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Great help!

My son is very happy with the help from tutor for his creative writing task. He has improved his understanding of this kind of writing. This help is much appreciated.

definitely recommended

my son has improved extremely well since last year joined Kinetic education. Has become so independent and organised with his assessments. Being selected in extensive program for maths in high school. Surly best decision to pick this education site.

Great way to boost your child's confidence!

The 12 month course that my son completed was terrific. He enjoyed it and so did I. It boosted his confidence in completing his work alone and was often on topics that he was studying at school so it helped with that too.
English was fairly simple but reinforced some of the necessary rules in the English language.
My son also loved getting gift cards for completing his work and getting his points up. :)
Well worth doing!

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Very helpful

My son has greatly benefitted from the program and was catching up with the material covered in class. I would definitely recommend this program. The support from the team was great, there was always someone I could talk to and they would address any issues very professionally and promptly.

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This program is perfect for my 4 boys!

I am very satisfied with the Kinetic Education program, my kids have accelerated with their education since signing up with this course, we were doing Kumon for a number of years and although they did learn from Kumon & it was great, Kinetic seems to be more base on the school curriculum for example, my 14 year old came home from school one day very excited and proud of himself because they had a math lesson that he already knew how to work out the answers, because he did that lesson the week before with kinetic, he then went on to show the other students how to work out these problems.
There has been a few difficult lessons set out for the kids but with help and support only a phone call away from the tutors, they then understand the questions and move on to the next lesson. The tutors are amazing with the kids. I have and will continue to recommend the Kinetic education to my family & friends that have children struggling with English and Math. I wish I had of found this program years ago!

Very helpful

Kinetic Education did wonders for my daughter she progressed from year 3 level to year 7 level in one year. Very pleased. Would highly recommend if your kids are struggling at school.

Customer Service

Definitely recommended, awesome tailored programs. Very professional staff...

Our eldest son was the main reason for signing up, he lacked confidence in his reading, spelling and just over the last 9 months he is a totally different boy so much more confidence especially now he is in year 7.. We are so over the moon with our results. The staff were so understanding when we had to move country. Totally recommend to all families. Affordable prices which was grear having our 3 children doing it.

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Stress-free and effective!

We signed up last March 2018 (year 6 at that time). Our son started with some gaps in Year 3 and 4 levels and serious gaps in year 5 and 6. We are nearing our first year into Kinetic Education and with consistent weekly work, he is close to being at par with year 7!
This is great for self-study and if your kid is an autonomous thinker, this is the best program!
Educators are attentive and always looking out for gaps, proactive with their approach and strategic with the program. Thank you Jonah and James for always looking after us!

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Fantastic tailored tutoring program

I had both my children enlisted in the Kinetic Education program for the second half of 2018. The team at Kinetic Education identified the gaps in both my children's knowledge and tailored their learning accordingly. This was such a wonderful tool to bridge those gaps and both my children finished the year ahead of their respective class levels. If ever they found they needed help with a task, we simply phoned Kinetic support and we were guided through the lesson with patience and kindness. This really helped my children feel supported and confident in asking for assistance.
A very big thank you to the wonderful team at kinetic education!

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Awesome Program

My boys enjoyed this programme when they started seeing better results in test and better end of year reports they were very thank full for us giving them the opportunity to do this programme. they were getting rewards from the programme that helped them to try harder and achieve there final goals. they have just asked me to look into the next programme for high school kids. I will be getting it.

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Hugely helpful and very professional service.

Kinetic Ed helped both of my daughters to identify gaps in learning and then to fill them. The program and tutors are excellent. The girls then went on to excel in mainstream education. Thank you.

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Improvement in Maths

My son David started kinects education this year his maths was average has improve from since then when he got Maths for his class this year for the end of the year school award. We are so proud of him and his achievement and so glad we put him in this tutor for his support. Thank you for ur support in David's learning. See you nxt year Happy new year frm David and Family.

Our kids needed this

So much to say... our two (grades 3 and 4 this year) took on Kinetic Ed for these past 12 months, and weren’t thrilled to start with. Always going to happen! However, we set a routine, and finally finding the right time of day for them to do it, it worked. However - the bigger questions needed answering - could they be catered for personally? Would any knowledge gaps be identified and addressed, in the right way, for each child individually? Will they NOT feel like a number, getting asked round-robin questions like robots? (this is what we thought might happen - it is a web app, right). Cut to the chase - we can say yes to all of the above - we are so impressed. We have called it BT (Brain Training), and our boy is now going into Yr 5 already knowing most of the Maths and English content for the entire year in advance (after having gaps that spanned back to Yr 2), and our daughter is also over a year ahead in the same subjects (also having started with major gaps). And this is from a tailored, online, self-paced app that is easy to navigate.

We have recommended this to others, and will continue to do so. Thanks so much, Kinetic Ed. You really have made a difference.

An awesome program for any student of any ability!

This is a fantastic program to help any student in their educational journey. Having two children with learning disabilities I have found this program very useful to help them keep up with the subject matter they have learnt at school and not understood. Doing the weekly activities has meant that we tend to cover math and literacy concepts before the class. This enables my children to be familiar with the work and feel positive that they can do the work, instead of being frustrated that they don’t understand the subject content.The course is engaging and keeps up with the curriculum and it focuses on the children’s areas of weakness and improves these areas. We have been doing this program for five years now and I have just enrolled my eldest child into years 7-8. Thank you Kinetic education for helping my children achieve the academic grades they are truly capable of.

Kinetic education is all about teaching children the foundations in thoughts and the beginning of th

It seems to be understanding and carefully spoken learning probabilities and underlined decisions on how to face and beat the lessons children face and interpret the answers which they soon believe they know God bless kinetic learning...

Great improvement!

We are very happy for choosing Kinetic education for our children (year 1 and 5). They started more than 1 year ago an we are really pleased with the good results. Their school teachers told us they have seen great improvement especially in math and spelling. We would happily recommend the program to anyone!


Very happy that i opted Kinetic education for my son and daughter
They have definitely improved and i believe my children had improved their thought process before answering the question in rush
They got disciplined for having a habit of regular home work which enabled then for learning in a better way

Thank you once again for the wonderful support

Improvement, improvement!

This program has helped my kids, in a very short span of time(literally about a month or two)! I mainly got this program for my yr9 daughter, whose maths level is yr4. And so far her improvement in maths has gone up, not majorly, but it's a big improvement in my eyes, as I was pulling my hair trying to find a program that will work for her and her level of understanding. And I am so proud to say that she received a Student award for Maths at their end of term assembly today!(20/9/2018)

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Congratulations to both you and your daughter! Thank you for sharing.


I like the idea of Kinetic Education, however it was not really to my daughters liking. 12 months is a long time to sign up for but thank you Kinetic for finally sorting us out.

Thank you

Thank you very much for my kids improvement day my son can do math and English so I can say thank you again

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Questions & Answers

What is the cost please
1 answer
$36 per week for both Math and English

I would like to know what days do children do tutors
2 answers
It's an online program that's done at your child's pace. If necessary, you can contact tutors (via email or phone) to help with a question, or a subject your child is stuck on. They are there to help you and your child.Hi Rose, Thank you for your question. We help children all over Australia, combining tutor support with our online learning programs, so we can work around your schedule. Would it be possible to arrange a quick chat so I can take you through how we can best help your kids? Feel free to call us on 1800 262 847 or fill in the form on our website www.kineticeducation.com.au. Thanks, William

Hi, Do you have an office here in South Australia? Seeing all the positive reviews makes me so excited to enroll my 2 boys. Hope to hear from you guys soon! Thanks
1 answer
Hi Josie, we can certainly help you in SA. The easiest thing to do would be to call 1800 262 847 and speak to our team to discuss how we can help your 2 boys. Alternatively, feel free to go to www.kineticeducation.com.au and fill-in the form on that page and we will give you a call. We look forward to helping your 2 boys.

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