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Kenwood MultiPro Home FDP641WH / FDP642BK / FDP646SI

Kenwood MultiPro Home FDP641WH / FDP642BK / FDP646SI

FDP641WH (White), FDP642BK (Black) and FDP646SI (Silver)
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Where’s the storage??

I decided on this food processor as it seemed to have a lot of options, which is just what I need. It seems to be a reasonable value processor/blender. I’ve taken it all out of the box and was soo disappointed to find that there’s no storage compartment for all the bits and bots. This is going to mean a cupboard overhaul to find a drawer to fit all the parts, large and small! Yet to try the machine, once I do I’ll put another review in.

Purchased in February 2019 at Harvey Norman Online for $249.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money

Great product but only a matter of time before parts are lost

Did my research by reading lots of reviews and bought this for my wife. She is super impressed so far with the quality and its versatility. She loves the fact that it does so much and does it well. Good to see that Kenwood makes an affordable product that is a kitchen must. Only gripe is the parts will probably be lost or misplaced as there are so many and nowhere to store them. Wish this was a standard inclusion for such products.i hope Kenwood read such reviews and take note.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi George, Thanks for your great review, and we will definitely take note. Thanks for the tip! Best, Kenwood

Agreat blender

Love the large capacity of the bowl. Allows me to make 3 & 4 batches of one recipe at a time. But still works great for smaller amounts too. I am using the grating and slicing blades more often now due to the larger capacity and ability to cook in bulk. The two different sizes on the feeding tube are great at stopping smaller size food slipping sideways when grating and slicing. The blender is a bit fiddly to pull apart and wash. I don't have a stand mixer so will appreciate the whisk attachments when I need to whip cream at Christmas time. Compact size of the power unit is one of my favourite features. It is easy to wipe clean and store away.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Use it everday

I love my Kenwood processor, it's the best. multi functional and easy to clean and reuse with in minutes. I can go from making hummus to muffins in a matter of a couple of minutes by simply rinsing and drying. The size of the processor is perfect to mix muffins and the blender is great for a family of 4 to have smoothies in the morning.

Date PurchasedJan 2017


I really dont like this for what I need ot for. Its now worthless to me.
I need it for making garlic sauce.
The problem with this it heats up right under the bowl from the first use.
When making garlic sauce it cant get warm the heat curtled it.

I made my husband buy kenwood as I had an older version kenwood multi pro which was amazing.

Sadly this one is no good I have to try and take it back or somthing as its rubbish.

Also its says its 1000 watt

My old 750 watt was much faster and I believe more powerful than this.

I really wanted to love it, but sadly I hate it so much..

Date PurchasedNov 2017

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FDP641WH (White)FDP642BK (Black)FDP646SI (Silver)
Price (RRP) $249$199$249

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