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Pet OwnerYes (15) · No (25)
Clogging Issues Yes (6) · No (34)
Build Quality
3.8 (41)
Value for Money
3.9 (44)
Ease of Use
4.0 (42)
Cleaning & Maintenance
3.8 (42)
Noise Level
3.1 (40)
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169 reviews
SukhVICGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC4 posts

Value for money

I used it on very dirty carpets. Worked very well. I saw same vaccumm at target for almost double price. It worked well , didn’t face any issues. May be the room size was small so i didn’t experience any tipping over. Show details
Ease of Use
Noise Level
Arki3 posts

Great at first, then terrible

This vacuum worked great at first and I thought it was a good buy. I bought it due to an online article that said people were finding it worked 'as good as a Dyson'.

I used it on both hard floors and carpet. But it has quickly become useless. It does not pick up anything. We can't find any blockage in the hose or pipe, and if there is anything we still can't see, it's impossible to get to it.

It's awful that we have to throw out these big chunks of plastic into landfill. Kmart needs to do better and be better. If they need to charge more for appliances that last, so be it. Show details

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Neeraj Pandey
Neeraj PandeyNSWSydney, NSW3 posts

Complete Value for Money Product

K-Mart always give value of money for its product.
This vacuum cleaner also offer this. Good product and good customer service. Complete 1 year Warranty, all are good with this product.
From my side Thumbs up for this product. Show details
Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
MagpiejohnWAPerth, WA4 posts

Warning This Is Crap

I can get more suction sucking up water through a straw with a cink in it and a partial blockage due to a spit ball paper jammed in it. This vacuum makes the vacuum noise just like a real one. But this should be sold in the toy section of kmart as that is all it is. When fluff doesn't leave the carpet when attempted to be sucked up, you know you have been had. Do not buy, unless you really don't care that your about to burn $50 into thin air. You have been warned. After 5 minutes of using you will still hear the sound but there will be no suction anymore, forever. Show details
Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
ImoNSWSydney, NSW7 posts

Great value and does the job

I use this on wooden floor and carpet and this does seem to have great sucking power and does the job. Sometimes it overheats and turns off briefly which is the only bad thing. Tips over occasionally when the cord gets caught. Show details
Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
RonnieWAPerth, WA5 posts

Excellent value vacuum

I am really happy with this vacuum. It is light weight, has good suction and the smaller head makes it easier to get in places. It is easy to empty. The only downside is the cord is not very long, so I just use an extension cord. I also have a Dyson but I prefer this one.

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TashBallarat2 posts


This vaccume has terrible suction. The head does not move properly which makes it loose it's suction. It works average on wood floor and is terrible on the carpet. I feel like I have to go over a spot 4x to make it look decent. Will return it tommorrow. Very disappointed.

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WENDYWAPerth, WA31 posts

does not have to be expensive to be good

I just got a email about a certain vacume cleaner that people are raving about but from $600 to over a $1000 with 2yr warrenty well at that price i am glad they are happy but i bought this vacume cleaner for $49 1yr warrenty and have had for over 15 months, has all accessories you need, does great job ,and as is a barrel you just wash the parts,non expensive bags and if it does break down then cheap tor replace. not sure exact time i bought it as once out of warrenty i threw out reciept but kept box and no it does not tip.

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PratibhaParramatta4 posts

OK OK product, but value for money

This vaccum cleaner is of good capacity. Size wise, it is easy to handle and roll around in the house. However, brush under the main mop should be stronger and bigger for carpet dust cleaning. It is little difficult to clean vaccum itself. It started throwing bad odour after usage of few months.

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MuraliBrisbane13 posts

Good Price and works perfect

I am happy with this Vacuum cleaner. No worries at all. Easy cleaning with good suction pressure. I looked up in Big W where they had similar product- $10 dearer. One of my friend mistaken it as a Dyson while looking at it and realized his mistake which a pleasant surprise of him.

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Elizabeth Xu
Elizabeth XuBrisbane9 posts

Serviceable model

Reliable vacuum, has never broken down. Doesn't tip over much, comes with an extendable power cord. A bit noisy, and suction power decreases significantly when hair is stuck inside, but also quick to clean and unclog. The only major design issue probably lies in the structure of the compartment that holds the dirt, and unfortunately is very difficult to put back together. Otherwise, a good model that will likely last for a few years.

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NickSydney10 posts

Good vacuum

The vacuum it self is very easy to use it has two modes one for carpet and one for flat surfaces. The vacuum preforms well if you are trying to remove dust but i found it strugling with cat hair and powder which is really annoying as i have to do it manually overall this is a great product and I recommend you buying it

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Rob8 posts

Does the job - value for money

Generally moves along well. Basic machine with good suction . Easy to empty . Hose/tube does tend to pull apart sometimes as no locking mechanism to keep it together . Definitely as good as some dearer cleaners that I have owned . Would purchase same again as good for price. Model SL157C

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AmandaQLDWide Bay-Burnett, QLD5 posts

Great Vacuum

A great vacuum at a great price. It has good suction and is relatively easy to clean. I use it often and haven't had any problems with it so far. The only thing I would say that I don't like about it is one of the attachment pieces that comes with it can be extremely noisy when in use.

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AnnaSydney4 posts

Vacuums well, has good suction!

I love this vacuum, I pick it up from Kmart at a very reasonable price and wanted to use it a transitional vacuum when my 10-year-old Miele broke before I find something nice and expensive. I was surprised that it actually does the job quite well, I will keep it for longer and relax a bit on my new vac finding process The Kmart vac is steady and vacuums well, that is all that is important for me!.

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NathanMNSWMurray Region, NSW7 posts
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JasLiverpool14 posts


It Does the job and is very Easy to clean. Perfect for my unit. Very light and great strength and sucking power. Probably the best vacuum that I have ever bought. Can’t go wrong and definitely recommend. Long cord length and just an all around perfect size for my apartment.

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ThalliumRichmond4 posts

Good Little Cheapie Vacc

I like this little vac,. It has done a good job picking up dust at our place. We have put up with a lot of construction in out area and very high dust level aso I need to use it every day. We have mostly hard floors and carpet in the bedrooms and it zips around fast. Its light and easy to move about

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SallyWallan5 posts

Not sure - somewhat unreliable

Has anyone else had a problem with theirs over-heating? It also loses suction when getting full. It tips over very easily. Not sure how I feel about this product. It's unreliable but I guess that's what you get for the price. Probably wouldn't buy another one.

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Merlot65moorabin4 posts

Fair for the money

This is a fair deal at $48 but it definitely feels like $48 worth of vacuum. Its light and made almost entirely of plastic and there is no way that it can pick up as well as the Kambrook it replaced. Its OK so long a you regularly empty it as it cannot tolerate getting full. Its OK but next time I will spend a bit more and get something more powerful

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DJF657QLDSouth East Queensland, QLD6 posts

Kmart 2000W Bagless Vacuum

The Kmart 2000W Bagless which was purchased for $49 is still going strong. Very little yet very powerful too. Easy to clean out. Very, very good for getting things like pet hair off clothes, furniture or the carpet. If/when it needs replacing, I won't hesitate to buy from K Mart again.

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JayVICGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC5 posts

Good for the price, still going so far

Needed a quick replacement vacuum cleaner as my old one broke, was looking to buy a cheap brand name vacuum cleaner however when I went to Kmart this one seamed like it was good value for money. Had it for almost a year and it is still going strong, it does need to be emptied/cleaner option however that is expected with bagless vacuums.

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Tetrusmelbourne4 posts

Adequate on a good day

Nothing fancy about this vacuum. IT's very cheap to buy ($48) and pretty average in abilities. It works best on hard surfaces such as tiles and floorboards, on carpet it has limited ability. I noticed it has more power when its recently been emptied and slows down as it fills. 3 out of 5 stars from me

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Jumo004melbourne4 posts

Returned it - has very low suction

These are very very cheap but there's no point if it can't do what it was supposedly designed for. My one turned on and made sound but had negligible suction and barely filled at all after two rooms. I tried it again and then just went "nah" and took it back. Kmart were fine about it I suspect they have seen more than one returned.

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Mopar67Melbourne4 posts

Cheap but lacks power

This is cheap as anything, and you have to be amazed that it can be produced and sold for only $48 but (no surprise) it's lacking power and when you put your hand over the pipe you can feel charterer is not a whole lot of suction going on. It works, just that unsurprisingly $48 worth of vacuum gives $48 worth orf results.

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Teacakiesmentone4 posts

Ok but not very powerful

Looks nice. It's very plain and basic but looks OK. It really does not have a great deal of power - it works but only just. Kmart do a range of these and I would suggest people go up to the $75 or $99. They are all the same basic design but this one is only $48 and just doesn't have a strong motor, I returned mine

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kozuACTTaylor 2913, ACT6 posts

good one

it is a strong vacuume . works good but the handle sticks on the carpet vervy strongly which makes it too hard to move around so i had to use a different handle . other wise its good . Show details
Trevor k
Trevor kQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD13 posts

Good value for money

I needed to replace my old vacuum cleaner so I was Kmart and had a look in there.i came across this vacuum cleaner and bought this one.$48 it cost and thought might be ok.i must admit it's great value for money.great cleaning Power.i even use it on the tiles.my only complaint is about the head on it.when on plush carpet very hard to push but great on tiles.fully recommend it to someone who's on a budget

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SoniaSydney5 posts

Cheap and cheerful

I bought this for my investment property and did not want to spend a lot of money. This vac does the job really well and I was very pleasantly surprised that I pics up everything and does not need bags, it is quite hygienic and I would recommend to anyone wanting a vac without too much money.

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angry customer
angry customerVICGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC8 posts

Fairly good cheap vacuum

It's a fairly good cheap vacuum. It's loud, but picks up a lot. The carpet is very clean after a couple of goes over. It has a quick way to switch to tile cleaning. Also good to know that if it fails (which I've had other brands do) I can get a cheap replacement nearby at k-mart.

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JessMelbourne13 posts

Its okay

Its okay Ive had mine for 12 months. Not the best doesnt pick up as much as a miele vaccums but for $50 it does a good job. I like that its light weight and easy to handle. Other plus are that emptying it is easier than other vaccums. Plus its small enough to store away.


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1Love1Prahran4 posts

Low suction - returned it

I don't know if I got a dud or they are just like this but I returned mine the next weekend after buying it. It sounded fine bit when you put your hand over the tube, there's just not a whole lot of power. I tested it on two rooms. It picked up some dust but nowhere near enough to be useful. I guess I know why they are $48 now!

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RaneenNSWSydney, NSW6 posts

It’s ok

I don’t use it much after a month if using it I noticed that it’s not as strong like the first day I bought it even though I always clean it and take care of it but I don’t know it quickly started to get worse and I stopped using it

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Colin R
Colin RVICGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC19 posts

This is very good for the price

This replaced the Kmart 2200w model we had. a part attaching the barrel had snapped. I downsized to the 2000w. so far it has been performing well, although as with all cleaners of this type, make sure that over-sized bits don't get stuck in the head and tubing. It's a great fit for the size of the house which is 15 squares and has carpet and lino coverings. i can do the lot in one go usually. it's easy to empty and clean. Another bonus the machine takes up much less space than the 2200w model.

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JuliamcEDGEWORTh7 posts

Only 1 teeny weeny complaint

Only 1 Hardwood floor room with rug approx 2x1m

I live in a share house and was sick of playing "who has the vacuum cleaner" whenever I wanted to clean my room. I wanted something that would last longer than leftover pizza in the communal fridge but wouldn't cost more than a crate of avocados.

This was perfect for less than $50. It sucks more than when my favourite barista runs out of low fat, organic soy milk. My only issue is that there's nowhere to store the attachments

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SaraBrisbane5 posts

Works well

Great little vaccum cleaner for the price. I have a small three bed apartment with carpet and tiles and it is great for that size. It has adequate suction and is easy to clean out. I love that I don't have to buy bags. It's also lightweight so it easy to maneuver

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Leelee4564NSWHunter Region, NSW3 posts

Better than a dyson

I love love love my vacuum. It is absolutely fantastic. I brought it approximately 2.5 years ago and I cant live without it. I am forever being asked if family members can borrow it. Super easy to clean and from memory I paid $49. The suction is awesome and as long as you look after it, it will look after you. I have owned a Dyson and it failed to pick up anything bigger bead. I honestly can't recommend them enough!

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CJAYQLDFar North Queensland, QLD81 posts

Value for Money Vac !

Based on some good reviews, we got this few months back. Have to admit its does what its supposed to do. Its not as powerful for heavy duty work but will get a small job done. Its a small size vac for everyday small jobs. being a bagless vac is a plus. Will recommend.

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SweetTreatsmelbourne4 posts

Well Made Simple Vacuum

This is a good bargain at onky $48. It is very nicely finished. Its is not the worlds most powerful vacuum but it gets the job done. Cord length is OK, perhaps a tad short and the accessories that come with it are decent. Emptying the barrel is a bit of a pain but at least we are saving from bags. Its very good value

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Carole32Logan8 posts

Excellent for the price

I'd heard good reports on this vacuum cleaner but was sceptical because it was so cheap. I decided to buy it anyway and I'm happy to say I'm glad I did. It is light so I have no problems carrying it when vacuuming stairs, it has good suction on both carpets and tiles. Love the fact I don't have to buy bags and is easy to clean.

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