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Build Quality
3.6 (32)
Value for Money
4.1 (33)
Ease of Use
4.1 (32)
Cleaning & Maintenance
4.0 (32)
Noise Level
3.6 (31)
Battery Life
3.6 (16)
Easy to manoeuvre
Performs well on hard floors
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123 reviews
AnthonyVICGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC13 posts
ChantelleSydney8 posts

Not powerful enough for cleaning carpet

It is one of the cheapest vacuum cleaners on the market. I’ve used it for one year weekly and it is still working. I do not recommend buying it for vacuuming carpet as it is not powerful enough. However, I find it very convenient as I can also use it as a car vacuum cleaner.

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Elizabeth Xu
Elizabeth XuBrisbane9 posts

Great Vacuum

Works best on tiles, rather than vacuum. Very versatile and useful item, easy to use and clean. No troubles with this one at all, would gladly purchase again. It's also extremely lightweight, making it convenient to carry up and down the stairs. For $29, the price is a bargain. The cord is long enough to make cleaning a breeze, altogether a well thought-out model.

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ButtonpeterQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD13 posts

Brilliant product

I bought this to use to clean my car and use on short jobs around the house and garage. This is an amazing product for the price...$29... Many products three times this price dont do as good a job. It works well on hard surfaces as well as carpets, on vehicle interiors and furniture.

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GeethaWAPerth, WA4 posts

An electric broom

$29 worth. At first it worked quite well. After a couple of months, it would vacuum for say, 10 minutes than the power would get cut off. it does not do a very good job of picking up dirt and pet hair from the carpet and tiled flooring. Had to stop using it and get back to my original heavy duty vacuum cleaner for thorough cleaning.

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SimonPGTasmania30 posts

At $99 a steal

I am quite impressed with just how good this vac is. It sucks well and is just at home on the carpet as it is on the tiles. The kitchen floor quickly shows crumbs etc. and with this vac I can do those little quick cleans without getting out the normal vac. Battery life good so far.

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JP4 posts

Great value for meney! Very good and affordable product

Im totally happy with the purchase of this machine. After taking account my needs and budget, Im completely sastisfied with it and would recommend it to anyone looking for one. Im not sure how long it would last. But after owing for more than 6 months now and still get the jobs done, it is still going strong. Anyway u would need to regularly clean the filter to give it an optimum performance. Thank you Kmart for selling such a cheap and good little machine

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JojoMt martha2 posts

It is great I really like the lightness of it and how month it works it’s fabulous

I have floor boards and big rugs it works very well on both. The vacuum is easy and glides over all surfaces even tiles I am very happy that I chose to buy one. It’s easy to clean, once the job is finished it’s easy to store. I like the size of the machine, it’s lightness and the way it goes under tables etc is great.

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Boshy8882444NSW, 244434 posts
ConnieAustralian Capital Territory15 posts

Great for $29

Purchased for tidy-ups. It's great for $29 and does the job. You do need to keep unplugging and replugging it in if you're doing a few rooms as the cord is quite short. However it's good value for the price. I use it on carpet and tiles and it's seems to pick up debris from shoes, hair on bathroom floor, etc.

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TalMelbourne12 posts

Excelent Cost effective for $29

Great suction, lightweight and easy to manoever. Bagless and easy to empty and clean. Has a button on detachable handle. We have 3 bedrooms house and it's doing very good job. It's made from cheap material and low quality but the suction is very good and if you clean it on time you will get constant reasonable suction.

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judbNSWSouth-Eastern Region, NSW8 posts

In love with this as an electric broom

Using this mainly on hard floors instead of sweeping and it's brilliant for this. It's light (no back-ache for me!), very easy to use/manoevour and it fits under furniture that my large vacuum cannot reach. Seems to be quite good on carpet but obviously doesn't pick up as well as my large (expensive) vacuum does but great for a quick go. Obviously having to plug and un-plug is less convenient than cordless however this one fits neatly into a cupboard - I bought a cordless one and couldn't find anywhere convenient to leave it plugged in to charge.

I find this machine is utterly superb for the money and for what I want.

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AlanVICGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC9 posts
gauravWAPerth, WA3 posts

good for small area

it is good for small area for high traffic area if you using for kids area and need to be done many time a day easy to handle need to clear filter after each room but mind you what type of use you want with little sick. to me it is great. it has long cord covered almost living area for that price it is great and without doubt

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RobbieVICSouthwest, VIC14 posts

Love it! Thankyou Kmart

Perfect for my small bedsit apartment.can be used 2 ways,as a hand held dust buster style or with stick as normal vacuum.

Great suction,lightweight and easy to manoever. Bagless and easy to empty.a steal at only $29. Got to love Kmart,you rock! And have everything I need.many thanks love it!

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Andrea2 posts
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Ruby Bennet
Ruby BennetPerth4 posts

Works well for a Kmart brand

Highly surprised how well this works on our floors at home and how much dust and dirt it collects after just one hover over the floor. The power on this is very good and the extra attachments work well around the house too. The only problem we had is the power cord plus sometimes falls out

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SeanVICGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC36 posts

Yep. It’ll suck as required

If you don’t want or need bells and whistles this is a good cheap solution. The crevice tool is integrated and flips into position. The long handle is removable for using by hand. A utilitarian model that serves its purpose. I mean really? What is happening in the world when we feel the need to flop out a purple headed, overpriced stick to impress our friends and neighbours? I mean REALLY people? Come on. ITS. A. VACUUM.

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Lorax1Geelong4 posts

Quite powerful despite its cheap price

We have a very messy bulldog who manages to track dirt inside or knock something over just about every day. This is excellent for quick clean ups in the kitchen area. The cord reaches fine and I can zip it out and deal with things in just a couple of minutes. Its light and easy to move around - easy to empty too. Good buy !

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AnjaliQLDSouth West, QLD7 posts

Does what it’s supposed to

Lightweight, the wheels make it really easy to move around, good for both tiles and carpet. A steal for 29 dollars if u ask me! I’ve bought it just for my bathroom to pick up hair (cause we have central vacuuming) but I end up using it in the whole house.

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Seven_5Malvern4 posts

Excellent for hard surfaces

We use this down at our place in Apollo Bay Its not all that great as a vacuum on carpet but to pick up loose sand in the entrance and hallway - it excels. Its kind of like a powerful dustbuster on a pole, with a cord attached. The cord is a little bit annoying but this one has much more power than the battery version that Kmart sell. Easy to operate and easy to empty. Pretty good!

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Pommie3Geelong4 posts

Great for quick clean ups

This is a good "electric broom" I say that because that's how we use it - like a broom that gets use daily and picks up crumbs and dust. You can also use it like amini dustbuster as the pole comes away leaving the dustbuster body. It runs on mains power though so you need to be near a power point. It does really good job for the price and is simple to operate and simple to empty. Good product

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ThiloVICGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC13 posts

Cheap and Good value vacuum

I got this vacuum from Kmart and it’s worth the price to keep your room clean. You can also detach it from the main unit and use it as a hand vacuum as well. I’ve made a YouTube video about it on the link below.

This isn’t for big jobs but it will get the job done for cleaning a room or two or three.

The filter is quit small and does tend to get filled up rather quickly and needs emptying frequently by this is all dependent on how dusty your environment is.

Again, it’s not a industrial stregnth vacuum. It’s purely for home use.


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WarmSoundsmelbourne4 posts

Bit cheaply made but works OK

To be fair, this is very cheap to buy so I don't expect miracles but you can tell it's made to a price. It is however very lightweight and quick to move around. I don't think it gets fine dust up very well but it is excellent for spills and crumbs etc on hard surfaces - kid of like a broom that collects the dust! Cheap to buy and very handy!

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Matey85Ballarat4 posts

Gets Used Evey Day

We use this to give a daily once over to the entrance area. It's light and fast and is perfect for cleaning up little autumn leaves that fall in our street. I prefer it because it's quick and I don't have to get out the big vacuum. Its also easy and fast to empty. Overall a good unit and cheap to purchase.

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DonsterGlen Waverly4 posts

Good for a basic model

This ain't no Dyson but it does a good job with incidental spills in everyday life. I like it because it was cheap and it saves me pulling out the big heavy vacuum just for a small spill. It's very light and easy to maneuver and easy to empty. Suction is adequate for the purpose but not that world beating!

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Andrew F
Andrew FVICCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC2 posts

Better than the more expensive and stronger product!

Absolutely love this vacuum! I originally bought the $89 bagless vac from Kmart which was meant to be as good as a dyson. That turned out to be rubbish. It was noisy and didn't pick anything up. I then went and bought this $29 corded stick vac and it pick everything up off the carpet and tiles. Its 100% better than the more expensive vac thats for sure! Very happy with my purchase.

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Janus5Geelong4 posts

Handy on the floorboards and tiles

This thing does great on the tiles and floorboards. I think of it like an electric broom that sucks! It does and awesome job with loose sand and crumbs. On carpet its OK but not as god as a full sized vacuum. It could use a slightly longer cord but overall I got no complaints about the construction - especially for the price.

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DanniWBrisbane4 posts

it is OK

I heard of this product when I browse an online shopping products comparison website. The website compared this product and Dyson, said this one had all features of Dyson however only one third of its price. However the quality is not that beautiful. It is easy and handy to use and store.

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I am not into brands. Paid $50 for it and its great on wooden floors. Quick clean for baby. Not recommend for carpets and heavy cleans. It's just for quick sweep. Recommend for hard floors. Charging dock doesn't take much space either. And very easy to clean and store away :)

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ThumperMelbourne4 posts

Great For Quick Tidy Ups

This thing is marvelous for quick tidy ups around the house. I use it nearly every day, mostly in the kitchen and halls which are floorboards. It saves me having to do a full vacuum until the weekend which is good. Its best for crumbs and dust, not quite as effective on the carpet. Its easy to use and empty and cheap to buy.

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KimberlyPerth7 posts

Good till it stopped working

This vacume was great until 1 week out of warranty it stoped working. Took it back to Kmart which refused to do anything about it. So we won't be ever shopping at Kmart again! The vac did a great job on our floors and the cable was long enough to do our house

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Jane L
Jane L

I love this

Super affordable little vacuum that stores easily. I just leave it standing in the corner of my room. It's a simple white design and doesn't look ugly at all, even if you leave it in plain sight. Has handy hooks to wind the cord. I hated pulling out my old, massive vacuum cleaner so this lightweight Kmart one has been excellent.

Best for quick clean ups on hard floors, does a decent job on low pile carpet. Easy to take apart and clean. Would recommend if your house is on the smaller side. I am really happy with this purchase and what used to be a chore is now a pleasure

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UKCSydney6 posts

Pretty good

Bought it for easy vacuuming around the house without dragging the larger vacuum out. Very good for its price ($29) and has quite good power, vacuuming up dust, hair and all! The handheld option is great for vacuuming the car and corners on the ceiling of the house.

It's quite loud and looks a bit cheap but it still does the job. It's a little messy cleaning out the trash compartment and the dust filter but otherwise it's a fantastic, cheap option!

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NimYorkWAPerth, WA9 posts

You get what you pay for

We were looking for a cheap no frills vacuum to use in the tiled living room. Does the job, suction is ok for its price but you obviously get what you pay for - it’s really loud and clunky. Don’t think it worked very well on our carpets though. Will only use on tiles or floorboards.

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SunnySydbey8 posts


Needed something for the kids play area and car. Pros were it was very easy to use small for quick easy areas, but unfortunately it Was very loud had to empty after every use. Didn't like the suction, but I guess with the price you pay it not too bad.

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Do the job

It works very well with my weak wrists. Because you don't need to hold a bottom to operate vacuume. It is light and easy to use and battery charge last to clean my 4 bed room house, sucks reasonably well on house dust and hair, but it would be tricky to suck long or around shape objects like elastic band , pips pop corn. I am using this all the time instead of normal vacuume cleaner. This vacuume cleaner is definitely worth for money.

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Hectormelbourne5 posts

Very Handy For Clean Ups

I don't use this for my main vac, just for quick goes around the tiles in the kitchen and it's brilliant for that.

It is so handy to have it on the wall and just pop it off when required. Suction is surprisingly good and it's very simple to empty although it doesn't hold that much. A very cheap alternative to Dyson!

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Great for in between cleaning

I bought this KMart Stick Vac to vacuum up dog hair in between cleans with our pricey vacuum that we have to lug out of the closet. It picks up most dog hairs and crumbs and does exactly what I bought it for! It’s a bit loud on hardwood as the wheels are hard plastic, but other than that it’s great!

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Ann Southerington
Ann Southerington3 posts

Good suction compact storage

Cleans on Carpet and wood. Good value for the cost of equipment. Easy to assemble. Great for storage takes little room up. Hangs on a peg or clothes rail. I would not buy if I had pet hairs to pick up but for a small flat is ideal. Very happy with the product

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