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Terrible experience with insuring our goods at kennards storage

We stored our appliances and other goods at kennard storage Rydalmere in NSW as we were building a house recently.

At the time of sign up, we were offered to also sign up for insurance for an additional amount. We decided to insure everything for up to 35k.

Once we took our goods out of the storage facility we realized that a lot of our stuff has moisture and mould on them and no longer can be used. We have attempted to claim this on insurance only for them to tell us it is not covered.

Basically they are offering a product inside their facility that is not fit for purpose. I will not store with kennards again and certainly not purchase any additional products they offer.

Beware of these Fee Sharks

Here is how the Kennards business model works. Firstly attract you with a reasonable monthly rental. I say reasonable - they are not super cheap to start with.

Then, after a passage of time (6 to 12 months), apply an excessive rental increase - anything from 8% to 20%+. And this is justified by their "rising business costs". I can't imagine how poorly they must be running their business if their costs are growing at that rate. Unless "rising costs" = "rising owners' lifestyles".

Do the same again every 6 to 12 months.

They know they have your stuff stored and it is a hassle to move it, so most people will cop the increase.
After a few years of this I got sick of it and went down to the site to challenge them. Turned out I could open a new storage account for half what I was paying. The staff were apologetic - the fee increases were set by "head office".

So I opened a new account - the ridiculous catch was that I had to move it from one storage area to another. But i started off saving more than 50%.

Since then I have been on the fee increase merry go round again. Just got my 2nd fee increase email which ups the rate from 18 months ago by 22%.

Sad business that relies on gouging their long term customers.

Massive fee increases

I read October 2015 people complained of huge storage fee increases and in September 2016 mines going up 25%. Ridiculous increase . Called head office and they didn't seem to care,

Padstow Kennards Selfstorage Gibson Ave Padstow 2211 the best and cleansest you have ever seen and E

Under the new management the whole complex is the cleanest (everyday) we have seen it in the 5 years we have been here. We occupy 6 outside sheds and the help that we receive is second to none. I would like to congratulate Ali, Bianca and Wendy...Excellent Employees...Strong Team.

Excellent Marrickville Kennards

Thanks to Marrickville Kennards. Easy sign up process . Didn't need for the whole month and was refunded unused rent.

They won't pay your refund in cash - needs to go to head office then to a bank account

I have paid thousands in storage with kennards. They are very unprofessional when it comes to calculating storage costs upon vacating. I was given different figures by different employees yet they are all accessing the same information!

Waterloo Flooded Again!

I have stored with Kennards facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane for many years and based on my experiences the facility at Waterloo in Sydney (Bourke St) is definitely the worst and should be avoided if you value your goods.

Common areas are dirty and often left cluttered with discarded rubbish and damage to storage areas is left unrepaired. Rubbish and cleaning products are left in the toilets with cleaning chemicals in easy reach of children.

Three weeks ago the new section was severely flooded caused by heavy rain and a leak in the roof. Both lifts were inoperative for many days due to water damage so large goods could not be removed from the flooded areas. I only found out because I turned up at the facility in the afternoon to store more goods, no one contacted me to let me know that flooding had occurred and it was very difficult to get in touch with anyone at Waterloo to get an update on the condition of the lifts.

After being reassured a week later that the leak had been fixed, I moved my items back into storage. Today, I called in on my way to work to grab an item and found one of the staff mopping up water that had leaked into the facility again during the night. Only a small section has flooded this time but the rain during the night was not real heavy which i am thankful for otherwise it could have been much worse!

My biggest concern is that Kennards do not keep their customers informed when these issues occur. I do understand the challenges the staff must be facing and feel for them. The staff have been very helpful when dealing with them at the facility but being told "we are trying our best" just isn't good enough in this case.

If the facility cannot be relied upon to keep water out during mild rain, customers need to be informed of this so we can decide what to do.

Be honest with your customers and allow us to make informed decisions about the suitability of your facilities and find some professional builders to fix the problem!

Kennards Melbourne dd not bother to finalise our rental contract

Enquired on small unit to store boxes of paperwork for a 6 month contract. Contract sent through was not informed about required padlock fee. On contract there was also required an agreement for security call out fee $60.00. What security fee? we are only storing boxes and it this facility supposed to be secure anyway? They also wanted bank information, when we were paying 6 months up front! We have never heard of a security call out fee. Was this so they could charge what they liked? We challenged this but now Kennard's won't respond to our emails. Good Work Kennard's you have now given our business to another storage facility! Avoid unless you don't mind paying for unnecessary extras!!

A company that tries its best

Although I had a poor experience yesterday, Kennards management has done everything they can to help me. I am very appreciative.

Kennards Kingsgrove - highly not recommend

After change of Manager & assistant, there is no service left. Former Managers did a great job. These 2 new staff are there purely to raise revenue. What happened to all the previous staff who went out of their way to help customers? New staff are rude and have not service minded. Where's the drinking water? Used to have 2 garage bins now there's only 1. Charge customers for every little thing. Definitely not suitable for business operators. What a shame as it used to be such a good storage facility.

Not happy with the new rates

The new rates for the storage units are too high. There are no lights inside the storage units so you're forced to search for things in the dim light. I've been a valued customer for over a year and with these new rates they suddenly threw on me, I'm forced to take my things out. It went up by $10 p/m and that is too extreme

Raised My Rental An Extra $10 & Yet Wants To Charge Me Fee To Throw Rubbish!

I have been with Kennards since 2008 with some short periods away. I came back because I was used to the centre at Parramatta. I find the new manager disappointing. Last week, I had a small amount of rubbish (not even 1 full gray plastic shopping bag from Woolies). He said I have to pay at least $5 fee to throw rubbish. He didn't ask me what was my name/unit number, how long have I been with Kennards etc. I took my rubbish home feeling really unhappy. Today, I saw another staff member & asked about rubbish situation. He said Kennards is not a Not-For-Profit. They have to charge to throw rubbish otherwise people will abuse the system. It costs them $170 to empty the bin. There must be at least 300 units at Parramatta. I saw Unit #305. I went into the office to check if he had found my account. He said he could only see it from 2014. I said I have been with them since 2008. Today, both he & manager told me I can throw my rubbish in the council bins on the street. They said other people who're not happy to pay the $5 throw their rubbish in those bins. When I said I don't like to do that in case Kennards get into trouble from council, they laughed at me. Their customers may be using the council bins to save money. Have complained to HQ. I must have paid at least $9,000 to $10,000 in storage fees over the years. Staff & manager show poor attitude & inability to understand the customers' point of view. Over the time I have been with them, I've hardly used their rubbish bins. The previous manager whom I like has moved to Auburn. They suggested that I move there if I am happier with the previous manager. They don't seem to care about customer service. They cannot even handle my query without getting HQ involved. To get $5 or $10 from me, they risk losing my business. They're already charging me an extra $10 per month with the rental increase.

Excellent service at Sandgate

I had my things stored with Kennards Self Storage at Sandgate and had nothing but good experience with them.
All the staff were friendly and professional. They explained everything perfectly and were always happy to help me in any way they could. Even if I didn't see a particular staff member for a couple of months they still remembered me and why I had rented a locker. The personal service makes it feel like a very welcoming business. The facility itself was well looked after and clean. There was always a trolley nearby to use in moving my goods down a short corridor. Their website is easy to use and is great how it shows a picture of each locker size with items in it so you can have a pretty clear visual representation of each locker size and which one would suit your needs.
The price was spot on. The only other company I found that was cheaper than Kennards required me to navigate a maze of corridors to get to a locker from the carpark. All Kennards smaller lockers were down a short corridor which was very easy to access from were I could park my car.
I would recommend Kennards Self Storage at Sandgate to anyone.

Awesome service - Don't store anywhere else!

We recently stored our furniture at Kennard's Prospect in NSW. The customer service staff were so helpful and ensured all my needs were met. The staff at Prospect just kept the exceptional customer service going. We were not in Sydney when our goods were collected by the removalists, but Kennard's ensured the removal went smooth.
They went out of their way to assist us at every turn. I will always use Kennard's storage and recommend you give them a call. Competitive rates and great service - very hard to beat!


We are storing our possessions at Burleigh Heads whilst we settle on the Gold Coast after moving from Sydney. We had a few problems with the actual move but [name removed] at Burleigh Kennards has been fantastic. Very efficient, helpful and a really nice guy to deal with.

kennards huntingdale rocks!!

Out of all the storage u it's I tried out I always found kennards to be the best. Why ?? They were always friendly, cheap in prices, flexible with rental agreements, decently clean and best of all they provided free electricity and free WiFi!!! It was great whilst I was between apartments .. I just shifted all my stuff in, set it all up like a lounge room and whoa la.. And that's where I called .home sweet home for 3 months ..it was brilliant :)

Women should avoid the Marrickville Kennards

This morning I was insulted and treated with contempt by the younger man at the Marrickville Kennards. The older man was polite but I do object to being told "not to be smart" and being treated so rudely when I am the customer. I doubt I would have received this treatment if my husband had been present so I would advise women not to use this place.

Kennards Self Storage Panorama SA appears not to cleaned regularly if at all

They appeared to never clean or sweep the floors so each time you open the door to your inside storage unit the wind blows in all of the layers of dust, dirt, fluff feathers and debris covering the corridors.

It was not possible to put a box on the ground in the corridor because it would get filthy dirty. If you put in on the ground then back into your unit while you were trying to find something then it would contaminate your whole unit making it dusty and dirty.

I don’t believe that the floors were ever swept or vacuumed let alone mopped.
I wouldn’t expect them to mop but in the case of bird droppings then it would be a good idea for hygiene reasons.

It was so dirty and dusty that I always needed an antihistamine before going there or I’d be constantly sneezing.

I don’t know if they are supposed to clean the roller doors but your hands get filthy after touching them to open and close your unit.

The toilet was almost always disgusting also. They seemed to clean it when they arrived so that they didn’t have to use a disgusting bathroom but didn’t clean it before they left. So it was a disgusting mess at the end of the day.

There was no bathroom cleaning roster that could be seen and seems to be no regular if at all cleaning of the corridors.

It really isn’t good enough. It is an expensive price to pay for a dirty, dusty shed. You are supposed to be paying for a safe clean environment for your belongings.

Kennards Self storage at Frenchs Forest is brilliant

I suspect each Kennards Is different depending on the manager, but I found the Kennards at Frenchs Forest to be excellent. It is a new facility and you can tell as everything is really clean and the trolleys and lifts are in good condition.
I did the normal ring around getting quotes for my storage and although Kennards had the cheapest price for the size unit I was looking for, they actually took the time on the phone to discuss what I was storing and suggested I could probably fit my stuff into a smaller unit. They were right - so that saved me quite a bit more money.
They had a free furniture trailer that you could use on the day to move your stuff in - and it was also in excellent condition and came with blankets, straps and a furniture trolley.
On the day itself, Evan from the office came out and made sure everything was OK and opened up an empty adjacent unit to give us a bit more space to work in while we packed my stuff.
Very clean. Very friendly helpful staff. 24/7 access

Be wary of Kennards wine storage

I can't speak for other sites, but temperatures at the Camperdown site for supposed climate controlled wine storage can be over 17 degrees. In response to a complaint, Kennards stated "We are unable to guarantee an absolute temperature of any kind in this environment. The equipment is unable to provide this certainty and has a 1C +/- tolerance. This is further challenged by the fact that it is a public space with doors opening and closing, plus the current prevailing weather conditions." I was further told orally that Kennards considers up to 18 degrees is acceptable. Virtually all experts consider a temperature of around 13 degrees for long term storage of premium wine and certainly no more than 15 degrees is appropriate, so the Kennards view is either ignorant or misleading. After this ridiculous response, I moved to a competitor rather than pay for a service and not get it at Kennards wine storage. Kennards wine storage also has the habit of increasing storage costs by considerably more than the CPI when you renew.

Not getting a product fit for service

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Have you been on their website yet? You can enter your suburb, or postcode, & find 3-5 nearest centres. prices for most popular sizes shown. Also plenty of helpful info, or contact details for every centre, to speak to friendly, informative staff. I found the whole process easy, & professional, despite some whinging reviews, & would highly recommend Kennards personally.

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