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Kia Sportage NB

Kia Sportage NB (1996-2004)

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We have now sold our 99 Sportage and replaced it with a Santa Fe - big mistake. The Sportage was absolutely reliable, went anywhere a Cruiser could go - and better! The vehicle towed a well loaded trailer on 3 successive 5000k fishing trips, went Perth to Broome and back and never missed a beat. As a second hand 4wd you could not go wrong.

The seat belt alarm is annoying and drives you batty. Could have more rear storage room.

Excellent value for money would consider a newer model

Solid heavy vehicle (2005) that feels safe and sits high, ABS, traction control, cruse control,leather trim & other features. Car has only done 55,000km & have just replaced the rotors. The alarm does funny things at times & doesn't work properly. Being the V6 I was surprised at how much fuel the sucker uses, 350km per tank (60 litres?) around town & not a whole lot better on a trip. The Commodore ute was a greenies best friend in comparison. Brakes also very poor, differcult to stop with a tailor with wheelie bin on the back. Sometimes just differcult to stop at all when four people on board.
Overall the car is reasonable value for money (at the time). Would look at the new diesel. I think most 6 cylinder SUV use their share of fuel.
Value for money, Retains 4x4 features, Nice to drive
Fuel consumption, poor brakes, electrical a bit sus

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im looki9ng to buy a 2003 kia 4wd any one know if this model ha any problems


Mechanically, this car never failed me but unfortunately the electrics did. Would never buy a Kia again but definitely another 4WD. I got a Toyota Yaris after this one but do really miss being up high and the Sportage is more fun to drive.
Absolutely loved the shape and design of the car. Felt fabulous being up high and was fun to drive.
The car wasn't that old and the electrics continually played up, the windows stopped working, central locking played up and the doors would automatically lock on occasions, even locking my young baby in the car on a summers day. Fuel economy was not good either. Air conditioner continually broke down.

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Sportage NB
Release dateJan 1996
Discontinuation dateDec 2004
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