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Kenwood AT950A

Kenwood AT950A

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Can’t wash it without Aluminum coming off

In the pictures it looks like stainless steel. This is Aluminum and when you wash it black metal comes off on your hands. Had black metal all over the chicken that I minced. This product should definitely be recalled. Even cheap knives are made from stainless steel why would you guys make parts out aluminium when there so many studies that it is a neuro toxin and harmful for the body.

Date PurchasedSep 2018
Hi there, Thanks for your honest feedback, we are sorry to hear of your recent experiences with the Food Grinder attachment as this is not what we expect from our products. We would like to try and assist where we can, if you could please private message us we can look into this for you. Best, KenwoodYou have already told me that you can’t assist me with this as I have put it in the dishwasher but even before that when I first got it and used lukewarm soapy water there was still black coming off it in my chicken mince meat

Best mincing/sausages attachment

I got this attachment free with the Kenwood Stand mixer KMC510 and it's absolutely solid. It has 3 different sized cutting discs, for thick/medium/fine sized meat cuts. And it also has the full sausages making kit, with two sized sausage attachments. All the pieces of this attachment are thick and heavy duty. Highly recommended.

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