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Kitchen Couture Induction Cooker

Kitchen Couture Induction Cooker Questions & Answers

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Why is the cooker going to E5 all the time Why ???
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Probably because your cookwear is not stainless steel. The saucepan,frypan etc myst be compatible for induction cooking.I used the the proper compatible cook ware.You need to use proper cooking equipment... If they supplied you with a cooking pan, put a magnet underneath it and magnet will attach. This is the correct cookware.... When you put magnet to normal stainless steel cookware magnet will not attach, so its no good for this induction cooker.... I use the one they supplied and that's all I need... Otherwise you need to buy one compatible....I love mine, hope this helps...

How is it for wok cooking?
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It works very well.Hi, as long as the wok is induction cooking compatible, it works fine.I guess I'll add a wok to my purchase. The stove I have here is crap and certainly won't heat up a wok enough for stir fry

I am not seeking this device for cooking. I need to keep a constant temperature of 65 c. Is that possible with this type of cooker? Ta Peter
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Peter, it only goes 40,60,80 etc. It has 10 preset heat settings. I did some deep frying @ 180 degrees and it seemed to be constant. cheers Greg

How was it to use? Does it work ok, I guess by now you would have used it a few times?
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I have had no issue with it.Found it to be brilliant.Very durable.we have used it daily almost for 12 months.Not very loud.just a small noise during cooking due to fan.Thanks, great news as I have ordered one. Thanks for your reply!

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