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KGuard EasyLink Pro EL822-CKT005

KGuard EasyLink Pro EL822-CKT005

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Good but impossible to get replacements cameras

The 1 TB surveillance unit is fairly easy to set up if you have some I.T knowledge, however just after warranty has ran out the product has ran into so many issues, the cameras get stuck on night vision one has actually failed completely and there is nothing you can do about it.

When working properly it has clear pictures with some good privacy setting where you can set the unit not to invade neighbours backyards or public by isolate areas you wish to not record, so in that aspect the unit is good.

The major problem with this unit you cannot find parts if they breakdown, I have emailed the actual company with no response I have contacted the actual seller of the product and they cannot get the actual cameras for this particular unit but stock lower 720p resolution cameras in replacement which isn’t what you want to know especially when the unit actually hold expansions of another additional 4 channels at 960H. You cannot buy the failing cameras individually so you have to buy in a kit of 4 when you only need maybe one and like I mentioned they are at a lower resolution. Pity but unfortunately but that is how the actually manufacture sells their items the supplier was really helpful to try and track down the actual cameras but also had the same issue as I did with this issue.
The unit comes with 4x 960H cameras with the optional add-on for 4 more but the problem is you cannot obtain this from any place at all so it’s pointless buying this surveillance set-up with the 8 channels.

The unit only come with a 1 year warranty which I took into account when I replaced my home CCTV set-up away from the K-Guard recently alongside my back to base alarm system.

I really think they could have made the connectivity cables white instead of a black for cleaner look in a home environment as no one wants to see ugly black leads around the home.

other then this the unit is fairly good till it's time to replace parts.

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