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Kia Sportage KM

Kia Sportage KM (2005-2010)

3.9 from 16 reviews

.Excellent value

This little car is spacious reliable comfortable and economical You can fit a bath tub in the back not just a kitchen sink.Its not a Mercedes, but its practical sensible and economical. I will definitely buy another Kia which is a BIG surprise.

Purchased in April 2010.

Most Reliable Car i've ever had

Could not fault this car, 2007 model, 11 years old and hasn't skipped a beat. Looked at other cars like rav4's tucsons and cx7. Drove this, yes the power isn't mind blowing but it's got a great interior faux leather and cloth stands up great to everyday wear an tear. Rear seats fold down flat (like actually flat, can chuck a mattress in and its still level.

No oil leaks, have done a major service and new tyres no issues at all to note, have taken it 4wding in 2wd and it's really capable. Strongly recommend for a safe reliable first car

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Wasnt the car I originally wanted but cant see myself without it

I have a kia sportage 2009, it is a manual and I really enjoy the expeience of driving it. I had necer driven a manual before but learning in this car was great as the gears are very forgiving if you accidently do the wrong thing. At the moment petrol is pretty expensive but i can get a full tank of 95 for just under 80 dollars. I drive my son and I places probably every second day and that usually lasts me 2 weeks sometimes more.
I love the extra clips at the back for the carseat for my son and the usb port at the front of the car.
There is not much I dont like about this car but every car could use a little more space, we are about to do a big drive interstate and it could be a little tight with a carseat, pram and cot all in the car. Overall fantastic value for money!!

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Omg the radio-don’t bother

The electrics are nice but when they start playing up-the dealership is really no help-so do not get a car out of warranty-the electric will cost you probably just as much as the car and the dealership won’t really be helpful-so now I have no radio if I have issues with a radio good luck with other real mechanical issues.never buying a Kia again

Date PurchasedFeb 2010

good suv

i received this car from my father
i like this because it is very simple and modern
Also neat anf cozy i think it is the best suv in the kia
i don't like just one thing
this exterior so old to young people but almost perpect in my opinion

Date PurchasedMar 2007

nice car

This is the first car I bought and I love it. I bought the car from a NZ family and they would move back to their country. I have it for 2 years and drive it everyday. It is stable, safety and the 4wd seems nice. I like the design as well.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Engine performance

Yes it has a good look but the car doesn't really have enough power. If we compare it with other like cars in the market it has much less power so I don't think that it is recommendable because it will take the same fuel as other but will produce less power which means more fuel consumption but yes in cities it's good but not on country side obviously.


Perfect for the family

We just bought a 2006 model V6 it has excellent fuel consumption and power the body design is really nice. I am putting on a tow bar to tow a small van. We just bought it in late February it only has 50,000km on the clock, no marks on the body or interior. Love driving it, easy to park, power to match. I love it.

Sportage 2007 turbo diesel

I own my turbo diesel Sportage for 3 years, never had problems, runs like brand new, very economical .... I've done 107 000km with standard services (oil and filters) runs like petrol engine, only thing I've change is the tyres :) ..... The only problem for the turbo diesel is that is coming only in manual :(
Price, economical SUV, the space inside, interior, 4WD with all the safety things (ESP, ABS, etc)
The worst thing is the name KIA... people thing is a low class people car :)

Kia-ing along just nicely

Has been a great car for the price... Fuel consumption got better when I changed tyres to some new tyre that takes different air and not get great fuel consumption. Only disappointment is with the faux leather/cloth trim on interior, it splits easy and stitching has come undone on a seat. It's roomy, comfy, easy to drive, great price compared to the other vehicles in the same shape, style, engine capacity. I've done 120,000kms and no major probs. Just changed timing belt, it's still going strong. As I work in the automotive industry I would recommend paint and interior protection, that way if anything goes wrong it's covered, it may cost your around the $1500 to add but is a lot cheaper than having to repair things, yes bird poo and tar and stuff eat your paintwork and it happens on any car.
Price, styling, reliability.
Interior could be a bit better quality wise but ok


Overal, a very well designed car for sensible people who appreciate style and are not fixated on brand names. The Sportage has been around for a while, but this one is a brand new design built on proven technology from the suspension to the engine. The Sportage looks very appealing with well-proportioned, smooth curves. All the parts of the car seem to belong together. Of course there is room for improvement, but the good aspects outweigh the shortcomings.

So far, I am happy with the purchase. Congratulations to KIA!
After reviewing an exhaustive list of SUVs form all the major manufacturers and test-driving almost every vehicle, I bought my Sportage in early May 05. The price was just right considering the overall package and quality. I was particularly impressed with the exterior and interior design of the car, which appears very stylish when compared to other SUVs. Each panel lines up, all the gaps are even inside and outside, not to mention the flawless paintwork. One of the interesting features is the multiple folding configuration of front and back seats which allows for various resting positions as well as maximising cargo space.I took my girlfriend up Great Ocean Road during the Queen’s Birthday weekend. Doing 100 km/hr on the bitumen was quiet and smooth, the RPM sitting at around 2500. The V6 engine gave plenty of grunt, taking off at the lights and overtaking cars up the slopes. The handling was smooth and stable on the winding roads and around sharp bends. The steering was just right, allowing for road feel and responsiveness. When we reached the Twelve Apostles, I took the car onto the winding back roads heading towards the Grampians. It was a wet rainy day, and the sign on the track said 'Not recommended during wet season'. The road was rough, but the car was very quiet and comfortable with no rattling noises anywhere. Engaging selectable AWD mode, traction control and with ABS, the mud, gravel, potholes, grass and rocks posed no problems. I was very confident at every turn. I managed to miss a few kangaroos and rabbits J. Altogether, the trip was about 950 kms. I was hoping for a challenge, but it seemed too easy. The limit of the car remains to be tested.
Compared to its sister car the Tucson, I would prefer if the Sportage had side curtain air bags, automatic headlight on/off, trip computer, extra power outlet and more internal storage compartments. I am a non-smoker, so the front ashtray compartment is totally useless to me. Also, the ashtray compartment has to be left open when using the lighter for charging. The short stroke V6 engine is a bit thirsty, but it is unbelievably smooth and quiet. If I did not look at the RPM gauge, I could not tell if the engine was on or not. This vehicle would be improved if the V6 was a long stroke engine, with a 5 speed transmission.


Would definitely recommend this car. Excellent value for money. Compares well to other 4WD's on the market. We purchased our 2006 Sportage new one year ago this month and have been very happy.
Love the price. Roomy, quiet, smooth drive. Value for money.
Fuel economy could be better.


I LOVE my Sportage. I'm a busy mum and I need reliability. Bought it brand new in 2007 (had 22km on the clock) and have now had it for 2 years and clocked up 47,000 kms. It has always been reliable, good on fuel and never missed a beat. We are a family of 5, 3 kids in the back, Baby capsule, a booster seat and eldest on the regular seat, and I have had no complaints from the back about space! Everything fits in the boot lovely and I especially love that the back window can open without having to open the door. Fits so much more shopping and is like a big 'bucket'. So I am absolutely in love with my car. We have a special bond. I have owned all brands of cars, Fords, Holdens, Toyotas, Mitsubishi, etc. and this is by far THE BEST vehicle I have EVER owned.
Great price, comfy to travel in, a breeze to drive and plenty of space in the boot!
Nothing really


I recon I'm the fussiest bloke in Australia when it comes to cars. I looked at all the competition first because I wanted reliability 1st and foremost. The reviews I read and my drive test experiences of all the competitors were unimpressive. I felt we were going to be stuck with a slow, fidgety transmission challenged, rattly car wannabe truck. The Kia Sportage V6 provided a smooth, quiet yet powerful drive in a good looking frame that handled like a car on the road and certainly holds its own off the road. No other car gave us all this without having to shell out $40K+. Aside from that my wife has to drive it so the ABS, TCS, 4x4 safety mode car like handling and safety features for her and our baby's protection just made this car perfect for us. I crave performance and this car leaves me with some satisfaction, it's not for the drag racer or drifter thats for sure, but it is the perfect SUV... Do your own research if you don't believe me.
Smooth powerful V6 which is as quiet as our luxury sedan provided you don't push it. Acceleration is better than most 4cyl options coupled with the refined drive. Looks sporty with side steps and nudge bar plus built in roof rails/twin exhaust. Very roomy inside front and back, this car can carry anything or anyone in comfort. 4x4 abilities, safety features, drivability, versatility for any situation... Inexpensive and great quality.
Can be a little heavy on petrol 500kms per 65L tank, no other concerns.


I purchased a Kia Sportage Platinum that I picked up at the end of December 2010, I was really chuffed with the car until last weekend. The car suddenly started overheating, then couldn't grab a gear when accelerating. The car completely stopped and had to be towed back to Kia. Issue is apparently the radiator coolant and engine coolant have somehow mixed and caused further issues with the transmission. Here is a link to the video I took of the car, would encourage anyone to watch this (with sound) before purchasing a new Kia Sportage
The Looks, the styling
The engine, reliability issues, lack of Kia after sale service



Good shape, maneuvering is good, seats are not comfortable in long drive, mirror angels are good for driving, radio-recorder system is nice, A/C is efficient, hight is suitable for all ages. Dashboard has nice looking and handy, wide glasses.
Nice design comparing with others in same grade, rigid in the streets, price is competitive.
Fuel consuming is high, seats need to be more comfortable.

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Questions & Answers

Is That Okay To Buy? Tell Me Honestly?
2 answers
Yes. It's genuinely a great carJust used mine to tow a one ton camper trailer and even my husband commented on how easy it tows. Love my car.

I am looking to buy a 2009 KM LX ( FWD) kia Sportage Any suggestion please.
2 answers
I am sure you'll find the sportage a great little car, as I drive one and have never had a problem since buying it newI will considerate in buy it Thank you for the info Max

Looking at possibly purchasing a 2005 Sportage as the family car, can i get some feedback from others please. good or bad? Thanks!
1 answer
Hi K4T, I'm not sure about this year model. I know the sl model which came out from I think 2010 was a big improvement on the previous model. If you can stretch your budget I would be looking at the newer model. Apparently the base model is very good.


Sportage KM
Wheels16" Alloy
Country of ManufactureSouth Koread
Release dateApr 2005
Discontinuation dateDec 2010
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