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Kiddy Cots Door Barriers

Kiddy Cots Door Barriers

DB 1 and DB 3
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The Safety Gate suits our needs in preventing our young grandson from toppling down the stairs.

The Safety Gate was bought on Gumtree and was missing a screw/bolt, so I contacted Kiddy Cots in Caboolture by email asking if I could purchase the missing item and was delighted to receive a prompt reply from Dean, followed by the missing bolt being posted to me in Adelaide free of charge. Received today, 1st May, 2017.
Many thanks!
Bev R.

this is perfect

previous reviews were related to kiddy cots old style barrier, this new style has large adjusting knobs for the pressure mounting. I researched it and found that it is the top rated door barrier recommended by Choice. It is also nice to know it is Australian made

Cheap and works but not that great

We bought this when our son was about 1 and it was a cheap, simple option. We used it for awhile but found that we had some problems with it and it eventually broke. Firstly it is a barrier, not a gate, so you have to step over it and this can be a pain and dangerous. Secondly, it isn't very tall so as our son got bigger, there was more of a risk that he could climb/fall over it. Thirdly, we had trouble getting it to stay in the door frame. It slipped out a number of times and needed constant re-tightening. Lastly, when trying to get it to stay in the frame, my husband gave it a bit of a push and the wood splintered so we had to throw it out. We have not bought any more and swapped to metal gates.
Cheap, easy to use.
The wood broke easily, it slipped out of the door frame easily, it can be a pain to step over all the time.


We have three of these and then another type of gate that opens and closes for the hallway. We have a front door that is at the top of a flight of stairs a floor above street level. In order to let a breeze in we need to open up the house but make it safe for our son. We use these gates on the front door and in the windows when they are open and they provide peace of mind knowing my boy can't get out and hurt himself.
Easy to set up, light weight and effective.
If used in a highly frequented doorway then these gates can be irritating to step over.


it's bad for your back to be stepping over the bar reguarly. It also marks your door frames when you have it tight. However you have to have it tight so that you can keep the child in the room.
it keeps the baby in the area you want. It's cheap.
You have to step over the barrier to leave and enter the room


This is a great cheap gate for occasional use. I didn't like having to climb over it all the time and opted in the end for a gate that had a door. Its quite dangerous for toddlers that are watching you climb over it as they too try to climb over it.
This is a great gate for people who are on a tight budget or if you only need it occasional. As i said, you can pick them up REALLY cheap!
There is no door opening so you have to continuously climb over it, which in turn teaches your children to climb over it so in the end it becomes pointless having in place.


Its a convenient little gate and serves its purpose if you just want something quick and easy to stop your little one from going into a room but it gets to be a pain from having to step over it all the time.
a cheap gate that can easily be put up or down and can be moved room to room as needed.
I hate having to step over it, we had this gate blocking off the hallway so the kids had to stay in the toy room, but it was a pain to have to keep stepping over it so we ended up buying a swing gate but have since put this one up in the laundry to stop our toddler from going into the toilet in case the toilet door isnt shut.


i bought this gate because i wanted a cheap little gate. we rarely gate off our home but i wanted the option if i was doing something messy or unsafe in a room. This gate was easy to manouver and store when not in use and was inexpensive but it was not effective. if my toddler pushed on it it fell out no matter how firm we tried to make it.
this gate was light and easy to manouver. could take down when not using it. cheap
it didn't stay put! if my child pushed on it it fell out the doorway no matter how hard i tightened it. so not safe for us


I used this gate for my dog and child, to separate the two whilst they were young and needed some space. It worked like a treat, but my dog did enjoy chewing on the bars and my son could sometimes pull the barrier down.
It is a cheap and affordable gate, but it is great if you only need a gate every now and then. This gate is fairly quick to set up. These gates are often sold second hand quite cheap, so you can pick up one even more of a bargain.
If the pads fall off then it will damage your paint and wood. It can actually be dangerous stepping over something all the time.


I have gone through about 3 of these gates with no success. They are very cheap and convenient to purchase. They do block off the area you require but after that they cause a lot of hassles. I have heaps of paint scraped off my walls where the rubbers have fallen off and the metal screws dig into the walls. They break really easily just from bumping it when you have to constantly climb over it. Cheap but not good for a permanent job.
Cheap and affordable.
Lasts about 5 minutes before all of the rubber fittings fall off. It scratches and scrapes all of the pain off your walls where the rubbers attach. It breaks easiy when you are trying to climb over it all of the time.


Its a great gate for the price. We only ever use it for 5 minutes here or there to keep our daughter in her playroom if we have the oven etc on. Simple to install and nothing dangerous about this gate at all.
Very basic and does not swing open.


This is not a bad gate considering that they are a lot cheaper than the gates that can swing open. However I think that in most cases you are better off spending a bit extra to buy a swing open gate as this barrier makes it difficult for younger kids, elderly or injured people to get past. Overall it is a very easy to install gate to use.
Cheaper than most gates
You have to step over it to get to the other side and therefore makes it difficult to use if you have older children who need to access closed off areas.

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