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kettle chips - no thanks


We used to enjoy kettle chips (most Flavours) but recently the quality has declined remarkedly. - No we do want any dispensation but we will never purshase any kettle product again!



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I used to buy the Kettle Chilli variety crisps quite often, as it was about the only variety on the market with a slight kick. I eat a lot of spicy food in general and don't find the crisps spicy at all. After a while I didn't enjoy the crisps anymore, as I found them too greasy, and the crisps are quite thick and hard to break. Simply based on the greasiness, I doubt if they are any healthier than other brands. Plus, Kettle crisps are more expensive than other brands in general, so I don't buy them anymore.

More expensive by comparison, not keen on the flavour and texture


melellaIllawarra, NSW

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Kettle chips are a favourite snack food in our house. They come in a variety of flavours so there is something for everyone to choose from. They are always very fresh and crunchy which we like in a potato chip. They are easily available in most supermarkets and convenience stores. We tend to stock up on them when they are on sale as they can be a little hard on the budget otherwise.
They are said to be healthier than other brands of potato chips which is always a good thing for the waistline. Bottom line is they taste great and we enjoy them.
tasty, good quality product
can be expensive unless you get them on special


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SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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These are good potato chips if you want something different and thicker to crunch on. They are not as healthy as they pretend to be on the label, so these are still a naughty snack only. I dont eat them regularly at all because of the oil factor.
These say that they are healthy because they are cooked in sunflower oil but if you look at the nutrient content, its not so impressive. These are a bit thicker than a regular chip and come in a lot of different flavours.
Price, they are expensive. Sometimes, when I get to the middle of the pack, I find that there is a LOT of oil in the pack and on the chips and my fingers are completely covered in oil. This makes it a bit repulsive to eat.

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Liked hunter valley chicken favoured chips, made by your company a few years ago but suddenly dissapeared from shops shelves,only to be upset not find them anymore. Are you thinking to make and to return them for sale in the future? If sale so I'll be very happy once again to buy your product.

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Fired Up
Fired Up

I dont make them. Maybe you could ring the company and post their response.

Boris Yasminsky
Boris Yasminsky

Another stupid thumb on the forehead reply from Fired Up. People ask here on Product review hoping they will get a response from the manufacturer, not a reply from someone like you that intends to make them look incapable of reaching out.



Hello - why can't I buy the lime kettle chips anywhere??? None of the Woolworths Stores have them nor do the IGS's here in WA. Can you please post us some? We are of course, happy to pay whatever it costs!!! My husband is fanging for some!!!

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Hi Colleen, like yourselves I too am hanging for them but unfortunately they are discontinued :( I emailed the company that supplies them, Snackfoods & they replied by letting me know that, that flavor will not be made anymore as it was a poor selling line.
I even suggested that perhaps they should do sampling in supermarkets as I work in one, I know it could help increase sales or even suggested giving out sample packs to customers.
But it's a no win situation, they are simply not continuing with that flavor. So our last hope is to get a heap of us & keep complaining until they bring that flavor back like they did the Chilli flavor.
Have you tried the Smiths Grainwave in that chilli lime flavor by any chance?


I don't think I've seen them around lately, unless Coles or franklins have them, they might have been deleted & no longer avalable. Maybe contact kettle chips themselves ,details should be on the pack. Maybe they can help. Good luck


Hi D - thanks for your answer. My husband does not like the grain waves.....he is fussy!!! I can get the lime ones in another brand at out local Woolies (safeway for you Easterners!) but he doesn't like those either!!! I guess he will have to change his taste!! If I happen to come across some 'left over' stock I will be sure & grab the lot!!!!
Cheers Colleen

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