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Kenwood Multipro Excel FPM910

Kenwood Multipro Excel FPM910

3.8 from 10 reviews

Great value for money

Really happy with my purchase. Great product with so many attachments. Got a discount over a discounted price so great value for money and it has made my cooking really easy and quick. Very easy to clean and do so much more than expected. Yet to use the grating and slicing part but I am pretty sure that will also work very well. Just one thing I found jug a bit small in size. Should have been a bit bigger. Otherwise great purchase.

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Hi Robyn, Thanks for your message and the great review. We hope you continue to enjoy your Kenwood MultiPro Excel. Best regards, Kenwood

Good product

A very good product. Worth the cost. Blender is great but hard to put on the base of the system. There is a lot of attachments included, blender, blades, herb crusher etc. It is very powerful and can chop nuts into almond meal. The steel cutting blade works quite well however the slicing and grating attachments do not work.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Hi Lily, Thanks for your review - happy to hear you're pleased with your Kenwood.

Multifunctional & powerful but clunky to store...

I waited a long time and did a lot of research before purchasing a food processor. To me this model seemed a practical and budget-conscious choice as it does so many different things. combined with one power source. With the tall jug for smoothies, the small and larger traditional food-processor jugs and the shredder, herb blender as well as a dual blade mixer it was great, functional, smart design and value for money from a well known, quality brand. I also like that it has 10 speeds as well as a pulse mode on the base power source, with a handy retractable cord and rubber feet that stick to the bench enough to make it stable but not so much that it is hard to remove when you're done. I have yet to use all of the shredding attachments, but the one i have tried was easy to use, sharp and did the job efficiently. The tall jug is larger than most's capacity and the removable small cup-hole at the top makes it easy to add things whilst it's in use. The one drawback is, as others have also noted, it is a lot of things to store however if properly stacked within themselves I don't find this too much of a hindrance and the fact that it replaces so many other kitchen power utensils is but a minor flaw, especially in a smaller kitchen as I have. I'd definitely not hesitate to recommend purchase of it.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Light weight and easy to clean

Its a great product until it lasted. Easy to clean and light weight. I really loved that it has 2 jar which i can switch depending on the Quantity i am processing. Unfortunately the mortar died in 3 yrs of usage not that i use it daily. Was disappointed and i was expecting it to last for at least 10 yrs. I contacted Kenwood and they were helpful in replacing the whole unit even though i was 1 yr past warranty but first i had to send it to repair shop to get checked. I still havent opened the new one as i was told its new modal and better. Finger crossed that this will last longer.

Date PurchasedMar 2014
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Hi Radhika, Thanks for your review, we hope you will be just as happy with the new model.

completely happy with it

my Kenwood replaces another brand. What an upgrade I am so happy with it as it makes cooking preparation so much easier. Keep up the good value of Kenwood. Thank you. I also have a Kenwood mixer and would never buy another brand.The attatchments for the blender are good value too.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

great machine

I love the fact i can do so many things with my food processor..i get inspired to create dishes i have never done before.The only problem for me is it is very bulky to store in my small kitchen...but worth the inconvenience.. I love my KENWOOD food processor.I can make lots of soups with the easy attachments which is great for cold weather nights.I experiment with all the attachments and amazed at what i can do and make'.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Great food processor

It is a fantastic food processor. Power wise cannot fault it. Can handle large amounts of veggies for making my own bulk lots of baby food. it's a great family size food processor. The one thing I do not like is the amount of attachments and how much storage space this requires when not in use because of these attachments. Very happy otherwise.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Not really happy

Is powerful enough 5 year warranty is good but why does it not come with last 2 attachments for French fries and julienne disc I cannot believe for the price of the fpm 910 just a bit of joke really considering french fries is one thing I want would swap another disc to have this one and they no it just a money grab on there behalf

Date PurchasedMar 2017

I love this food processor

I bought many brand of food processor(from home brand to many) and most of them can't do the jobs or some the motor will gone so quick. After I change to Kenwood I love it. Good for commercial cooking as well. I want to buy kenwood mixer as well. Now I use kitchenaids still good.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Powerful not NOT practical!

Of course, this unit is indeed powerful with lots of attachment, too many I say that sometimes I do not even know what to use! However, it is not practical for the following reasons:
1. It is very chunky, which makes cleaning a nightmare. Firstly, to wash the bowl. There are a thousands of things to take off first, and the base is attached too hard to the bowl with the connector thing, etc. etc. the design is flawed! There is a smaller bowl that can sit inside the main bowl. It is designed to process smaller quantity of food; however, as you process the food in the smaller bowl, some of the food will "escape" down to the main bowl below and everywhere (and even the connector to the base due to presence of a rather large "tunnel" in the middle of the bowl. It means even you use a small bowl for processing a small quantity of food but you will end up washing the whole unit! It definitely defeats it's purpose.
2. For some reasons, I do not think the slicers are designed smartly. I find it very hard to attach and especially detach it from the connector. As they can be real tight. The first time I tried to remove the slicer, I cut my fingers by the blade! Also, the slicers do not necessary slice the food until the very end, it means more wastage (and it is such a chore to remove food remnants on the slicer and at times it stuck in the blade itself, very dangerous!), another design flaw. It is a bit disappointed that the cube chopping attachment is an optional accessory.
3. I bought this partly for kneading the dough; do not even attempt to do so! Yes indeed with the dough kneading attachment, it can certainly bring the dough together; but it does not knead well! The whole unit will start to shake/wobble due to the weight of the dough ball being "kneaded" in the bowl. I had to abandon the plan to avoid the whole unit fell off the bench. Equally, it does not whisk well even with the "twin whiskers" it does not give enough volume and air.

All in all, I do not recommend it as it is very chunky and some not-so-smart design. By the time I take it out, attach the attachment, CLEANING, etc. I think I'll need a nap just to recover from using it.

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I just bought today Kenwood multi pro excel fpm910. I put on the detachable drive shaft but I can't take it off. Can someone help me please? Thanks!
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Multipro Excel FPM910
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