Looks great and built well

After seeing some of the reviews I was tentative, but was prepared to buy at a special price about half retail. Now we are using it all I can say is it works as expected and is so quiet compared to others I have used. If you are having trouble like some below I suggest you read the instructions carefully as they have tips on for great results. Only down side is it would be great with a doe hook but I can’t complain at the price we paid.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Love it so far!

I have had this now for a couple of weeks. Love it but was initially a little wary when I first started it up - it did feel a little flimsy after the big heavy Breville that it replaced. I love having the option of the two bowls and having the two different speeds as well as the pulse.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Do Not Buy!!! Seriously, DO NOT BUY!!!!

You just need to watch the following youtube video to know why (A video speaks louder than all the words I could write here). This food processor is new out of the box, and nobody will give me a full refund, not even an exchange (which I would not be willing to take given the awful quality). Flimsy, cheap, overpriced gadget. Look somewhere else.


Date PurchasedAug 2017


It was great to start with but it became difficult to remove the blade after use. I replaced the internal parts and it went ok for a while. It jammed again and I had to use "brute force" to to open it. it now is waiting patiently in the cupboard for council cleanup. They say you get nothing for nothing......

Date PurchasedNov 2015
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Hello, if you contact our Customer Service Team they will be able to assist you with product issues such as this, as well as give you tips for future use. You can reach them on 1800 990 990 or enquiries@kitchenaid.com.au. Kind Regards, The KitchenAid Team

just received it the blade part felt off and the machine can hear something moving inside bad cust s

I just open the box try to use the blade chopper part inside felt off the machine can heard something noise moving around inside the motor then I contact aks for refund the reply they are had no refund policy and poor customer services they don't care about Accc law when I try to explain consumer had right to ask replacement or refund if products had major or minor faults never buy this brand again or recommend to others

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Hi Minh, can you please email your preferred contact phone number, email and the serial number of your machine (code beginning with W on the sticker on the base of the machine) to marketing@kitchenaid.com.au and we will assist you with this. Kind Regards, The KitchenAid Team

Love it!!

Great processor, simple to use, easy instruction brochure to follow, easy to clean.

It is a larger product so may take up more space than others. We leave it on the kitchen counter but the box with all the parts we keep in a drawer. It is a bit space consuming. One of the reasons we went with the kitchen aid is it looks funkier than the others on the market.

We use it almost every time we cook, because of the simplicity we even use it to make salads when we're entertaining the cutting size component (thin to thick) is extremely handy!

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
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Hi Sydney, Thankyou for your great review, we always love to hear feedback! Kind Regards, The KitchenAid Team

My dream processor finally!

Have been wishing for a Kitchenaid Food Processor forever! Finally bought one last week and now don't know how i lived without it. Works like a dream. Being able to use two different sized bowls is so time saving and makes this machine highly functional, as does the variable chopping blade. Well done Kitchenaid. Another beautiful and amazing product.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Hi Angie, Thanks for your glowing review, we always love to hear feedback from customers! Kind Regards, The KitchenAid Team

Wish I had one years ago

This processor is easy to use very fast easy to clean .all the attachment fit easily very easy to change. Certainly saves a lot of time. Love the attachment box which keeps everything organised. I got a big one as I love to cook but there is also a small bowl if that's all that is required

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Not as good as the stand mixer.

Don't get me wrong I'm keeping mine and I love it, I got it for a great price so for what it cost I am happy with what I have and cannot fault the quality of the chopping & shredding; that said however, here are some details I found about the product.

The stand mixer is so strong and this food processor is not, a metal base would have been preferable as this one isn't as stable as it could be.
The parts click together nicely.
The three food chutes are very handy.
The first thing I did was make bread crumbs and the crumbs scratched the in side of the bowl lightly.
Washing may be a little tiresome as the nooks and crannies gather every thing - use the top shelf of your dishwasher.
When removing the bowl from the base there is usually some food that has spilled from inside.
Does a great job if you hold it down!

Questions & Answers

Cannot make it work- will not power on? Any help?
1 answer
Hi there, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 990 990 or enquiries@kitchenaid.com.au for help with this. Kind Regards, The KitchenAid Team

Hello, when I compare the power of this unit with others at a similar price, they seem to have much more powerful motors. Is it "underpowered"? I was at a Harvey Norman store today however the Sales Assistant was not able to provide any insight. Thanks for any help
3 answers
As it's my first full sized food processor, I honestly cannot say. Most of the critic reviews point to the cuisinart as the best food processor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZokEtjvDaoHi Paul, The 5KFP0933A is engineered so that it only draws the power it needs to perform. Our machines are tested under ingredient load rather than block tests like other brands use which gives a falsely inflated result. Essentially the machine optimal engineering for a lower power usage and quieter performance. Kind Regards, The KitchenAid Teamwhere you can go for the lower power wattage if the machine is designed for lower power. Less electricity usage in this day and age is important. I've discovered I can use my kitchen aid stick mixer which is 800 watts in my RV with a 1000 watt inverter, something I can't do with the cheap 1800 watt cheap Kmart stick mixer which I bought for the RV... Now I'm conscious of all my electricity usage I've noticed better quality products lower wattage.


5KFP0933AAC (Almond Cream)5KFP0933AER (Empire Red)5KFP0933AOB (Onyx Black)5KFP0933ACU (Contour Silver)
Price (RRP) $399$399$399$399
Release dateSep 2014Sep 2014Sep 2014Sep 2014

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