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Kia Sportage SL Si Premium

Kia Sportage SL Si Premium (2014-2015)

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Have had mine for 10 months now and I am very impressed with it. I would recommend it to my friends. The performance and handling is very good, it also travels smoothly. I drove to port Macquarie from Sydney and was very impressed. The power and acceleration is ok for me, some people say it isn't powerful enough.

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Kia. How good are you!!!

1 Month ago we picked up our brand new SPORTAGE SI PREMIUM. To say this vehicle is one that fly's under the radar is an understatement! The value, design, drive, and to top it off the 7 year warranty. The car is for my wife and she loves it. We were waiting for the new Outlander to come out. Same boxy ugly duckling as the last model.

To say KIA has come a long way in the last 15 yrs or so is an understatement. The range of cars is impressive, but is missing 1 thing. If they bring out a duel cab 4x4 ute, that is as good as the Sportage I will be first in line!

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Ticks allot of boxes

In deciding to look at getting a Mid size SUV I thought it only fair to put all cars on the table and assess accordingly, despite any prejiduces I might have, and at this point I should note that I've never owned a Kia previously, and frankly a few years ago I probably didn't think I ever would. Nonetheless, the Kia along with similar Mid size SUV models from Hyundai (sister Co. to Kia), Mazda, Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi were all looked at and test driven. What I found made the Kia stand out from the others, and to my own surprise was firstly the looks, I think they've (though subjective) for the most part, nailed the design on this car. The front is dynamic to the eye and this is carried through to the rear of the car. Inside, (the Si Premium) I found the quality of the materials was good and above the average to similar cars and price points, e.g. dash and door interior panels are soft to touch and feel solid. At 5'8 I'm no giant, though found plenty of leg room in the front and rear. The drivers seating position is good and the seats (front and rear) are comfortable and supportive. Whilst the steering wheel has most of the controls, the angle of the dash required a fair degree of lean to work any of the radio buttons. I also found the radio/audio screen display was somewhat dated compared to the competition. The rear luggage area is good, and better than most of the competition, though slightly compromised by the full size spare.

We went for the Si Premium, the features, both standard in the range and to the specific model are above the competition at that price point. After having a 6 cylinder auto previously I was cautious about the capabilities of a 2.0 Ltr auto, however I found the auto to be smooth and the engine more than capable of taking the family and a boot full of gear and packed roof pod (more on that later). One issue that I've found, is that there appears to be on occasion, a flat spot in the gear change between first and second if the car goes over a spoon drain or similar, something I'll raise with the dealership at the 3k service. In terms of economy, its not the best or worst, I probably was expecting slightly better performance. The car never has, and never will see a serious dirt road, so all driving to date has been suburban, to which it has performed very well. Points into corners with minimal body roll, whilst absorbing bumps with minimal transference in noise or shudder throughout the car.

My wife, who struggled with the transition from the small sized Astra to the size and dimensions of Territory, has found none of this with the Sportage.

A gripe that I would have is that the roof rails are only available from the Si Premium model and up, and unlike some other manufacturers models, there is no capacity in the Si to bolt/attach roof rail footings to the roof. The only option is to have roof rails that have a hook that clips under the top of the door frame on either side, something that can't be good for the paint work I suggest.

It's been 8 months since we purchased the car and my opinion is that it's a terrific car thats refined well for Aust. conditions and would i recommend to anyone to include on their list if after a Mid size SUV.

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excellent vehicle

We have owned our kia sportage platinum diesel for over 4 years, has 50000 klms on the clock. Very happy with power and fuel economy. As value for your money you need to look at the kia sportage, especially the diesel model.
The only thing I would complain about is the A pillar for vision and the brake pad life replaced at 35000 klms. Wife complains seats a little to firm. Would consider buying a kia again when upgrading.

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Kia Sportage Si Premium

The 7 year warranty and service program sold me on this vehicle, I was looking at 3 other brands but none backed their product the same way. I love the look and style of my Kia, settling for the Techno Orange colour, but the brown and grey would have made me just as happy. I find the power (122KW) to be more than enough power for the around town and motorway driving I do. It was 3 weeks before I realised the Kia was a Techtronic gear-box, the 6 speed auto performed so smoothly. Fuel consumption between 9.2 and 10.2 l/100km depending on what music I am listening to. Around town the high SVU clearance handles all the pot holes and poor conditions that the Brisbane roads have to offer. I could not afford the diesel but test drove one and was impressed with the performance. I found being up high a bit of a put-off at first and steering on the open road skittery, but have gotten used to both and now enjoy the higher aspect, on the open road you still have to be careful as the Kia needs to be driven. Bluetooth is clear and the stereo links in with my phone, ipod and USB with great sounds. At 10K milage everything is still tight, no rattles or odd noises. Lots of extras right down to side lights when doing a turn at night. Auto window wipers, auto lights, auto dimming rear vision mirror and excellent backing camera make the day to day driving easy. Parking is easy as the vehicle is compact so pulling into a supermarket car-park is done in one move, backing out using the camera and mirrors is even easier. My only problem now is getting my Kia off my wife on the weekends, may be time to trade the trusty Commodore in for a second Kia

EDIT January 2017: 35,000 km traveled and just had the vehicle in for a service, general oil, filters and tune, capped price service with consumables @ $357.00. Not bad for a years running. No other issues found with the car.
Average fuel usage around town seems to be 9.8l/100km. I am not heavy footed but certainly not the last away from lights (6 speed gearbox helps). I do regret not buying the diesel version as I think on hindsight it would have suited what I am using the vehicle for better. Still no regrets buying.

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Date PurchasedFeb 2015

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Sportage SL Si Premium
ANCAP Safety Rating5 stars
Maximum Towing Capacity (braked)1,600 kg
Maximum Towing Capacity (unbraked)750 kg
Release dateJan 2014
Discontinuation dateDec 2015
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