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Kmart 2000W Bagless

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Did anyone else's vacuum just suddenly stop turning on?
1 answer
Have you emptied the rubbish out and cleared the hose of all dust & rubbish, or if you have used the vacuum for more than 30mins of continues usage, can overheat if rubbish bag is full. Empty after each vacuum, free from dust.

hi Can it draw water?
1 answer
No, just a normal dry clean vacuum. You need a Wet & Dry Vaccum.

Hi My vacuum cleaner does not start. Please advise
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Is there a way to detach the vacuum so I can use just the tube end to vacuum things up? Like for example behind a fridge or hard to reach places?
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Is the 2000W Bagless cleaner suitable for polished wooden floors?
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The base has dust and pet hair clogged in it - how do I remove the base from the hose so I can clean them out?
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How do I get dust out of 2000w bagless vacuum? Can’t get the red piece out
2 answers
There's a red button with press on it. Press to release the barrel. At the bottom of the barrel (in line with the 'press' button) there's a longish piece of plastic. Push on the top of plastic towards the bottom of the barrel to release. Red piece doesn't come out but dirt does so careful where you do it. Hope this helps!The red button at the bottom end is to release the dust canister from the Vac body. Once the dust canister is out, there is another button at the bottom that will release the dust canister door for cleaning. There is also a clip with filter on it which will open to access the filter if you need to clean the filter. Good luck !

How do i take the end of vaccume off to add an attatchment?
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Does it have HEPA filter?
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Hi This vacuum cleaner has HEPA air outlet filter. Mine is still going strong, easy to use for quick touch up vacuuming. I do have another vacuum cleaner that I use for a really good clean i.e. shampooing my carpet :)

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