. The Nutri-Gran is covered in sugar. The advertising does annoy me a bit as it seems they telling you that it is great for your kids and it will make them strong and healthy like an 'Iron Man'. However common sense prevails over the advertising as most people can tell when eating them they are not as good for you as we are told. Have them once a week perhaps (as a treat).
Good for a treat. The sugar coating makes it taste great. You can eat them without milk as a little snack.
Full of sugar and not as much fibre as you would think. Promoted as a food for athletes but really just energy from sugar.



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Nitri-Grain is a great tasting cereal but should not be eaten as a regular part of your diet as it is not that healthy. The advetisments for it can be very misleading as they make it sound like its really good for you. Please need to be aware and read labels. I enjoy it very rarely as sometimes just as a snack as not a very healthy breakie.
I love the tast of Nutir-Grain, quick and easy to eat, has been around a long time so well known product
Way to much sugar, not healthy at all, wish they could make it in a healthier option with the same great taste


AnonymousBuyerSA, 5095

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This is a cereal I buy VERY occasionally as a treat. It is laden with sugar which may give immediate energy but will cause a crash soon after. The marketing is misleading suggesting there are nutritional benefits, but the sugar content FAR outweighs any possible nutrition. The only thing it is good for is to add to a trail mix or make into an occasional snack mix.
Tastes good and makes good nuts and bolts
This is one of the most sugar laden cereals on the market. It has over 30% sugar!! There is nothing healthy about this cereal. It is also aggresively marketed to males as a healthy breakfast option, I find this misleading and sexist.


Evil_SantaQueensland, 4341

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Nutri-Grain is one of my favourite breakfast cereals. Why not give your children the best start to the day by filling up a bowl with Nutri-Grain and adding milk. So yummy and very healthy. Even though Nutri-Grain is directed at Males, Females can eat it too. Nutri-Grain is probably on of the healthiest breakfast cereals on your super markets shelf it isnt filled with suger and is full of all those important vitamins. Great breakfast cereal for anyone young or old.
Kellogg's Nutri-Grain is a very filling great healthy cereal for your children.
Nothing I Can Think Of.

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Ingrid G.

Ingrid G.asked

how much does nutrigrain sell for at Aldi

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No idea until they put a female on the box and as much as i love it will not and have not bought any in years. Told them this several times and they do not care

Ingrid G.

Ingrid G.asked

How much does Nutrigrain sell for at Aldi

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Ingrid G.

Ingrid G.asked

price of nutrigrain at aldi

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