Looks Impessive on Kitchen Top, Couple Issues Exist......

Have run blender several times now with an Ice mix and it was okay. Solid construction and the unit is a bit bigger than expected (but this is not an issue). Down side are two (2) immediate issues. The first is the jug (pitcher) is a hard plastic. Would have expected this to be glass. Secondly the lock-in handle is very stiff and a little hard to operate. However, when the jug is locked in it’s not going anywhere. Be careful of items that come into contact with the base of the jug. They stick to the strong magnet in the base. Overall the blender looks impressive, disappointing it does not have a glass jug (pitcher). It’s overpriced in my opinion. There are a large number of blenders on the market, look around and be careful before purchasing. Kitchenaid blenders are at the top end of the price range and do much the same job as cheaper units in my opinion now that I own one. My opinion is to look at other brands and cheaper units and pass on Kitchenaid products, blenders included.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Sent for repair for 3rd time in just 2 months of purchase

Within a week of purchase, noticed the rubber at the bottom of funnel chute is coming loose, had to send for repair. All fixed within few days with no problem. One and a half month later, the blender started making extremely loud squeaky noise and burning smell. Again, had to send for repair. Repair guy told us at 1st that he had to order a new belt, it would take a few days to get it fixed. He called us up the next day and said that it had been fixed. The belt just merely been installed on the wrong side, he merely had to turn it around and that will fix it. Hubby noticed bits of black rubber coming off the belt on prior day when repair guy was examining the machine but repairman ensured him he had examined the belt and there was no damage to the belt. Merely 10 days after we had the machine back, it started to make an even louder noise plus burning smell, it was so loud I thought the machine is about to explode. Another call to KitchenAid customer service and they want me to send the machine back to their main service centre with their courier, but I had to make sure that I packed the machine nice and securely that they are not liable for any damaged on transit. Nice, now I had to go round finding a big enough box and a sturdy one too as the machine is pretty heavy as I had thrown away the original box that it came in. And will I get a new machine? They wouldn't tell, well not until they have a thorough look at the machine they said. Who would have guess this to happen to a blender with this price tag. Absolutely annoyed and complete waste of time.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Expensive mistake

This blender has a terrible locking mechanism; I could not engage it without applying a lot of force and sometimes it would fall over. Having a 10 kg blender slam onto your benchtop when trying to blend a jug of hot soup is not good so I took it back to kitchen warehouse. They acknowledged it was faulty, but kitchenaid refused to replace it. In the end kitchen warehouse offered to replace it with a vitamix and I have never looked back.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Not for us

It is overall a good blender - well built, steady, blends quickly & efficiently to desired consistency. However, it’s very heavy and is not portable at all. Also it makes a VERY loud blending noise when use, imagine air planes taking off! Also I found that I have to ‘stack’ the food in a certain way (eg. Avoiding small chunks in the bottom), or else the blades would get stuck and stop functioning.

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Hi Alice, thank you for taking the time to write a review, we always appreciate customer feedback on their experience with a product. When blending, we recommend adding liquids, then soft foods, leafy greens and ice or frozen items last, as this allows for even blending and ingredient incorporation. Kind Regards, The KitchenAid Team

What an impressive Blender!

I checked out a range of blenders last year and then I bought a bullet-size one from Optimum first before I decided to get another powerful one. I saw the price coming down with KitchenAid blender during Christmas and New Year period, so I made an order on the 1st of Jan, 2018 and the blender arrived at my door on the 3rd of Jan, 2018. How impressive!!!. Secondly, it was well packaged and when I opened it, it was brand new with everything attached completely. I tested the machine this week after reading the instructions and registered with the company online. It was very impressive with the SOUP mode. It made my cooking so rich in taste. I did like this model for some time but the price then was beyond my reach. But now it came done dramatically after 2 years on the market, I can now afford to have it for my family. It is a very heavy-duty machine with great power -- noisy, great features, tough-built, taking a fair bit of time understanding how it operates. But I am very happy to have this great blender via e-bay at the great price ie $499.50 as my NEW YEAR gift from heaven. Thanks be to God for such a lovely impressive machine and I hope it will last 10 years for my family. Mind you, KitchenAid gives 7 years warranty for this model.
Now, in Feb 7th, I am updating my tests with this powerful blender. I used my plums from the tree to test the power of the option "Juice" and it was so impressive. I tested it more than 5 times by now because I have a lot of little plums to cut up and then blend them all together. It was very powerfully noisy but it did do a great job: the skin of the plum blended so well that you did not feel taking skin with the flesh. The best outcome I got with the same type of test on fruit.
The machine comes with a cooking recipe book and there are videos on their site and other free offers online. I wish they should have more Asian styles drink, soup, juice and sauce recipes on offer.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
Again I have tested this blender on plums, figs, peaches, each time it proved to me that this machine lives up to its name. This weekend I have tested it with parsley, cooked carrots and potatoes with liquid soup. It was so beautifully blended together, enriching my soup and making it so palatable!!! Tough fibres did not deter the machine from breaking it down so finely. Well, I think this machine is worthy of praise and its technology is so effective for the jobs it claims to do.Hello, Thank you for taking the time to write a review, we always appreciate hearing feedback from customers on their experience with a product. Make sure you are signed up to our e-newsletter to receive recipes, tips and offers. Kind Regards, The KitchenAid TeamLook, I have again tested this machine on parsley, figs, preaches in the last 15 days. I was so impressed with the outcomes. The sauces came out so beautifully. Check my facebook for photos to be shown there. If only their prices were more affordable to ordinary people!!!

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