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Kleva Sumo Slicer

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2Kleva Sumo Slicer

179 reviews

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179 reviews
DaveDarwin, NT

Glad I made the purchase

Love it. It’s great to use on bulk things like cheese. It makes grating a quick task. I use it regularly instead of the food processor.
It’s Easy to use and easy to clean. Show reply
Betty-Anne O.
Betty-Anne O.

Best ever!

This is the fastest, best grater and slicer ever! Makes cooking even more fun, and my Granddaughter agrees as well. Even hubby enjoys grating cheese for our fantastic recipes now. Slices are even so cooking is even. Show reply
MattHere5 posts


This thing was a total waste of money, got two and they both went into the recycling bin. Absolutely useless, don’t waste your money.. I would have tried to get my money back but my time for that is more precious
PatHobart, TAS2 posts

No fuss and easy to use

Love the slicer it is as it is advertised. It is easy to assemble, use and clean. Much quicker than using my electric processor and less washing up. Highly recommend it.  Show reply

Works Wonderfully

Don't usually purchase something I can't touch. Took a chance and I am so happy with the Kleva Sumo Slicer. Well made, adheres to my orange peel counter top, does all and more than I ever hoped for.
Easy to clean, breaks down for storage.
Thank you for a truly good product. Show reply
MaxinePeel, WA

The best little helper in my kitchen. Used everyday

Easy and extremely safe to use. Actually sticks to bench. I have also advised close friends and family to purchase product as well
Great gift idea knowing whoever you give it to will use it Show reply

I love this sumo slicer

It is so easy and fast to grate or slice for my recipes. Even my 10 year old granddaughter finds she is able to use it safely. No more grated knuckles for me Show reply
Alan Turner
Alan TurnerSydney, NSW

What a step up from my old slicer

Love this slicer and even bought one for my 80 year old mother who is totally wrapped in it as well this put my old slicer to shame compact easy to clean Kleva now need to produce a storage container for this product Show reply

Love this product!

This saves so much time when cooking.
No more endless slicing and messy grating. The Sumo Slicer does it all quickly ! And so easy to clean and store!
I would definitely recommend this product.
Thankyou Sumo Slicer for making my life easier. Show reply
JennyMetropolitan Adelaide, SA2 posts

Compact and convenient

I find it very handy and convenient to use. It’s compact and easy to store in pantry. The only thing I find it doesn’t do onions very well as it’s soft.
Margie Grundon
Margie GrundonDarling Downs, QLD3 posts

This makes cooking sooo easy

I purchased this in the hope that it would be easier on my hand when I am grating/slicing food. It turned out to be awesome. Slicing zucchini, grating cheese, slicing onion etc is so fast and easy. Show reply
Lyn B.
Lyn B.Hobart, TAS

Great Product

Love this product!
Very easy and convenient to use
Grates and slices very easily with no mess, stays on bench top with no issues, and easy to clean.
I would definitely recommend this product. Show reply
Julanne S
Julanne S

Sumo slicer

Just love it! Use it every day!
Although I have arthritis I am able to turn
the handle, and I find lots of uses for it - salads, stir
fries, hash browns, shepherds pie, some casseroles.
So easy to clean too. Thank you Kleva. Show reply
JoannaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Great and easy to use

Love it, easy and quick to use, sits on bench well, no mess, easy to clean , can be used to chop, slice and cut anything. There is not much it can’t do. Show reply

Fantastic gadget

The best slicer, grater and shredder I have ever used. Very quick and easy to use. Prepping vegetables etc an absolute breeze. Very happy customer!! Would definately recommend this machine. Thank you. Show reply
Marie M.
Marie M.Perth, WA4 posts

Best slicer/grater I have ever used

I use my slicer daily. It is my favourite kitchen appliance. Only comment - when grating softer cheese, e.g. cheddar, don't allow it To accumulate in the blade. Simply remove it as you grate.
Buy one - you won't be sorry Show reply
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Janelle Townsvile
Janelle TownsvileNorth Queensland, QLD2 posts

How did I live without it!

I’m definately not a “gadget” person. But this is the best thing ever!
I only wish that it came with a dish that fits the shape of the base. My problem is that the food seems to fall about as I don’t have a dish that gets close enough to catch all the food. I notice that on the TV the demonstration shows the food catchment dishes on a lower level. If they produced a fitted dish I’d be in kitchen heaven
Janelle Townsville Show reply
ceejaaMid North Coast, NSW9 posts

A perfect piece of machinery, the Sumo slicer

I love my Sumo slicer. It works so well, its so great and does ever thing it should do and more. Its the best machine I have ever used. Thanks. Show reply
George0179Central West, NSW11 posts

Makes grating a breeze

The Sumo Slicer is an excellent product for grating carrots, zucchini, parsnips etc. unfortunately it’s not great with onions and really poor at chopping garlic. My Sumo Slicer also came a free Sumo Peeler which is an excellent peeler.
Kleva Range
Kleva Range   DM   
Kay Robinson
Kay RobinsonSouth East Queensland, QLD

this is great, makes life easy

this is so easy to use and clean, makes life very easy, and do other kinds of meals, good for the imagination to make up new recipes. I love it. Show reply
SherylGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC6 posts

absolutely fabulous

This is so good, I have oesteo arthritis in my fingers, and this is just so easy to use.....no more pain for me.....yea....This has changed my life for the better.... Show reply
Wendy Griffin
Wendy GriffinSydney Surrounds, NSW5 posts

Great. Best thing

Sumo slicer is great. Even with arthritis it is easy to use... Easy Cleaning as well. It has great suction on the sumo slicer to attach to your kitchen bench. I would recommend this product. Show reply
MrsHappySydney, NSW

Handy kitchen item

My Sumo Slicers were delivered to me within one week of ordering together with garlic rollers. Easy and quick to use. Have only used it to make zucchini noodles so far and does an excellent job at that. Suction caps stick well to my granite benchtop. Would recommend this product. Show reply
Karen Bruin
Karen BruinNorthern Region, NSW5 posts

Awesome Gaget

I love my Sumo Slicer. I ate many more salads over summer because it's just so easy to use. It's no longer a hassle cutting up a salad. Love it Show reply
Melissa-Rose K.
Melissa-Rose K.

So easy

Great product and so easy to use. Saves me so much time and is so versatile. Only takes up a small space and comes apart easily to clean.
Totally recommend this great product. Show reply
Maureen C.
Maureen C.South East Queensland, QLD3 posts

Pretty amazing but

I love this slicer apart from the fact that the darn thing will not grip onto my laminate kitchen bench. I have also tried it on a wooden board as well, which had a rougher surface and still no joy.
The benches are clean and dry, I've tried clean and damp as well, but just will not hang on. Sad to say that a cheaper version I bought previously that broke pretty quickly, hung on like a limpet. Any suggestions please as I got the 2 for 1 offer and the other one is destined to be used on board a boat, and is going to be pretty useless in that scenario if it won't grip. Show 2 replies
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DebbiePerth, WA7 posts

Dont waste your money

Dont buy it...wont stick to bench, the suction is hit or miss. onions just stick to the insides. Useless and a total waste of money. Other vegies are so thin you can't use them.
Kleva Range
Kleva Range   DM   

We are disappointed to hear you are not satisfied with your Sumo Slicer. Please could you give us an email at csmanager@klevarange.com.au with your full name or order and we will be happy to assist you with a suitable replacement or return.

RevelMid North Coast, NSW13 posts

Sumo Slicer not all it’s cracked up to be

Bought this after seeing it demonstrated on TV. Found it to be very flimsy, too many pieces and the handle was not easy to turn smoothly . Was disappointed so got out the old faithful grater .
Next day I boxed it up and donated to local Lifeline Op shop.
Kleva Range
Kleva Range   DM   

Love it

This product is a game changer, grating made 1000x easier. Perfect for cheese but also veg, easiest way to make cauliflower rice without cutting fingers. Love the garlic rollers too Show reply
HogstareviewSydney, NSW4 posts

So much easier than the old fashioned way

Was sceptical when I first saw the ad but at 70 bucks for a couple of them with a few free gifts I thought I'd give it a go. Was amazed at how easy it is to use the first time I used it, can grate a whole block of cheese in about 6 seconds! The suction is so strong when you secure it into place that I even stuck mine onto the wall and grated onion straight onto my salad! Going to buy more as gifts!! Show reply
buttercup75Sydney, NSW2 posts

The best kitchen gadget ever

I have had my Sumo Slicer for over a year now and it is the most commonly used gadget in my kitchen. Easy to use, easy to clean it's made prepping meals for the house so easy! I use it most for grating cheese, grating carrots and grating potato for hash browns.
At first I wasn't twisting the cog in the middle all the way to lock in the suction base, but after figuring that out it works like a dream (must be a smooth surface, not wood or small tile)
I have so many KLeva products but this one is the best! Show reply
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Daniel W.
Daniel W.

Fantastic Product

This is a fantastic product and can great cheese in a matter of seconds. It is one of the most used items in my kitchen i have an will continue to recommend to family and friends. Show reply
KellyBeaconsfield4 posts

Dont waste your money

Absolute rubbish product, couldn't even grate an onion, had to end up doing everything by hand. Complete waste of money and time. Not happy. Paid $40 for the peeler in the box.
Kleva Range
Kleva Range   DM   
Lea-Anne B.
Lea-Anne B.South East Queensland, QLD3 posts

This product is a winner

Easy to put together use & clean . Works as demonstrated on TV. Love this product. Minimal food waste In comparison to a hand Greater or an electric food processor.Extremely happy customer Show reply
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bob p.
bob p.


Cant adjust slice thickness which limits use. Not something I thought about when purchasing. Still need sharp kitchen knives or mandolin.if you have a food processor, 4 sided grater etc. , you dont need this.
On the upside, the ability to anchor to the bench, is a plus. No invoice with delivery which is also dissapointing.
Destined for the back of the cupboard.
Kleva Range
Kleva Range   DM   
happy customer
happy customer4 posts

Vege diet

Bought this after husband decided to go meat free for a few months. I have used everyday for certain recipes including stir fry on all vege,nuts,cheese(hard & soft), even potatoes. Its quick and saves so much time to julien especially. No troubles with locking or blocking. Perhaps some other reviewers are trying to put too much in to start with. My only complaint is I would like a thicker slicer. Great for making sweet potatoe crisps- nice and healthy, on the other up side hubby has lost 8kgs in a month not having a bowl of potatoe crips or twisties with his coffee after work, quite happy to have baked crisps homemade. Show reply
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ZeldaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC4 posts

It just doesn’t do what it’s meant to do

Got sucked into buying this machine after watching ads on how efficiently it worked. Onions, garlic, mushrooms turn into mush. The only thing is works on is carrots, hard cheese, and biscuits or anything hard. I bought it to slice up cabbage for coleslaw, but totally waste of time. Cucumbers and radishes are paper thin which get stuck in the slicer. It doesn’t stick to the bench and can’t get the top off for “easy cleaning “
Tried to return it and approached the company several times for postage free return. They wanted us to take videos of it not working which we complied and we never got a response. Waste of time on all levels.
Kleva Range
Kleva Range   DM   
Pyrmont Customer
Pyrmont Customer6 posts

Don't waste your money

Bought this for myself and a family member. Absolute waste of money and I wish I had checked reviews first. The infomercial shows the sumo slicer having already sliced and grated ingredients. What it doesn't show you is that the food gets stuck in the rotating barrel wasting most of the food you put through it. It doesn't slice fruit and vegetables - it minces them and the suction cap does not work leaving the machine unstable to use on your kitchen bench.
Kleva Range
Kleva Range   DM   
Gordon Howard
Gordon HowardSydney, NSW5 posts

I loved my sumo slicer for the 5 - 6 or times I used it before it broke

My sumo slicer has been great for cheese, carrots, boiled eggs, etc, but I cannot slice or shred onions. However after using it for a few times, the locking device had locked permanently meaning I cannot take the cylinder off or wash it properly. It is of no use to me now. a lot of money for 6 uses.
Kleva Range
Kleva Range   DM   
cynthia duckworth
cynthia duckworthGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

It won't stick on laminex surface. It just won't stick

I have tried everything, even used non stick rubber mats but it still doesn't stick on my bench, I don't understand what else I can do...please advise me, the peeler is fabulous

December 24th 2019 Update: Don't waste your time trying

If you can stop it from moving on your bench it is the first start......I have tried everything and it just moved, not suctioned in anyway, shape or form...waste of money, better off using a knife

Kleva Range
Kleva Range   DM   
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