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Kia Sportage SL SLi

Kia Sportage SL SLi (2010-2015)

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"KiA" to come out of the east and I'm so glad it did!

Ours is a White 2012 SLi 2 litre diesel 6 speed Auto AWD it's roomy and comfortable, Just eats up the highway at 100>110kph delivering 7 litres per 100 kilometres. Don't skimp on cheap oil ours gets fresh Penrite and filter every 10,000k's and not 20,000K's as the service manual requires
if you are looking for a 4WD (FOUR WHEEL DRIVE), the KIA will NOT do the job, Perfect if you want a modern comfortable "soft roader" . Totally competent on rough gravel and sandy tracks or slippery surfaces such as mud or snow, BUT the Subaru Forester eats it hands down "off" the road! I have been a Subaru devotee since my first '82 D.L. Wagon. We still own a '95 Liberty Heritage, which is now the dog to the beach mobile. Though I still like to come down the range in it, it handles so well, as does the KIA though the laws of nature cannot be defied especially centripetal force and gravity. The Sportage is a comfortable competent vehicle and light on the pocket to own and run, What's not to like about a sporty, tall blonde, with a curvy generous rear! :)

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Good drive

I purchased a 2013 SL sportage. I’ve never had any issues in the last 5 years. It’s an auto and finds the gears easily. It doesn’t chew the petrol either.
The one con I have is I do find the side mirrors slightly too big and at times they act like a blind spot.
Services are reasonably priced.

Date PurchasedJul 2013

Great car

We have had our sli my12 since nov2011 and done 114,000 ks. We have always looked after our cars, this one has not missed a beat. Very comfortable to drive, handles very well, even on dirt roads (not hardcore 4x4 needed dirt ones), spacious. No major issues at all after this long. If people genuinely look after their cars you get great value on then, only exception is if you buy a genuine lemon. We got 7 year warranty on ours when we bought it and have had no need for it as yet.
Like any car there are things we wish were different. Aircon in the back would be great. Being a diesel its also noisy but some are worse.
I respond to a comment i read on here about no assisted cruise control (not relevant to our car model) that is what brakes are for

Date PurchasedNov 2011

My car or hers

We love the interior style, The dash is well laid out within easy reach.Seats are comfortable. The sleek sporty shape of the body is what attracted us to the car, and I just love the grille. The car handles well, steering is light and it has a great turning circle, better than our small sedan had. The 2.0 litre diesel turbo has power to spare and should tow our van easily. Fuel economy is good as long as you don't have a heavy foot. Long trip is where you will see the great fuel economy.
We just love it. Only had it for a short time but we all fell in love with it after the first drive. The only criticism I have is the very wide front pillars, and rear and side visibility will take a little getting used to after owning a sedan

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Great SUV

Owned the Sportage SLi series ll for just over 2 years. The turbo diesel is really great, especially on the highway where the high torque makes cruising effortless & overtaking easy (Drove from Port Macquarie to Melbourne & back & I must say that the comfort, ease of driving & performance was first class). Had a couple of problems with the aircon thermostsat freezing & shutting the aircon down & the satnav locking up after about 300 km of a trip (running out of RAM?). Luckily, both problems disappeared after a half hour coffee break. These problems were both fixed at the next service.

Apart from those glithches the car was comfortable, totally rattle free, economical (7.5l/100km average over 17,000km). Friends & aquaintances were universal in their praise of the car for its torque, comfort, fit & finish & ease of driving(techno orange paint also attracted lots of positive comments).

I was so happy with the Sportage that I have just bought a 2016 Sportage Platinum diesel. Trying to learn how to use all of the features is no easy task, albeit an enjoyable one ..... Got a great trade-in on the old 'as new' SLi as I think the dealer had it sold before I traded it! If you buy one of these I think that you will be happy!


Best buy

The driving experience in this car is amazing. I compared against all the models and it had the most features and a great engine and excellent price. Safe car too. We actually always buy BMWs so for us to swap to Kia is really saying something about the performance of this car.


Best driving/value SUV I've driven (inc. petrol 2.5L Mazda CX-5?!)

+ incredibly meaty amd responsive little diesel.
+ lovely well weighted and very direct steering (even better than our Mazda 6!).
+ handling for SUV ( Aussie Graeme Gambold did the suspension tune - more resolved/settled than equivalent ix35 I drove).
+ buying second hand very good value due to many people wanting a Mazda or Toyota?!
+ still more warranty even buying second-hand than most other companies with their brand new vehicle warranty.
+ interior (and exterior) ambience with subtle stainless steel highlights and clear big speedo.
+ safety rating, parking sensors AND rear view camera.
+ rear leg space, ride and headroom.
+ no problem with car sickness for 3 and 5 year old due to excellent ride and vision (in car seats).
+ 15,000km service intervals
+ and - brakes good but could have more "bite/response", read they could need changing roughly every 45 000 km's.
- non existent lower lumber support in my driver seat ($18 "fix" from super cheap auto but will get checked under warranty).
- couple of small blind spots due to design.
- luggage space in the back ( roof rack and towing capacity largely overcomes this).
- occasional slight crackling in radio (hopefully next service this will be fixed).
- harder for my little 3 year old to "climb" up into than hatchback (but better for my back clicking in her seatbelt).
- maybe, lingering brand image?! (Flip side, it worked for our advantage buying second hand)

Overall the diesel engine is a "peach" and in my mind is worth the extra initial outlay. It has few compromises but overall it leaves you with a smile. Added to this, is an ANCAP 5 star safety, warranty for peace of mind and "creature" comforts. To top it off the it is thousands of dollars cheaper than the opposition. Overall I give it, 4.25 stars.


Top pick for the money. Great Value 2014 SLi AWD

Reliable, economical, we'll made and great handling and 7 year warranty with fixed price servicing. Drives and handles very well. If you are looking for a small SUV, this would be hard to pass up. I looked at other SUVs and the Kia was the stand out bang for buck.


Best Car Ever

This is my second car after the very disastrous Land Rover Freelander. This car has everything. I bought the base model but this car has almost everything you need need in a car. Kia really raised the bar for car manufacturing. Simply amazing and would recommend everyone who is looking for a good family car.


Ohhh baby baby!

Picked up our new 2014 sportage sli recently and for the money it ticks a lot of boxes, we looked at a lot of similar suv's but in the end it came down to the sportage or the ix35, the kia sold us on looks and just felt a bit roomier. Driving's a breeze, auto everything with all the controls logically laid out, adequate storage, cubby holes etc (i love the chilled glove box). The A pillar is a little chunky but you get used to it, rear vision is a bit limited but the reverse camera more than makes up for that. We've taken it off road for some light 4x4 duties and i was more than impressed, it's no land rover but its good to know it can actually go off road and handle a run up the beach . Our Slovakian model seems well built with no issues or squeaks and rattles and i think everyone will agree kia have come leaps and bounds in the past few years. Only tip is if you're in the market for one, pay that little bit extra for the Sli, you'll be glad you did.

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2 years and 40000 k later, its been a wonderful car. The interior has held up well, no squeaks or rattles and no mechanical issues at all, the paint still gleams though I do hand wash it regularly. I reckon SL series is one of those rare cars that will still look good in 5 year's time. I love the new QL series even though some might say the looks are polarizing? On objective criteria the sportage is tough to beat and makes a compelling argument. Would definitely buy another sportage after this first positive ownership experience.

Very good choice so far

We purchased a new diesel SLi Sportage in Nov '11. We traded in a 2003 Toyota Kluger which had been trouble free but a bit thirsty & we wanted a smaller car for around town. At the time it was very difficult to get the Sportage due to supply problems. It would have been much easier to get the similar Hyundai iX35, however, we preferred the styling of the Kia.
We had a 16' pop top to tow & the diesel was our preferred choice for that task. Interestingly the Sportage has a higher tow & tow ball rating than the larger Kluger.
Car has now done 54,000 km & has been very good. It's easy to drive & quite comfortable. It's been to Adelaide & back & twice done express trips from Newcastle NSW to Melbourne & back & done the trips with ease. It's still got the original Kumhos on but they will need to be changed soon.
Wrt fuel consumption, we get 9-10 l/100km around town compared to about 14 l/100km for the Kluger. On the highway we average 6.5-7 l/100m consistently. We've replaced our pop top with a 17' caravan (1400kg GVM). We've just done a holiday to to northern NSW coast & averaged 11.3 l/100 km over 1400 km with the 'van in tow. The car pulls the caravan quite comfortably.
Issues that we've had:
The A pillars are quite thick & mirrors are large. This causes blindspots & care is needed around town. This is particularly true for my wife who is 160cm tall.
The rear window is small & D pillars thick so rearward & over the shoulder rear 3/4 vision is also a bit restricted. The rear camera is very useful as a result when reversing.
Servicing, whilst fixed price, feels a bit expensive. Major service intervals are 15,000km but I've been getting oil changes done at the optional 7,500 km intervals.
We've had some quality issues. The left rear door handle was replaced under warranty due to bubbling chrome.
The roof rails have just been replaced under warranty as paint was peeling on the leading edge of the LH one. Service decided to replace both of them just in case & so they looked the same.
There has been an intermittent problem with the cruise control not operating & the service dept couldn't replicate the problem. At the last service they found that the switch had failed & it has now been replaced, also under warranty. It's worth noting that both were done at 3.5 years which would be out of warranty for many other makes.
At this service (53,000 km) all the brake pads & the front rotors were replaced. I was pretty disappointed that the rotors needed replacing at such low mileage. After some on line research & discussing with the Service department this is apparently usual for both Kias & Hyundais. Cost was about $540 or $10 / 1,000 travelled.

Overall our ownership experience has been good so far & we have no plans to replace our Sportage.


2013 Kia Sportage SLi

So far, 2 months in and almost 6,000km and we are very happy with our decision to go with a Sportage. Before purchasing we narrowed our search down to the Kia Sportage and the Toyota Rav 4.
We live on a farm 50km from town and I travel in everyday for work so am doing minimum 100km per day, 20km of which is unsealed roads. It has been unusually wet so the AWD has been awesome! After being in a small passenger vehicle this made the wet slippery road seem like it was not actually slippery and wet, I hardly notice I am off road anymore, which makes my life so much easier! It's very comfortable and easy to drive, all controls are very easy and convenient to use. Fuel consumption is pretty good for a larger and heavier vehicle, I average 9L per 100km, give or take 0.4L depending on weather conditions and how you drive. My main complaints would be the amount of road noise, which could be something to look at improving, and for a vehicle designed to go off road the standard moulded mud flaps are useless, please look at least making available as an option rubber mudflaps. The other complaints are only minor, the bonnet should have gas struts as for someone short like me it is awkward to prop the put bonnet up without leaning on the car and getting dirty, and then once pulled out the engine oil dipstick is difficult to put back in without the aid of a torch due to the poor visibility of where to put it back in.
Performance, Comfort, Great Value for Money
Road Noise

I've now had my Sportage for 6 months and have clocked up 17,000km. My problem with road noise is associated with poor door seals and such as the car leaks dust A LOT! It has not been designed for off road use everyday. Once I clean out the interior, after only 2-3 weeks there is enough dust that you can write things on the dash (I NEVER drive with windows down). So with having black fabric seats, even though I never have anyone in the back seat, the seats have a film of dust over them, as does the cargo blind and every other surface inside the car. My other big problem is the pulling to the left. After repeatedly complaining at various times Kia will not look into the problem that has existed since the day I picked it up. I'm still happy with performance, comfort (taking away the dust issue) and fuel consumption.Due to a change in circumstances a few days before we had vehicle for 12 months we traded it in. In the almost 12 months we had the car I clocked up 31,500km. Kia ended up replacing the door seals just before we traded it in. This car gets 9/10 from me. I was a little sad to see it go. I hope he next person enjoys it like I did! We were fortunate enough to have a much larger budget when traded so opted to purchase a Subaru Forester XT Premium. If I had a smaller budget I would definitely not hesitate in buying another Kia.

Great car

Checked around on current (2013) SUV and settled quickly on the SLi 2.4 petrol. Can't rave enough about this vehicle. best value for money, awesome on road performance. 110kph is 2000rpm and is just effortlessly loping along. Personally don't like driving that much but this thing my just change that!
Mostly everything, especially the looks and ergonomics. i'm 6'4" and still have plenty of head room

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I bought one last year ,great car love driving it but the 2.4L petrol engine is very thirsty.12l-13l to 100km is I think a bit much.

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Sportage SL SLi
ANCAP Safety Rating5 stars
Maximum Towing Capacity (braked)1,600 kg
Maximum Towing Capacity (unbraked)750 kg
Release dateAug 2010
Discontinuation dateDec 2015
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