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Kellogg's Sultana Bran

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I used to eat Kellogg's Sultana Bran for both breakfast, late supper and occasionally a bowl as a midnight snack. It is more filling than other cereals and 'feels' healthy to eat, although the sugar content rather negates this illusion. I limit my consumption of this product now due purely to the sugar content; it's a pity it contains sugar as it would be a marketable factor in itself if this cereal was purely a sugar/fat free flake with sultanas. It would taste non the less delicious for this sweet omission. The malt and barley content is an attraction for me also, as this is wonderfully healthy, for females in particular. An increase in sultanas would not go astray; I add my own. Frankly Coles own brand version of this cereal is not only cheaper, but contains less sugar, more barley and has more sultanas!
Tastes good. Love the purple packet.
Not quite enough sultanas for my liking. A little too much sugar.

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I've been eating Kelloggs saltana bran cereal for about aweek or 2 but I haven't seen any difference between if its healthy or anything I have been dieting for 1year and a half so I really need to have healthy breakfast. If you know about if its healthy?please get back to me.
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Hi Sarah, I don't think Kellogg's Sultana Bran is healthy as there is something wrong with the sultanas they are using and I get nausea and diarrohea. The Aldi version called Golden Vale Sultana Flakes are 5 stars for me and I will never go back to Kelloggs.I have no idea but I once heard that Weet-bix was the only cereal that is reasonably healthy. I thought they said Sultana Bran also but don't hold me to that.