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Kia Sportage SL Si

Kia Sportage SL Si (2010-2015)

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I loved my Sportage originally. Then a very loud sound started coming from the exhaust. Several mechanics have told me it’s safe but my car sounds like a loud Datsun! I’ve also had trouble with the brakes, the shift lock getting stuck, and now I’m pretty sure the CV joint is making a noise. Also the electrics are funny, the doors lock and unlock repeatedly sometimes

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Low running costs, comfortable, easy to drive and good looking car.

A good stable car with very low consumption and running costs. Not too fancy but comfortable. I can fit two bikes in in the back and pull a small trailer or camper.

It drives well and requires minimum maintenance every 12 months. Comes with a 7 years manufacturer warranty.
Don't buy one if you want power and acceleration, this is a commuter / city car.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Great looks, good performance and excellent value for money

I purchased the 2011 model of the Kia Sportage. A great looking car, with an excellent driving experience. We purchased it brand new and has now done 82,000Kms, driven it across half of the country. It came with a 5 year warranty at the time of purchase.

I have the base edition and at times the 2.2 litre engine can feel a bit under powered given the size and weight of the vehicle. However, the seating, the fittings, the looks and the hassle free driving makes it a great car to own.

The overall experience has been great. Worth every dollar and great value for the money spent. Makes for a sporty looking SUV and a great family car. Everyone at home loves it.

Date PurchasedAug 2011

5 year 100,000km review

I have never kept a car for more than 2 years before buying my Sportage. This car keeps giving, still looks fantastic and never gives any trouble at all. It has no squeaks or rattles despite constant off road use on rutted dirt tracks, despite being a 2wd it walks all over my old Subaru Forrester AWD.
Hard driving delivers 500km from 44 Ltrs .... excellent economy.
Tows a trailer + 3 dirt bikes, 4 adults up front no problem.
Wouldn't mind a better stereo system, but can't complain as this is a basic model.
Very highly recommend.

Date PurchasedFeb 2012

No longer a brand snob.

Couldn't go past the looks, finish and value with this base model package.

Have recently had Toyotas, was looking for an upgrade, read a few reviews and had a good look around at the alternatives.

Was also talked into having a look at the Sportage and was more than surprised at the offering. The features I was looking for were all standard and a 5 year warranty was the icing on the cake.

The alternative Toyota Rav4 lacked a lot of the features, had 2 years less warranty and was dearer to boot.
Value, standard features and a great looker.
My main gripe's been the brake dust on the alloy wheels.


O for Awesome

Kias have come a long way and almost have the same reputation for reliability as more trusted brands such as Toyota and Volvo. We bought our 2011 2.4 AWD Si Sportage in late 2012 with 15k on the clock. It is incredibly comfortable with plenty of power with the foot down. Fuel economy isn't too great around town but having a company fuel card that is a non-issue with me. Fuel economy on the open road is great with the tachometer reading about 1800 rpm at 100kph. In nearly 2 years of owning it I have clocked up nearly 45k driving from Baldivis to Perth and back each day for work.
Handling is very smooth and braking is superb. This car has been a dream to own with no issues whatsoever other than the usual maintenance. Am looking at a 7 seater now so I think I will stick with Kia.
Price, Awesome looking front, Handling, Design and build, Reliability.


Best SUV in my price range

My partner and I recently purchased a 2011 Kia Sportage Si (the base model) after reading reviews on this site. Before the purchase we had narrowed our options down to 3 cars to test drive - the Mitsubishi Outlander, Rav4 and the Sportage.

We drove a 2010 Outlander with low kms and it drove well but even at 60km/h the road noise coming into the cabin was noticeable. If you told me the car was a 2005 model I would have believed it because of the lack of interior styling and no bluetooth. It seemed very basic by today's standards. The seats were reasonably comfortable and room in the cabin and boot space was good.

I test drove 3 Rav4's and in each case the engine seemed to be working hard to get up to 60km/h. I think this is because of the 4 speed auto as it Revs quite high before changing gears. When it got up to speed it cruises along very nicely and feedback from the tyres through the steering was very good - it felt solid and controlled. We had spoken with friends who own Ravs and read the reviews and they all said the fuel consumption was high, something we wanted to avoid if possible. The main issue I had with the Rav4 was the seats... I found them uncomfortable and would imagine needing a chiropractic adjustment after a long trip. I really wanted to like the Rav4 but the seats and high fuel consumption let it down for me.

We test drove 3 Sportages (2 Si and 1 Sli). Immediately we commented on how comfortable the seats were, even when sitting in the back. The dash looked good and even though there's a lot of hard plastics used, on all 3 cars I didn't notice any marks on the dash or hear any squeaks or rattles. The Sportage isn't as quick as the Rav (the 2.4L SLi was) but the engine is so smooth and quiet that you don't really notice. The steering feels a bit light but my partner likes it, she finds it easy to drive. Since most of our driving will be around the city, we wanted something fuel efficient, easy to drive and park, with comfortable seats and Bluetooth. The Kia ticked these boxes the best.

I've had the car 7 months now and put 24,000km on it (2nd owner). The car has been excellent around the city and my partner loves driving it. It's small enough for her to park easily but big enough for the pram and a few bags. It's been great on fuel too.

Where I've been disappointed, is highway driving. At Christmas we had the car loaded up and it begins to feel small very quickly. A couple of suitcases, porta-cot and stroller and the boot is full. The result on the freeway is that the car looses power and speed when you reach a hill meaning you have to plant your foot and wait for the power to kick in to get your speed back up. I actually starting getting a run-up when a hill was coming up and overtaking was simply not an option.

We bought the 2.0L Base model but I wish we had of spent the extra money and bought the 2.4L SLi or maybe even considered a Mazda CX5. I'm still giving the car 5 stars because driving around the city is brilliant, it just needs a bigger engine to carry it on the freeway.

Would I buy a Kia Sportage again? Definitely! But I'd look at the SLi or Platinum models as the 2L engine just isn't big enough for highway driving.
Fuel efficient, comfortable seats, nice styling, well priced
2L engine is a bit sluggish but that's to be expected


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Sportage SL Si
ANCAP Safety Rating5 stars
Maximum Towing Capacity (braked)1,600 kg
Maximum Towing Capacity (unbraked)750 kg
Release dateAug 2010
Discontinuation dateDec 2015
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